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What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager?

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Advice and Examples: What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager? For a Benefits Manager Interview Question.

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    What do you see as the most difficult task in being a manager?

      How to Answer

      Being in a management role is always a significant challenge. The interviewer wants to know the area you are weak or more challenged in when managing others. Share with the interviewer what you feel is the most challenging part of being a manager and why. Also, discuss what you are currently doing to make this task less difficult in the future.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "As a manager, the most difficult task for me is to delegate the work evenly. You will always have team members who are absolute rock stars, then some who are a bit less enthusiastic or are lower producers. I have to remind myself to distribute the work and responsibilities evenly despite my natural inclination to give more work to the high performers. I am currently working with my underperforming team members to identify where and why they are struggling to prepare them for a larger workload."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I would think the most difficult part of managing people will be being both their friend and earning their respect while being new on the team. To balance all of these roles, I will make sure to be approachable and genuinely interested in them as humans, but also make sure they know that it's a place of business and that meeting or exceeding expectations is the name of the game."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I think the most challenging task is to come into a preexisting, cohesive team and to be taken seriously to get them to rise to the occasion under my leadership. This aspect may be the hardest, but I enjoy a professional challenge."