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Audiologist Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns

Updated August 22nd, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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Other than your audiogram, how do you assess a patients needs?
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Caloric test, Auditory reflex testing, Tympanometry OH MY! There are a number of tests you can perform on your patients depending on their symptoms. If you are applying for a position within a clinic that specializes in cochlear implants then discuss your experience with Electrocochleography and Video Head Impulse Tests. Know the speciality and speak to the testing that would be performed there.
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Top 30 Audiologist Interview Questions with Full Content
Other than your audiogram, how do you assess a patients needs?
Caloric test, Auditory reflex testing, Tympanometry OH MY! There are a number of tests you can perform on your patients depending on their symptoms. If you are applying for a position within a clinic that specializes in cochlear implants then discuss your experience with Electrocochleography and Video Head Impulse Tests. Know the speciality and speak to the testing that would be performed there.
Heather's Answer
"I work closely with our SLP's to develop a plan for the patient after performing an audiogram."
Anonymous Answer
"There are several different ways to assess a patients' needs other than the audiogram. I believe that one of the most important ways is to ask the patient where they are struggling or in what situations they would like to hear better. Through case history, I can determine what my patient's symptoms are, and I have a whole plethora of assessments other than the audiogram in my toolbox. An additional way to assess patients' needs is to talk to other providers that they may be working with the patient. By working on a multi-disciplinary team, I can determine how to treat best and help my patients."
Rachelle's Answer
You showcase a wide variety of approaches that brings your experience to life for the interviewer. Good response.
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Have you ever had a patient want to return a hearing aid? How did you handle that?
This question is intentionally asked to see how you interact with patients. Of course, you can't take a used hearing aid, but what you can do is find out why the patient wants to return it. Is it not comfortable? Are they not using it correctly so they feel it doesn't work? Is it a cost issue? Because of your ability to interact with patients, you'll be able to let the interviewer know that you'll take the time to meet with the patient, hear their concerns and figure out a plan together.
Heather's Answer
"I have had a patient want to return a hearing aid because it was uncomfortable for them. Come to find out, the patient didn't place it correctly after they left my office. After a bit of education, ​we were able to get a good fit for the patient."
Anonymous Answer
"The first step to approaching this problem was determining why the patient wanted to return their hearing aids. Once I was able to determine the cause, I was better able to sit down and make a plan with the patient. For example, one time, the patient did not feel as though the hearing aids were providing him with enough benefit. Upon inspection, I was able to notice that his hearing aids were not inserted correctly. After sitting down with him and reinforcing how to insert his hearing aids, he perceived more benefits and, in the long run, decided to keep the hearing aids."
Rachelle's Answer
You show a great ability to troubleshoot and spend time reverse engineering problems and concerns. Nice work!
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Do you feel that you personally benefit from this career choice? How so?
Steer clear of the obvious salary, time off and flexible schedule answer. The interviewer wants to know how you this career field has made you more empathetic, more organized or even a better person. Think back to the time before you became an Audiologist and how you are better now because of it. Share a story or a characteristic with the interviewer.

Heather's Answer
"I have a personal satisfaction knowing I'm helping patients achieve a fuller life with my help."
Anonymous Answer
"This career has made me more empathetic. I have always known I wanted to help people. This career path gives me personal satisfaction, knowing I am helping patients and their families achieve a fuller life."
Rachelle's Answer
Your answer shows a genuine enjoyment for your work, and a desire to help others, which is great!
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How do you currently follow up with your patients to monitor the status of their hearing aid?
As an Audiologist, following up with your patients is very important. You may follow up with patients differently based on their diagnosis and your concern. Give a few examples. Discuss how you check in with the parents of a child that was just fitted with a cochlear implant every day and how you follow up with an elderly patient monthly that just needed a battery replaced in their hearing aid. You provide excellent customer service, relay that to the interviewer.
Heather's Answer
"I give each of my patients a courtesy call once a month."
Anonymous Answer
"Throughout all of my clinical placements, follow-up was stressed. During the trial period, we would see our patients three times to make sure they were satisfied with their hearing aids. During these appointments, we would answer any questions they would have. Additionally, we also recommend patients return every 4-6 months for a clean and check, or more frequently if they are having any problems."
Rachelle's Answer
This seems like a significant amount of follow up and patient care :)
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What procedures do you recommend using when giving a patient their initial exam?
