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Are you a team player?
Medical teams work together much like a sports team. It's important for you to manage your work in such a way that it is organized, detailed and legible for any member of the team to review and understand. Each staff member plays an important role in the care of patients. Explain to the interviewer how you contribute to your team: "I am definitely a team player! I love working with my staff, because we communicate well and support each other during hectic times. I am thorough with my patients and keep detailed records. I also strive to keep a good attitude."
Answer examples
"I am definitely a team player! I love working with my staff, because we communicate well and support each other during hectic times. I am thorough with my patients and keep detailed records. I also strive to keep a good attitude."

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User-Submitted Answers

Are you a team player?
I enjoy teamwork. The doctor was great that I worked with.
Yes I do. Growing up I played soccer and was nominated captain by my teammates. I enjoy working with others to not only create a strong team but to better each other.
Yes, I enjoy working with a team. While I was doing my observation hours, I recognized that working well as a team being led by the radiation oncologist created a great environment for work as well as a comfortable environment for the patients.
Yes, I thrive the best when working with a team. I loved the oncologist whom I worked with.
I am a very team oriented person and I worked very well as part of a team for 11 years.
I have particular interest in cancer treatments and in my previous education I was part of a pbl group where team work was the essence of the role. I enjoyed working in team and my tutor was a histopatholosgist who inspired me to study cancer pathology and radiotherapy.
Yes, they always say two minds are better than one.
I have always liked working with people. I think I work better with a team than I do by myself because everyday I know I will learn something new, and I can learn from the people you work with.
Yes, I thrive most as part of a team. I love when each member of the team has their part and responsibility and follows through.
I find that multiple heads are better than one, so working as a team allows the patient to receive better care because everyone involve is focusing on their his/her treatment plan. The radiation oncologist is the head of the team, with his/her medical experience the rest of the team will follow and collaborate to the effectiveness of the plan.
I think working with a team is ver important, this career path speifically to ensure that the parients are getting the correct dosage and treatment.
Yes, althought I have not worked with a rad oncologist, in xray school I worked with the radiologists in procedures and the technologists there as a team.
I very much enjoy working with a team. Teams provide support and provides a platform for problem solving involving other perspectives.
I do enjoy working in a team and yes specifically the radiation oncologist. Afterall we are all working to provide the best possible treatment available to the patients.
Yes, the fact that a radiation therapist is part of a team is one of the deciding factors in my choosing this career.
Yes I enjoy working with a team as you share the responsibility of patient care and deliver the treatment.
I thrive as a team player and I enjoy the integration of a team environment.
I love being able to work with a team, I like when someone like the oncologist gives us a task and as a group we are able to work together to achieve a common goal of excellent treatment for the patient.
I enjoy working with a team because I believe it is essential in delivering the best treatment for the patient.
Yes, I like to share knowledge and ideas. I particularly enjoy to learn from the oncologists.
I thoroughly enjoy working as a part of a team. I find that working as a part of a multi-disiplinary team allows for the patient to receive the best treatment possible. Working with the radiation oncologists allows the best possible plans to be created and treatment given as the radiation therapists and oncologists can converse and work out the best approach.
I have always been able to fit easily in teams at both placement and casual work. It is great to work in a team with a shared goal. I have seen many relationships with Radiation Oncologists and I think the key is continual communication and respect for each others roles and what each person brings to the team.
Yes I enjoy working with a team because it allows us to come up with the best possible way to treat the patient.
I really enjoy being part of the team. I always have got on really well with all my previus workmates and enjoy being in the team to produce the best result for the patient. Oncologist is part of the team.
Very much. I enjoy working with someone or a few others to have input on treatment set up, chart preparations, and having the team aspect, or support during the work day. I enjoy getting opinions, and being able to ask a co worker for help when I am not necessarily familiar or sure of something. Its always an opportunity to learn when working with others, and it also makes the day that much more enjoyable.
Yes, I enjoy being a team player as well as being independent. I enjoy bouncing my ideas off other people and am open-minded.
I consider my team work skills my best quality, throughout my life have always been a team member, specifically through team sports, choirs and music, and within other workplaces. My guidance from the RO is appreciated and by using the ideas of several people to attain a goal is deeply satisfying.
I have always been apart of a team whether it be athletically academically or professionally together, great things can be achieved.
I like to work in a team and have had a lot of experience doing so. I believe that a team offers great support for one and other especially in Rt where different professions are required to work together to achieve a shared goal of supporting the patient. I have worked in teams throughout my training in a clinical setting and in the retail setting. I understand that occassionally autonomous work is sometimes needed in a team but when the work is combined it can have excellent results.
