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When did you start following the stock market? Have you had success?
The interviewer wants to understand how deep your interest goes, in the world of finance and investments. Share a bit about what initially sparked your interest in the stock market and feel free to talk about your current involvement in the stocks. Perhaps you would like to discuss a successful investment you made!
Answer examples
"I have always had an interest in the calculated risk and required patience that comes with the stock market. Many years ago, before I started a career in finance, one of my friends walked me through the stock market, taught me a bit about how it works, and he told me about a company I might want to invest in. I started following their stock prices and reading articles to understand the market better. I have made some great investments over the years including some very profitable ones with Edwards Lifesciences Corp. and Under Armour."

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User-Submitted Answers

When did you start following the stock market? Have you had success?
I am not good with stock market. But I have more knowledge than ordinary people. It is my hobby to invest in stock market.
I first found an interest in the stock market 1 year ago. Before then, I had even bought shares in a prestigious company and I was shocked to see the share price drop after the IPO! That's when I knew that there's more to stocks than the hype that is created. That was not when I took a deep interest in following stocks though. I focused on my interest last year when I enrolled in a business course and learned the language of stock.
I started back in 2007 and 2008 when the market was crashing. I heard it on the news and started doing my own research after that.
When I was in college I had a project to follow certain stocks that piqued my interest.
Few months back I started to learn about the stock market and I still do it.
I have no interest in this.
I started following the stock market when I personally became invested in the market.
Age 20, recently and knowing the market seems to be very new and complicated.
Since last 10 years I have been following various stocks. I basically trade based on their fundamental values.
I am not currently following.
I started to follow the stock market in College.
When I was in my tweenty.
Actually learned about it in high school, but recently started trading myself with currencies.
When I was at my 7th standard.
I started when I am in my degree.
My love affair with the stock market started ages ago. I have always been fascinated with the up and down and the sensitivity to daily events... It always intrigues me to read and article in the news and then listening out to see how the stock market will respond. I remember back in 2007 when the world financial market crashed. It was alarming to witness the rate at which the market declined.
I have follow the markets since I was 18
No I keep a track of it and do not follow, to be honest. I am bit weak with speculations.
In my college days itself I started following stock market and investing and analysing also I have started.
From the time of my MBA class.
2007 sophomore year in college. Professor assigned each students 3 companys to research and follow during the semester and prepare the entire business analysis as final project grade.
Right from the first year in college in the the year 2006
I have been following the stock market since I joined the accountancy profession. Earlier I would see the business results off and on.
I started following it a year but the last few months you have been following it religiously.
I started following the stock market when I was 14.