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How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
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As long as I remain a good fit, with both this company and I benefiting.
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What type of books are your favorite?
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Historical fiction, mystery, fantasy, and travel non-fiction.
All types fiction and nonfiction with a special interest in history and political science.
All types.
I enjoy a variety of books, including mystery fiction, nonfiction how-to books as well as classic literature.
I read all types of books: various types of fiction, history, classic literature, but my primary interest in books is the study and history of cinema, both in the U.S. And global.
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Why do you want to work for this Library?
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I believe I am ready to grow in the library field and I think this position will help me to do so while also becoming a great asset to your library.
This library offers 72 branches of opportunity. It is steeped in historical significance and offers a very diverse clientele. I would be ecstatic to work for such an institution that offers so much to their patrons; such as a great e-book program that includes local independent writers to submit their work for others to read through self-e.
Sir I m fond of reading books .
To work hard & gives information pin pointed to library user.
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What do you like most about being a Librarian?
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I like encouraging people to keep learning and showing them how the library can help with that. I love traveling and learning new things and there is so much that the library has to offer to help fill that need. Teaching and showing others and then seeing them progress and come back to me with their own research or findings is a great moment.
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What do you believe is the role of the school, university, or public librarian?
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The keeper of knowledge. Their role is to keep relevant information handy and accessible.
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About Librarian

September 3rd, 2017

A librarian is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a library. During a day at work, they catalog and classify the books in the library following an accepted system, place orders for new reading material, manage and distribute library resources and help readers' find what they are looking for. Librarians are typically employed by educational institutions, public libraries, research institutes, professional societies and specialist departments within hospitals or the government.
You will need to have completed a bachelor's degree in any field to work as a librarian. Larger libraries may require applicants to have a postgraduate qualification with the CILIP or Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals if their first degree is not related to information management. Librarians must have strong IT, organizational, management, presentation team-working, and communication skills. They must also be well-read and know how to use the internet and databases.
Do you have what it takes to work as a librarian? Tell us why you think you are the best applicant for this job. What do you think are your strengths as a librarian? What about your weaknesses? Are you doing anything to overcome your weak areas? These are just some of the questions prospective employers usually ask when interviewing applicants for a librarian role. To see more such questions go to Mock Questions.