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Bartending Interview : Questions to ask the Interviewer
1. How many people are you interviewing for this position?
2. Tell me about the shift you are looking to fill. what day and time would it be and how much traffic would be expected??
3. What is an average client like?
4. What shifts are you looking to hire for?
5. Is there any training for the position? What is the preferred attire?
6. How long has this place been open?
7. Do you get many regulars? what are your busiest hours?
8. What can I expect during training?
9. When do you expect to complete the hiring process?
10. What are normal work hours?
11. How well would you say you work with members of the public
12. What hours is this bar open til?
13. What is a typical night at the bar?
14. Is tip share used and if so who is included in the tip share pool? What are the shifts being hired for?