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Radiation Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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Are you a team player?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have always been able to fit easily in teams at both placement and casual work. It is great to work in a team with a shared goal. I have seen many relationships with Radiation Oncologists and I think the key is continual communication and respect for each others roles and what each person brings to the team.
I consider my team work skills my best quality, throughout my life have always been a team member, specifically through team sports, choirs and music, and within other workplaces. My guidance from the RO is appreciated and by using the ideas of several people to attain a goal is deeply satisfying.
I really enjoy working as part of a team and consider myself a team player. i have had really good relationships with oncologists during my time as a student.
Teamwork is essential to radiation therapy. I enjoy the team environment and the contribution all MDT members have to providing patients with the best possible care. Enjoyable and social work environment built on trust and respect. Good communication. RO provides great opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills as an RT and good relationship with RO improves patient care.
I very much enjoy working with a team. Teams provide support and provides a platform for problem solving involving other perspectives.
Yes I do, they are the refferes I can learn a lot of them.
Yes I do like working as part of a team.
Yes team work is essential in every day life and working along side someone who makes it possible fro me to do my job is always welcomed.
I do enjoy working in a team and yes specifically the radiation oncologist. Afterall we are all working to provide the best possible treatment available to the patients.
Yes I do I believe through working within a team we can enhance patient care as well as reducing the stress the staff are put under thus minimising errors.
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