Yes I really enjoy working as part of a team within radiotherapy, and also as a multidisciplinary team with the radiation oncologists. I find that usually everyone will have a specific talent or expertise within different teams which generates a really good skill mix that overall benefits the patient by getting expertise in multiple aspects of their treatment. I also enjoy listening to a variety of ideas from different people within the team I work in and feel that I can learn something invaluable from them to enhance my experience as a therapeutic radiographer. I also understand that even when teams do not mix well, it is important to still work together to achieve the best in patient-centred care, and believe you will learn how to resolve difficulties in team work along the way.
I am a highly motivated individual who can work on her own, however working as part of a team provides the opportunity to learn from others and provide the best care for the patients. Specifically the radiation oncologist as the goal is to be able to provide what they are requesting, that takes a rapport and team attitude.
I do enjoy working with a team. It can be a wonderful environment to work with others and problem solve together. The radiation oncologist is a key part of the radiation therapy team and as such, it is important to hear and understand their goals for each patient. Working effectively together is a crucial part of ensuring the best care for all those undergoing treatment.
Absolutely. I is very important to me to established a strong and comfortable relationship with the oncologist because it allows for a fluid communication and workday. Strong dynamic.
I am very much a team player and have previous experience being in team environments.
I really do enjoy being part of a team. I enjoy working with radiation oncologist because we have the same goal of providing the best treatment. Communication and having the same goal with the oncologist is imperative.
I enjoy working in a team as discussions can happen as to how to make something better.
I thoroughly enjoy working within a team and I believe this is vital in any radiotherapy department as you have to work closely with many other health professional to provide the best patient centred care possible. I am used to working in a team throughout my years in school and this continued when I started my clinical placement blocks as I worked closely with other radiotherapists, clinical nurse specialists and oncologists.
Yes team work is the one reason in radiation therapy due to I joined RT
I enjoy working with a team. One of my biggest strengths is my ability to communicate, listen and work well with people.
Teamwork is essential to radiation therapy. I enjoy the team environment and the contribution all MDT members have to providing patients with the best possible care. Enjoyable and social work environment built on trust and respect. Good communication. RO provides great opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills as an RT and good relationship with RO improves patient care.
Yes, because they play a key role to being able to treat the patient accurately just like everyone else on the team to be able to deliver the best patient care.
I work very well in a team and see working along side the radiation oncologist as an opportunity to learn something new.
Yes I do, it is a greta learning opportunity, and as a team we are able to provide the best care tot he patient.
I do enjoy working with a team. I believe working together is in the best interest of the patient because radiation therapy cannot work with just one person alone, you need many people to come together.
Yes team work is essential in every day life and working along side someone who makes it possible fro me to do my job is always welcomed.
Yes I do I believe through working within a team we can enhance patient care as well as reducing the stress the staff are put under thus minimising errors.
I am firm believer in team work and understand the importance of a team. Specially in healthcare setting where so many skills are required and having specialists with varied skills sets ensures that patients are getting best care. I enjoy working as part of team because it gives me opportunities to grow professionally by learning from other members and also I derive satisfaction from the fact that I make useful contributions to the team and make a difference, even if only on a small level.
I do enjoy working with a team. I believe I thrive in a team based work environment, not only does it provide constant learning opportunities, but I believe that it is a more enjoyable work environment, being able to meet new people and have conversations can often boost morale on a tough day at work. Working specifically with the radiation oncologists is in my opinion an excellent thing. As any queries are easily dealt with often quite quickly.
Yes, because you learn a lot with a team and it helps with the work enviroment.
I do! I enjoy working in a team because I find you learn better that way. SOmetimes you see how others weork and can adapt their styels and thats how I feel you can morph into your own style.
Yess. I like workingnin a team especially in radiotherapy beacse diffeeent people are involved in different aspects if the patients tratment all of which the radiotion oncologist approves.
YES! I have really enjoyed with many different people because you can learn so much from everyone.
I do enjoy working with a team. I think that when you work together, the patients will have a better experience.
Yes I do, they are the refferes I can learn a lot of them.
Yes I do, I like to work as a team in that way we can finish our task smoothly and on time.
Yes I love working in a team and having the support of others.
I am very team oriented and enjoy working with others. I have always worked in a team setting from playing soccer all my life, working in a service industry, and then going through clinicals as a student. I love working with the radiation oncologist and learning new things everyday.
I enjoy an environment were I can communicate with colleagues and work in harmony for one goal. I am very able to work as part of a team. I have experience in dealing with different characters. I can recognise myself in a team and show respect to my equals and seniors, including radiation oncologists.
