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Are there any things in your past that would show up in a background check done on you?

Background checks have become a staple of employment in many realms. If you have an indiscretion in your past, own it but give a detailed explanation about how you have remedied any likelihood of recurrence, via rehab, therapy, or other means. Let the interviewer know that this problem is no longer a concern but also state, as a gesture of good faith, that you are comfortable with a period of probation or supervision.

The right answer is 'No,' but you may have had a problem in your past for which you would have to answer, 'Yes.' If so, your job is to turn things around and make them comfortable with you. For the sake of example, below is a sample answer of someone with a substance abuse history:

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20 Emergency Room Physician Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. Are there any things in your past that would show up in a background check done on you?

  • 2. What would you do if a verbally abusive patient were to begin shouting ethnic slurs that your other patients found disturbing?

  • 3. What can you think of that might improve the ER we provide and the services we offer?

  • 4. If you are treating someone repeatedly for crises that occur because he or she won't modify a certain lifestyle, how can you help this patient?

  • 5. How would respond to a substance abuse patient having a seizure or other life-threatening event because of withdrawal? Should you deny him and teach him a lesson or give him what he needs?

  • 6. There are things you will see every day in the ER most people only see once in a lifetime, if at all. What measures do you use to remain objective or even avoid the depression that naturally comes from such consistent exposure to tragedy?

  • 7. How do you feel about law enforcement entering your sphere if your patient is involved in a crime"”as either a victim or perpetrator?

  • 8. If the Executive Committee summoned you to address a practice issue of yours that had clinical importance, such as a medical dose error, what would you do?

  • 9. Would you be willing to use our proprietary electronic health records?

  • 10. Pregnancy termination is a controversial subject, even when extended to 'emergency contraception.' Would have any issues providing such treatment, especially in a case of rape or incest?

  • 11. Please introduce yourself and tell me something about why you're applying here?

  • 12. What would you do if a patient were combative and verbally abusive, even including spitting and forcefully removing things like IVs and catheters?

  • 13. What invasive procedures are you uncomfortable with?

  • 14. If you were to see a peer having difficulty with an emergency procedure (e.g., blood gas retrieval, chest tube placement, intubation, etc.), how would you respond?

  • 15. An Emergency Medicine physician traditionally does not see patients after they leave the ER. Do you plan to interact with the patients who have required admission after their ER incidents?

  • 16. Do you have any medical conditions that might affect your dependability?

  • 17. Here we have a policy of our staff not moonlighting as a medical expert for medical malpractice law firms, since you're paid an annual salary. Do you have a problem with that?

  • 18. Have you had any lawsuits or settlements?

  • 19. What do you feel you can personally bring to our group?

  • 20. What is it about [ENTITY REPRESENTED BY INTERVIEWER] that made you select us?