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Why did you leave your last bartending job?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

Turnover isn't rare in the bar industry, but the interviewer still needs to ask, to ensure that you haven't burned any bridges or been fired for stealing. Share why you chose to leave while only talking positively about your co-workers and the establishment where you last worked.

You may state that you needed to submit your resignation because your next semester school schedule would not align with their needs. Or, you may say that the establishment closed their doors. Be sure to mention something that you really liked about the job, and share that you are excited to get back to bartending.

Basic answer example
"My last position was great - I liked it. Unfortunately, they were purchased by a larger restaurant group, and our whole team was laid off. This is why I am seeking a new opportunity."
Entry Level answer example
"I just graduated from bartending school and look forward to my first bartending gig! This position is a dream opportunity for me."
Experienced answer example
"I worked as a bartender at a nightclub for the past four years. I left because the atmosphere was no longer healthy for me. I am now seeking an opportunity where I can work in a more relaxed environment with regular customers and potentially an older crowd. Your pub is an establishment that I regularly come to on my days off, so I know it is much more my vibe."

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Why did you leave your last bartending job?
I moved and started a professional career.
I had been working for a private party bartending service- on call on the weekends but I am looking to replace my day job and switch to bartending on a consistant basis.
Because organization was not well established.
My Australian Visa expired unfortunately.
My ex-girlfriends new boyfriend started there. Dont like him.
I want try new experience with new company.
The restaurant itself was changing hands, names and there was going to be a significant staff tournover.The bar was to close for several weeks. That combined with a pre-existing desire to be closer to relatives brought me back to seattle.
My last position was casual work, and im seeking part time or full time work closer to home and I think im ready to take on more responsibilites.
Last job I get log distance with my family , n I think in my city many hotel and I hope can join , so I dont worry with my family.
Cause I get long distance with my family, n I want to get job nearly with my house and my family.
I was laid off after the owners brought in new management. The new management laid off a large part of the staff and brought in new eployees that they felt better fir the image they were trying to build. I choose view it as am opportunity instead of a set back. I was working in a very trendy and party oriented atmosphere despite having moved out of that phase in my life years before. I have been looking for a better fit and a more mature environment.
I wasn't paid on time.
Because I want to try another company to know there standard to making of drinks.
Actually, this would be my first bartending job right after bartending school. I'm very eager to start working and becoming the best bartender I know I can be.
I have only worked as a barista, and it was not fast paced enough after six years I am looking for something more fun.
I felt that I had learned all that I could, and it was time to expand my profession with a company that prides itself on offering something different to their community.
In the course of insuring the best possible service of a vip, it was concluded by the new management team that I had violated hotel policy when I ran to another outlet to retrieve the wine the vip had requested. I was subsequently discharged.
The bar closed down so I went back to serving and interned in sales.
I was having my son and moving out of state.
I did not agree with how the business was being ran.
Wanted to progress my career and take a new challenge.
Because I moved to a different city.
I went on a long vacation to Europe, I notified the owner months in advance to ensure a stable transition and also facilitated the training of the newly hired staff.
My fiance has been relocated to Austin so we had to move.
I like to make new challenge.
I was looking to Manage at another locaiton.
They Closed the place down.
To seek a better oppurtunity, better earnings, and a chance to step up for a higher position in the company.
I was a bartender in college for the catering services. I graduated from school and moved to New York. I have not worked at a restaurant until now where I am a server. I enjoy the venue but the management has been receiving complaints for the staff and the establishment is not doing anything to fix the issues.
I want more hours, at a nicer establishment.
I was moving to a new state.
The bar was not as profitable as I had hoped.
To be a stay at home mom.
I wanted to advance in a restaurant that was more refined with a classier atmosphere.
I felt that I learned as much as I could there.
Wanted to focus on my day job.
I was juggling 2 jobs and school, so it just became a little too much for me.
Because I moved out of that town.
Looking for a more stable bar tending career.
Had to move back to home for family reasons.
To continue school hospitality, and more.
I felt like I have met my goal there and decided to pursue something different.
August when the bar closed.
I had grown all I could within that position/restaurant. Time for a new challenge.
I was starting my fashion career, but I love bartending part time!
I'm new to bartending and just graduated from bartending school.
It was at a golf course and the reason ended.
I worked there for almost 3 years, and I feel ready for a new setting.
To gain more knowledge and experience. Also for the growth.
Not enough hours and I wanted to learn new experiences in a different environment.
Went into mgmt for another restaurant.
I didn't get what I want. Probably my expectation was too big for that place.
The hours were unpredictable. Management was unorganized and didn't give me a set schedule. They would call a few days before to tell me I was working.
An opening to work more hours in a very well established bar became available.
Contract ended, pub changed into nightclub.
I was beginning school and was unable to connute back and forth.
Because it is only a seasonal job.
Its higher class with higher prices, mainly popular to visit for special occasions so the business isn't steady. I need a few more shifts a week.
I'm currently still working at my current job, but it's only part time.
Not many hours and is at unsociable times.
Its been great to work with the company I am getting a very good oppertunity to work in this company.
I met my husband, I moved to us becouse of him.
I actually moved from Virginia.
I currently still work there but I am just looking for something new right now. I love the employees and theyre like my family but I want a change of scenery and I feel like by working here I would be able to branch out and meet new people.
My last job was a fantastic opportunity, I had the chance learn about how beers are made which interests me so much. How 4 simple ingredients, water, hops, barley and yeast can make so many different delicious flavours. Working there was no challenge I felt like there was no challenge left.
I have always wanted to work at a casino but needed some more experience in order to do so.
I am currently employed as a bartender and looking for more hours and want the opportunity for growth in the industry.
I was going away to military training and they couldn't hold my position for me.
In fact I really like to traveling to be an acknowledges to see more of bar tending skills from the other side of standard and culture.
It was a beginners bar it was a lot of changes going on which made it hard for me to get and consistency with management. I also feel that I am ready to take on a busier crowd.
Last one was temporary while in school.
Because my chef bartender left, and wasn't what I looking for.
Family relocation, we moved to another state. It was just too hot! people dont realize how hot it gets.
I had learned all I could there. I wanted to grow and had no opportunity to there. I also felt that my efforts were not being appreciated and I wanted to work somewhere that I am passionate about.
My last bar tending job was about 1 year and a half ago but I've remained in the service industry since.
I went back to riding horses at the raceyrack.
I went back to riding horses at the raceyrack.
Wasn't fast enough pace for me.
I'm looking to improve my self and gather more knowledge.
I was unhappy with the lack of structure and administrative effort. Specifically there was no corrective action taken after an employee write up.
Change in policy regarding hours.
I like to leave room for options.
My last restaurant job was in my college town and I went home.
I am still employed at my last bartending job. I am looking to gain more knowledge behind a bar that has more to offer. While I love where I work it is mainly known for margaritas and my previous position focused on martinis and margaritas. I want to expand my knowledge of other drinks.

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