Yes, teamwork gives you multiple perspectives to solving different problems.
Yes I do like working as part of a team.
Yes it increases the chance of learning new skills.
I do enjoy working with a team. In a field where we are using high doses of radiation on patients, it is very important that there are multiple people working together to make sure the patients are treated correctly. I have been blessed to work with amazing radiation oncologists who are happy to answer any questions that come up or explain something that needs an explanation.
Yes! Enjoy being part of a team that strives for giving patients hope or relive pain that is accompanied with pain.
I feel that I work well with others and can take direction and offer support and be hekpful. I have always worked well with the oncologist.
Yes growing up with siblings and a huge family, I feel ike you get more things done faster with more people and you learn more from them rather than you working alone.
I truly enjoy a team environment. Even though I feel completely comfortable working on my own, the team environment offers and nice way to provide great care. I love being able to bounce ideas off of team members as well as providing quality care in a timely manner. I respect radiation oncologists and their passion for curing. I enjoy their knowledge in hopes to learn from them through time.
Yes! I enjoy working alongside people as well as independently.
Yes as we are only able to treat the patient by working together.
Yes I enjoy working in a team, I find working in a team very important when it comes to patients, being close with all team members especially with the radiation onclologist will allow the best possible care and treatment to be given to the patient.
Yes as you are receiving help and support and if unsure or in need of a second opinion you can ask.
I am enjoying working with team because I can learn new things and share my thoughts.
I love being part of a team. It is great to be able to talk your ideas, thoughts, and concerns over with the team. Working closely with the radiation oncologist is a privilege and to be able to voice ideas with the doctor to provide the most beneficial care for the patient is amazing.
Yes, I enjoy the support, communication and relationships made.
Absolutely. He provides the leadership on how to treat each patient.
Yes, this is a very technical and important job and the only way to make sure that patients receive the best treatment all aspects of the team must work together.
I currently work as a pharmacy dispenser this involves team work, I enjoy working with others as it gives you a chance to bounce of ideas of each other and I believe this is crucial when working with the radiation oncologist as ideas are crucial when building patient treatment plans.
I really enjoy working as part of a team and consider myself a team player. i have had really good relationships with oncologists during my time as a student.
I do enjoy working as a team because all multi discipline professionals can be involved in treating the patient with their views and opinions at the full front. The teams are good to work in as all people can bring specialised knowledge to make the best decision as a group for the patient and their quality of life at the front.
I do enjoy working in a team with other people because others can bring different ideas and knowledge to the decisions which need to be made. This extra qualities can help to make a good decision for the best interest of the patient.
I do enjoy working in a team because all people in the team can bring different experiences and knowledge which can enhance the decision which the team is making.
I love working with teams. The team makes the dream work. The best part about teams is the fact that you get input from several people and with successful collaboration the best possible outcome can be made.
Yes I enjoy planning and mostly delivering most suitable treatment for cancer patient which must be approved by the Radiation oncologist, and liaising with the radiation oncologist through out the treatment course of the patient.
Yes it makes a job much more enjoyable been able to work with someone, to celebrate in success but to also share in any disappointments.
Yes, team work is honestly my strong suit.
Yes. I feel I work best with other people because it provides more opportunities for different perspectives and each person brings new strengths. I also just enjoy company, so working and interacting with people during the day is more enjoyable for me than sitting alone in a cubicle. I would like to work with the radiation oncologist, also. They have gone through more education in the field than me and have a greater knowledge of the "behind the scenes" of the treatment process, so working with them will give me a great opportunity to learn more.
Yes I would always want to learn everything I can.
He year which I like maybe.
I love working with a team, as together everyone can achieve more, however I am also good when working on my own. In radiotherapy being able to work as a team is very important because the delivery of the radiotherapy is always done with another person being present to protect the patients from unnecessary harm as there would be less chance for error. Successful Team work can also reduce the waiting time of patients and provide good quality care for the patients. Working with the consultant is important as they are the one justifying the radiation exposure, without their help them we would not be able to treat, so it is a privilege to work with the radiation oncologist.
Yes, I do enjoy working with a team because you can share ideas and thoughts.
I do enjoy working with a team as it gives more views and opinions on the situation.
Yes I love working with a team and having the support of others to succesfully complete a task.
Yes, I do enjoy working with a team as well as the radiation oncologist.
I believe working with in a team enables you to work as efficiently as possible to reach end targets and can help when resolving controversial situations e. G perhaps if a patient was to have a seizure. Working closely with clinicians helps to bridge the gap where certain information provided can be misinterpreted and helps you to make the most beneficial choices for the patient and their needs.
