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Radiation Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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How has radiation therapy affected cancer patients from your experience?
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Patients have been diagnosed with some form of cancer and radiation therapy is a non invasive procedure that kills specifically targeted tissue.
Radiation therapy is a local treatment that is either prescribed as a palliative approach or a curative.
Patients receive radiation therapy to kill cancer cells and to help relieve pain.
As part of their treatment regime. Curative intent or palliative intent. Benefit outweighs the risk. Improve survival, reduce rates of recurrence, prophylactically, manage pain or attempt to halt disease progression, debulk tumour prior to surgery.
They receive radiotherapy to help kill or control the spread of the cancer cells, to reduce chances of remission and hope to cure the patient of the disease.
Radiation therapy is given to patients to irradiate cancer cells within the body. It is a very localised treatment which can be conformed to the shape of the tumour to kill the cancerous cells whilst sparing healthy tissue. The treatment fields can also be conformed to avoid critical structures and organs and risk within the body so there is minimal risk of severe long term side effects due to treatment. Some healthy cells that are proximal to the tumour may unavoidably be irradiated too, but healthy cells are much more efficient and repairing themselves than cancer cells, meaning the patient will recover from treatment whilst the cancer cells still remain damaged.
Radiotherapy is given either with a curative or palliative intent. It is given in the hope to cure the cancer or to relieve them of some of the symptoms they may experience such as pain.
Patients receive radiation therapy to cure and help prevent cancer from returning. Also radiation therapy is used to relieve pain to patients who have mets.
To either cure, eliminate or prevent the cancer from returning. Or to shrink the cancer and relieve the symptoms and reduce suffering.
Patients receive radiation therapy in order to fight off the cancerous cells.
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