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Bartending Pros and Cons

1. Meeting new people. Sometimes the shifts can be short, and you can work a second job. May 30th, 2012

2. Entertaining guests and making them satisfy with your drinks. May 30th, 2012

3. I get to work in a lively and social envioronment while meeting alot of new people and not knowing what to expect from day to day. May 30th, 2012

4. You learn to make a variety of drinks. May 30th, 2012

5. You get to make people happy when they are sad, celebrate with them when they are already happy, you get instant feedback for a job well done, you get a great sense of appreciationfor your hard work, the pay is pretty decent too. Your are kept on your toes, there is always something to learn, and always new people to meet... May 30th, 2012

6. Fun and entertaining job, good interaction with a lot of people. May 30th, 2012

7. Making good drinks, service. June 22nd, 2012

8. Be friendly smile great service. June 22nd, 2012

9. Good sense of humor, multitasking. September 7th, 2012

10. Working in a very fun environment and meeting new people during every shift. April 1st, 2013

11. Bartending has flexible hours that allows me to work my professional job during the week and make extra money during the weekends. April 1st, 2013

12. The pros I see in this position is working in a great environment, Being around great people, and becoming the best bartender I can be. April 2nd, 2014

13. Biggest pro to the job... They pay me to TALK. OMG, how many jobs have you had where too much talking gotcha fired? Not bartending, the more you talk, the more people just love you. April 2nd, 2014


1. Work nights and tips are not consistent. You may end up working double shifts or staying late. May 30th, 2012

2. If your having a bad day you have to pretend your not to your guests. May 30th, 2012

3. I would say there are few cons to bartending, however, a few of them would be late hours, never knowing what your pay will be, and listening to loud music at all times. May 30th, 2012

4. Late hours, no steady pay. September 7th, 2012

5. Sometimes, you may meet people that are a bit rowdy, and drunk. And ensuring their safety, as well as the safety of the bar can sometime become an issue if the patron is not so cooperating. This is where becoming TIPS certified or knowing the proper techniques of taking care of someone that is overly under the influence may come into handy. September 21st, 2012

6. I see this position as an improvement over my previous position in the the hours and ambiance are a better match for my lifestyle and personality. April 4th, 2013

7. Intoxication and challenges that faces. April 2nd, 2014