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Why did you choose to be a kindergarten teacher?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Kindergarten Teacher interview

How to Answer

The interviewer will be interested in learning what lead you to choose a career in education at the kindergarten level. Now is your chance to explain your passion for working with children and helping students learn. It's okay if you have recently decided to become a kindergarten teacher, just explain to the interviewer the decisions that lead you there.

Why did you choose to be a kindergarten teacher?
Answer example

"I have always been passionate about a career that involves molding young and inquisitive minds for the future."

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Why did you choose to be a kindergarten teacher?
I chose to be a kindergarten teacher not only because I love kids but I also believe kindergarten is one of the most crucial parts of development for kids, it teaches them not only basic learning skills but also basic skills as a civilian.
I chose to teach Kindergarten because I love teaching young children and I am a big believer in early learning.
To educate childrens in good manner.
Because I have a natural love for kind and enjoy helping and teaching them and I will patient to teach them.
I think teaching is the most rewarding job outside of being a parent. I really enjoy the creativeness and inquisitive minds of young learners.
I have always enjoyed working with young children and I feel kindergarten would be a great grade to teach because this may be a lot of children's first experience with school and I want to make it a very rewarding experience for them.

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