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In your opinion, what separates us from the big box, corporate bookstores?
User Submitted Interview Answers
It is a little more intamite. There is a perfect selection of books and it doesn't overwhelm you like larger bookstores do. It is also quiter and homey.
Well when I have come into your store the staff are very friendly and gives off a family atmoshphere rather than a high street everyday book shop.
I think the level of trust that Dymocks emits is a vital factor that separates Dymocks from the corporate book store. Walking into a Dymocks store always feels welcoming, like you can finally relax and take your time looking for books. Also, there is a level of comfortable anonymity in Dymocks stores which contributes to the feeling of being welcome.
I think is the fact that you can find many unconventional books here.
I think the specific vision of Assouline with the type of content that you publish. I think you know when you see an Assouline book.
I would say that it is being able to offer the variety of books that you do having knowledgeable, polite and attentive staff and having an inviting enjoyable environment in which to shop.
I like the atmosphere. It's much more family orientated.
As a small bookstore you are able to get to know the customers personally and therefore the community you are situated in. I believe this creates a more personal and enjoyable shopping experience, especially for long term customers due to the friendly atmosphere your store provides.
Textbook Brokers is large enough to always be in stock of the books required for classes, but small enough to allow for students to come at ease and not deal with large lines and a hectic shopping experience.
I can't say this establishment is small but bargain reaches out to every kind of reader from the young to the old some bookstores do not consider the young reader.
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