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Correction Officer Interview Questions
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What would you do if an officer next to you was engaged in a physical fight with an inmate?

How to Answer
The interviewer would like to know that you understand what to do when you see an officer engaged in a physical altercation. Answer this according to the way that you have been trained. Refer to your training manual, and corporate policies, and recite those if possible.

Answer Example
"According to my current employment policy, in the event of a physical altercation between an inmate and another officer, I am trained to call code black, ensure all inmates are out of harm's way and then assist."
Entry Level Example
"If you are new to the industry, you should refer to your instinct. It's okay to ask the interviewer what they would prefer that you do if you genuinely do not know. For example: "I have never been in a situation like this; however, I feel that the best thing to do would be to call for assistance and attempt to hold the inmate back. What would you suggest in a situation like this?"
Experienced Example
"According to my training, when I observe that an inmate is engaged in a physical altercation with an officer, I'm supposed to [actions and procedures] to ensure [an outcome, e.g., the inmate is under control] while maintaining [conditions, e.g., officer and inmate safety]."
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