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Do you take criticism well? What if its from a senior partner?
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Generally, I managed to develop a tough skin with regards to criticisms. I always make it a point not to let these affect me too deeply or too personally, and instead take them as an opportunity to make myself better, to correct my mistakes, and generally to make myself better. I will also do the same if ever a senior partner criticizes me for my work. I will bear in mind that these criticisms are not a direct attack on myself; after all, the senior partner is just thinking about the best interest of the organization. So if he/she deems my work to be substandard, then Iíll just view this as a motivation to do better next time and to ensure that I am able to uphold the standards of the organization.
I always take critism as an opportunity to imporve myself. I would say critism from a senior partner could only help me do my job better.
I will always show respect to the partner and listen completely to what is upsetting him and respond in an honest and open manner and explain that I correct the issue immediately, won't allow this to happen again if it is something that was my fault, if not, I will politely give him/her my side and respectfully ask how he would like me to handle this issue.
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How do you manage your time?
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I plan ahead and set time limits for tasks at hand.
I manage my time by delegating what is most important. I organize my day based on doing very important things in the morning and slightly less urgent things in the afternoon.
I prioritize my tasks in the order of importance or deadlines and complete them throughout the day.
Prioritize what needs to be done and create goals.
I manage my time by setting goals and prioritizing.
I make a list based on needs and time to complete and prioritize based on that.
I like to schedule things and doing things in order.
I like to write my priorities down on a piece of paper So I can see what needs to be done.
I organize my time by making a list of tasks needing to be done & alotting time as necessary.
I go to uni on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. When I am not at uni, I either study or chill a little bit at home and sometimes go out and fun.
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Paralegals are a vital piece of any legal team working on a trial or transaction. Please describe how you see your role in such a team.
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My role is to assist the attorney.
I am very organized and very helpful.
I will work to the end to make sure that my boss is happy with the work I complete. I see my role as someone who is very important and someone who the other people need.
I see myself making trial notebooks and preparing the attorney so that they're organized.
My role in the team would be to assist the attorney in anyway. Also being able to carry my weight and responsibilities that are given to me.
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How do you take initiative at work?
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By making myself available to step in and do whatever is needed in order to meet company goals.
By doing more then is expected of me, sharing my ideas, and asking questions so I can be more knowledgeable about the job.
I just say what I think if I think it is necessary to speak up.
I developed a weekly meeting that all the department heads to get together so everyone knew what was going on.
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When did you first become interested in law? Did you ever think you would try a career in it?
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I really became interested in law after taking my first course in law in college. My interests really shifted from law enforcement to the law field so I think I could see myself having a career in law.
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About Paralegal

April 9th, 2017

Paralegals are qualified professionals who undergo extensive education and training in the legal field but are not qualified lawyers. Paralegals are often employed by legal firms where they assist lawyers by doing research that can help them build a strong case.

Graduating with a law degree is the first step towards becoming a paralegal but by itself, it is not enough. You will need to undergo further training to gain knowledge of the procedural and practical aspects of the profession. The best way to obtain this training is by doing an internship under the mentorship of an experienced paralegal or a practicing lawyer. Thorough knowledge of the law is important for this role and so is a love for research. Paralegals spend the major part of their work day going through the legal library searching for precedents and other legal information that the lawyer can use to leverage their case.

Be prepared to showcase your knowledge of the law as well as your knowledge of a paralegal's duties and responsibilities at your interview. The interviewer will ask you questions about your internship or work experience. They will want to know who you interned with and what kinds of tasks you helped out with. You may also be asked questions about how you conduct the research to get the information required for a particular case.
Going for the interview well prepared will boost your chances of getting hired. You can prepare for your upcoming paralegal interview by browsing through mock interview questions and planning your replies in advance.