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What motivates you to want to help people?

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    What motivates you to want to help people?

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    Does providing emergency care to patients suffering from heart attacks, drowning, or shock make you nervous?

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    How do you handle stressful situations?

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    Have you worked with a patient with a condition that was beyond your scope of practice? How did you handle it?

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    How do you gain the respect of your teammates when starting a new job?

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    Talk about a time that you had to handle an emergency situation with a patient. How did you handle that situation and what role did you play if a larger team was involved?

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    If you could spend more time studying one particular respiratory illness, what would it be?

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    What was the most difficult part of schooling?

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    Can you work overtime, weekends, and holidays?

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    Why did you decide to work in this field?

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    Are you a people person?

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    Walk me through how you interview a patient.

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    What do you like least about being a Respiratory Therapist?

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    What was the best thing you learned during your clinical training with patients?

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    Tell me about a character trait that makes you a good candidate for this job.

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    If you could not be a Respiratory Therapist, what career would you choose?

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    What types of patients do you have the most difficulty treating?

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    Why is measuring a patient's pH levels important?

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    What do you like most about being a Respiratory Therapist?

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    Tell me about the conditions you are most familiar with treating.

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    How do you make sure you are using your time effectively?

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    What kind of work environment do you thrive in?

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    How would you handle a situation that could cause you to miss work?

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    Talk about a time where you had to work with the family of a particular patient. Were there any obstacles you had to overcome to work effectively with them?

  25. 25.

    Have you ever had to work with a difficult colleague? How did you handle that situation?

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    Talk about the importance of patient documentation and the documentation systems you have familiarity working with.

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    What is the importance of the role of a Respiratory Therapist in infection control?

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    How do you keep yourself up to date on advancements in our field?

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    What respiratory equipment do you have familiarity working with?

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    How do work as part of a larger team and what role do you find yourself being comfortable with?