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What do you know about our bookstore?
Before your job interview, make sure you are familiar with the company mission and values. You could visit the company website, read employee reviews or talk to anyone you know that works there. Learn as much as you can! Your interest in current seasonal promotions and ongoing events will show them how well you would integrate into this position. Watch the videos on their website or social media and take note of the information on their careers page if one is available. Be prepared to talk about how much you appreciate their values such as doing book drives for the community schools. Whatever their mission is, you need to know it.
Answer examples
"I come to your bookstore weekly! I'm passionate about reading and love that you do author readings each week showcasing new talent and promoting the lost art of hard copy reading material."
Entry Level answer example
"As an avid reader, I often purchase gifts for my friends and family centered around books. I have checked out your website and followed you on Facebook and Instagram. You also have great reviews from your loyal customers on Yelp. All of these things make me excited to work here."
Experienced answer example
"I am familiar with all of the community efforts your bookstore facilitates. Local author readings and book signings are an excellent way for our city to become familiar with talent in their city. I also greatly appreciate the fact that you have fundraised 10,000 books in the past three years for underprivileged children. These are all reasons why I am excited to join your business."

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you know about our bookstore?
First of all, Barns' and Nobles' is widely famous not even in America but also in China. Lots of my friends have heard about Nook. Besides, I think that the bookstore in our campus can offer quality service in textbooks, grocery and so on.
It was founded in 1973 and still going strong. Sells used and new books. One Stop Books is another bookstore owned by the same owners as Allisons.
I know that you a great area a bookstore with a great history.
Interesting titles, kind staff, great place to go.
The book store under the umberella of U ofm and you have really awesome stuff to buy and good inbventory,
It's independent, you can order a book and it'll be there the next day.
I know that it has an awesome selection of not only education books but everyday reader books as well. It has a good selection of husky attire.
There's a wide selection of both non and fiction books, you also have an online service and item trinkets by the register.
I know that it has been really friendly to its customers, me being one and that it's quite affordable which attracts a lot of people. It is the one of the only bookstores in the city now, so it has quite a big name.
I know that your bookstore is the top bookstore in the surrounding area. You all carry books from children books to biographies, and even textbooks.
Its the first in our neighborhood.
It is a christian based used bookstore.
This bookstore offers competitive prices, is always in stock and has many other school supplies and paraphernalia. The employees that work there are always helpful and polite.
Small but includes everything that students need.
Its a very popular bookstore.
Founded by a husband and wife team. specializes in luxury books, and has expanded since.
I know that this company was founded by a husband and wife team. With the first book celebrating their favorite hotel. And since then the company has published books on travel, fashion, etc. (luxury lifestyle)
Yes I am I will be here when I'm supposed to any available when needed and I enjoy helping customers and keeping the store clean so that we won't have any lawsuits on our hands.
Its one of the famous book store.
This bookstore is specifically geared towards IU. You sell and rent textbooks along with a variety of apparel and other merchandise.
Your business has been growing since 1983 and is 100% Kiwi owned. You also sell stationary, gifts and toys.
What is the average day here in the bookstore?
The Berkelow Brand started in 1812, and has been a family buisness ever since. You stock the widest range of antiquirian books and have many stores in NSW but also have 2 stores in Queensland. This means that spreading the passion for liturature and books is important.
How dependable and reliable are you, and how accessible are you?
The strand was founded by fred bass 80 years ago and is currently run by fred bass and nancy bass widen.
I visited the store in London, and was very impressed with the selection of products on offer and the store had a great ambiance.
I know a great deal. I have basically been raised in a book store my whole life and I worked as an office TA where the library in high school.
Almost everything, whenever I am finishing reading book I am coming there to buy new again, because I love your bookstore.
Popular bookstore is based in Malaysia and one of the most successful retail bookstore that provides reading materials, stationeries, CDs and computer accessories.
It a big store, people there work very hard and there are all kind of book and junkfood.
A brick and mortar store is a thing of the past. However, when you enter one a person need to feel welcome and appreciated. A book store does not only sell books, it is the atmosphere. There are books, DVD, CD to start. Items need to be catalog and properly identified.
A wide range of books are sold and you have a children's selection as we well.
At the moment I do not know anything, but if you offer me the position I will learn and get into the habit of reading. As a person who finds reading very boring this will change my views about reading books, because I would have to know the books to recommend any to our customers.
The bookstore is the one I commonly go to, and is one of the most popular in the country. Wide range of books that include fictional, yet you can get some factual books like ones from Historic periods, or you can even get textbooks and revision guides.
My friends visit the bookstore from time to time.
Why would you want to work at a book store?
It is a leading discount book retailer in South Africa.
I know that you are the largest retail bookseller in the country, and that as such you are capable of creating an environment that can provide something for anybody of any age.
It's the largest nationwide bookstore. It sells not only books, but a wide variety of media. It promotes reading in the community and offers free wi-fi to its customers.
I know that it has a starbucks coffee shop in it and they know how to treat their customers and get them to be happy.
The origin of the Dymocks flagship store on George Street – Sydney’s greatest bookstore – goes back to 1879 when young William Dymock commenced business as a bookseller in nearby Market Street. In 1922, the Dymock family purchased the site of the old Royal Hotel in George Street upon which was built the historic, Art Deco landmark Dymocks building, completed in 1930.