I love working with a team. It is always nice to have a second set of eyes and brain while dealing with high doses of radiation. Working with a radiation oncologist keeps you on your toes and I always learn so much working with the doctor.
Yes . Radiation therapist are very detailed oriented people. While working with a team you always you always know that that things will be checked then double check. I enjoy working with the oncologist because you get to see how creative their approach can be. It's exciting to know what treatment that individual will have.
Yes I feel I work best when I am working within a team as I enjoy getting to know new people.
Yes I love working with/as a team. & following directions given by radiation oncologists on treatment delivery.
Yes I do enjoy working in a team it is effificient and effective.
Absolutely. Radiation Oncologist have so much knowledge to share.
I always thought that I preferred to work independently. However, my clinical rotations have shown me that I really do like to work with a team. I like the rapport building and the sense of a second family of supportive staff. What I have experienced is that, a good team double checks one another and provides greater patient care.
Yes, working in a team is great because you are constantly learning. You learn to view methods, concepts and ideas from different perspectives and team members can also be a good source of knowledge and information. You always have someone to collaborate with, which teaches respect, patience, and open mindedness which helps you improve both professionally and personally. Working with a radiation oncologist is also great because they offer an entirely new perspective on the factors that affect the actual treatment itself, such as the technique and prescription. They are also updated on the latest research and are a good resource for future innovations.
I love working with people. I’m a very dependable person, especially when it comes to helping people, so I’d like to be around people I can depend on for help too. I would like to work with a radiation oncologist. Both of our missions would be the same, to help people with cancer, so I can’t imagine working with anyone better.
I enjoy working with other people. I am a dependable person and I like being around other knowledgable dependable people who can help me succeed if I need help. I would like to work with a radiation oncologist simply because it is both of our missions to help treat people with cancer. I am always looking to learn more and help people, so working with a radiation oncologist would be very beneficial to me. Together we can do our best for our patients.
Yes of course, I enjoy working with a team.
Yes, teamwork is a very important aspect in radiotherapy, as you are constantly working with other professionals for the care of the patients.
Absolutely I have worked in teams as a carer, at uni on projects and I feel we learn from one another.
Yes I do. It's interesting to see how the Radiation oncologist pieces together the treatment plan and works on fine tuning it.
Absolutely. More people conversing allows for more opinions to be shared which gives me the chance to see something differently. I think working with others can always be positive.
Yes I have enjoyed working with a team in my previous jobs . I have no problems working with an oncologist.
I enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do. Throughout my 7 years in radiology I have develop skills specific to working closely with doctors and other members of the radiology team.
Yes team work is very important in this field. A radiologist works with the wider health sector and needs to be able to work with different members of the hospital who bring their own skills and experience to ensure the best outcome for the patient.
Yes I feel that I work better within a group.
Yes off course Teamwork is very important being in group it will held to quick work.
I do enjoy working in a team. Teamwork is a big part in any workplace. Especially in a hospital setting where communication and interprofessionalism are crucial to providing patient centered care. The radiation oncologist plays a large part in the care of a cancer patient. They provide the therapists with a plan and we are responsible for working in conjunction to delivering the treatment to the patient. Another important factor is reporting any changes in the patient's health to the oncologist so they are aware and we may work together to develop the next steps in the patient's care regime.
Yes, by working with a team we can do our best on therapy, we can correct each other.
I love that about this field. Working in a team keeps everyone in check and is such an effective way to treat patients. Working with the oncologists specifically is great because it lowers risk of mistakes and creates a good relationship within the department.
Yes I do I'm very good with teamwork.
I enjoy working with a team, I feel it makes for a better outcome for the patient.
Yes, I enjoy working with a team. It is good to work along side the radiation oncologist. Good communication leads to better patient care.
I both enjoy and thrive when working in a team, I enjoy the support and comradery as well as the cumulation of everybodys unique strengths to give patients the best possible treatment. I believe that you get out of a team as much as you put in, and I consistently strive to give as much as I can.
I love working as a team. Working with different radiation oncologist's broadens my knowledge and skill set as an individual. Working as a team to execute treatments really makes this profession have it's checks and balances so to speak.
Yes it is great to have a team member to double check you, helps make the day go by faster, and the radiation oncologist is great to work with in case you have any questions about the patient.
Yes, I enjoy working with a team. Teamwork is important especially in this nature of work. It allows everyone to achieve the task that is being asked. Working with the radiation oncologist is very important. If something is unclear it is essential that the therapist ask question to treat the patient correctly.