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Are you flexible to work any shift?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

How to Answer

Bartenders always arrive early and stay late, and their schedules usually rotate. That is how the job works. Bartending is not just about doing fun tricks when you serve drinks. You also have to close out, clean up, and prep the bar before opening. There is a lot of work that goes into it behind the scenes. Are you prepared to be available and flexible, as needed?

Are you flexible to work any shift?
Answer example

"I am happy to take any shifts that are available to me. In my current position, I work Thursday through Sunday, from 2 PM to 2 AM. Do you have a particular schedule in mind for this role?"

Entry Level

"As I am newer to my career as a bartender, I understand that I may need to take the less desirable shifts until I prove my skills here. I am more than willing to take any shifts you have for me. Do you have an example of a starting schedule?"


"I currently work Wednesday through Saturday from 3 PM to 1 AM. I prefer to work a schedule like this as it works well with my university course load. Could you share with me what you have in mind?"

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Are you flexible to work any shift?
I will take that as my responsibility with plessure.
On the clock, no problem.
How else am I going to prep for the day and make sure my station is cleaned for the next person tomorrow.
I have no problem making my work station the best it can be.
Yes, I constantly do maintain well -stocking the bar before busy time and maintain the cleanliness after closing the bar.
Absolutely, gives me time to get settled before the rush and collect everything and get things settled back down again before leaving.
Yes. That is expected as a bartender to ensure you have time to set up for your shift and to clean after so the bartender that comes in next comes in to a clean bar.
I always come in 30-45 minutes so I can acclimate to the mood in my bar so jumping in early to help or staying late to clean is not a pronlem.
That is just another aspect of the job. I would always be in before volume. set up for succes is key to smooth service when the guests arrive.
Yes if you really needed.
Its ok and expected. There is more to bartending than making drinks when the bar is busy.
If that is the scheduled time I have set on my schedule I dont see a problem.
Thats been my schedule previously not a problem.
Of course, like I said, we are a team and should do our best to make each others lives easier.
Yes. Coming in early will give me time to prepare and staying late will not only give me time to clean but to make sure everything is in order for the morning shift.
Yes, absolutely. Thats fisrt hour is alwasy a good time for stocking the bar, cleaning and getting into the swing or things- and at night I would rather stay and clean and know that the bar is already fro me when I or the next person comes in the next day... Its always nice to start your day in a clean bar.
Yes, because its part of my job.
Of course, I understand extra time is required in this business.
Absolutely I'd love to, not a problem at all! :-)
Yes, that was custom at my last bar. I also realize a clean bar is a must, as fruit flies and other discusting things will build up behind the bar if not cleaned each day.

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