As an Audiologist, you'll do everything from examining patients who have hearing, balance, or related ear problems, keep records on the progress of patients or fit cochlear implants. Tell the interviewer the particular tests and steps you would take with a new patient.
Heather's Answer
"The initial exam consists of the history intake and overview of why they are there to see me. "
Anonymous Answer
"During the initial exam, I would take an extensive case history to determine why the patient was being seen. Following, I would complete otoscopy, tympanometry, air, and bone conduction testing, speech reception, and word recognition testing and would end with counseling and recommendations."
Rachelle's Answer
It sounds like you have a well-organized, airtight process for initial exams. Great response!
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Do you prefer working with children or senior citizens?
Because you've done your homework on the position you are interviewing for, you'll want to answer the question based on the particular vacancy. If you are applying to work at an elementary school, then your answer should be working with children. Working at a VA clinic? Your answer should be that you enjoy working with adults best. If you would like to mention both adults and children just follow each with a brief reason why.
Heather's Answer
"I enjoy working with both populations. I enjoy learning and spending time with senior citizens and I also like having fun with children. "
What learning experiences, or events, would you like to attend that might improve your own education?
Have you ever wanted to be a part of a humanitarian to a less fortunate country? Is there an annual conference you have never been to and would like to? What ever the event is, tell the interviewer why it instructs you and how it would advance your career. What would you learn? What could you bring back to your office and teach the team?
Heather's Answer
"I'd love to be a part of a humanitarian visit to a third world country."
Anonymous Answer
"When I was a student, I had the opportunity to attend AAA as well as AAS. During these types of conferences, you get to be exposed to clinicians and researchers in the same field and get to pick their brains. It is during these times that you have the opportunity to learn new advancements that are happening and stay current with audiology. I think these are important to attend to bring the information back to the clinic and implement them in everyday work."
Rachelle's Answer
It sounds as though you have a thumb on the beat of what is happening in your industry. To get more specific; when was the last time you took on one of these opportunities, or when do you plan to?
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If a walk-in arrived at your office for an initial visit but had no appointment and you were really busy, how would you make time for the potential patient?
Because you have an awesome administrative team you'll look to them to help you find room in your schedule to see this patient. Let the interviewer know that you'll take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the patient, explain that there are no openings but that you will do your best to see them as soon as possible. Relay to the interviewer that you will want to give the patient as much information about the wait to avoid any grumpy patients. You can also let the interviewer know that you can see if other staff members can step in and assist to help free up some time in your schedule.
Heather's Answer
"My administrative staff has 4- 15 minute time blocks built into my schedule for situations just like that. If these time blocks aren't used for walk-ins I'm able to utilize them for administrative time."
Anonymous Answer
"I never want to turn away anybody who needs help. That being said, it also is not fair to take away time from patients who are on my schedule. The first thing I would do is introduce myself to the patient and explain that there is no opening, but I will do my best to see them as soon as possible. I would also look to my coworkers to see if anyone else had free time to help out."
Rachelle's Answer
This is a fair approach and one that shows you care about the people who come to you for help.
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I'd like to further understand your current role. Walk me through your process when examining a patient.
When answering this question it will be important to briefly explain your day and your interaction with other healthcare professionals as well as patients. Make sure to highlight a few positives like keeping on schedule, educating patients and working well with other co-workers.
Heather's Answer
"I perform diagnostic testing to evaluate my patients hearing ability as well as treat hearing loss with hearing aids and other assisted-listening devices as needed. I also spend a great deal of time counseling patients and their families regarding their hearing and ways that they can maximize communication ability."
Anonymous Answer
"A typical day consists of diagnostic testing to evaluate my patients hearing abilities as well as treat hearing loss with hearing aids and other assistive listening devices. A lot of time is spend counseling patients and their families in the ways they can maximize communication abilities."
Rachelle's Answer
Your explanation is clear and well organized. Very good answer!
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How well did you work with the front office staff at your previous job?
As an Audiologist you know that you can't possibly take care of everything on your own, you need a strong administrative staff. Tell the interviewer how you've built strong working relationships with your staff and you attribute your success to them today. You can highlight a few of the administrative tasks that they perform that you are grateful for. By showing your appreciation towards your staff you'll show the interviewer that you are a team player.
Heather's Answer
"The front office staff is the reason my clinic runs so efficiently and smoothly. They handle all the administrative duties as well as my calendar. I'm very greatfull to have a wonderful team."
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