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Are there any substance abuse, domestic violence, or other things that might be found in a background check that could impact the integrity of our hospital (or group)?

"I had a problem with opiates as a teenager when I was prescribed them after an athletic injury. My rehab required that I successfully complete a prevention program, the completion certificate of which I have if you require that. I consider this part of ancient history and I have not had any problem with substance abuse since then."

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20 Pathology Physician Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Are there any substance abuse, domestic violence, or other things that might be found in a background check that could impact the integrity of our hospital (or group)?

  • 2. As an institution, we embrace community outreach and diversity. Would we be able to count on you for participation in community events that are a part of our on-going commitment to the patients we serve?

  • 3. What can you think of that might improve the pathology services we offer?

  • 4. How do you do when confronted with the politics that sometimes consumes your valuable time at general staff and department meetings?

  • 5. Pathologists are considered somewhat less clinical than they're associates who see and treat patients. What would be your response to hearing a code being called, which is better attended by more clinically-centered specialists?

  • 6. Would you be willing to serve on committees that are non-clinical, such as evaluating new equipment being considered for purchase?

  • 7. How timely is your practice to sign off on results gotten from automated testing equipment or ancillary personnel under your supervision?

  • 8. If you were to receive a communication from the Executive Committee about a practice issue that has clinical importance, such as underdiagnosing a malignancy, how would you address the members when you went to the meeting with them?

  • 9. Would you be willing to accept whatever electronic medical record process is in use here?

  • 10. Pregnancy termination is a controversial subject. Would have any issues doing tests that might prompt a patient to terminate her pregnancy?

  • 11. Would you please introduce yourself and tell me why you're applying here?

  • 12. How do you feel about the various automated tests that are done? Do you feel you can rely on the results?

  • 13. What invasive procedures are you planning to do?

  • 14. If you were to see a peer checking for results of lab tests of a patient for whom he or she was not the pathologist consulted, how would you respond?

  • 15. A pathologist traditionally does not see patients. Do you plan to interact with the patients whose tests are about them?

  • 16. If you're not available when you're scheduled to be on duty, how will your duties be done? Who will be responsible?

  • 17. Here we have a policy of our staff not moonlighting as a Pathologist anywhere else, since you're paid an annual salary. Do you have a problem with that?

  • 18. Do you have any lawsuits currently or in the past, including any settlements?

  • 19. What can you personally bring to us?

  • 20. What is it about [ENTITY REPRESENTED BY INTERVIEWER] that brings you here specifically?