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Tell me about your previous bartending experience.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bartending interview

How to Answer

The interviewer is not asking for you to list your past jobs in chronological order with all of your responsibilities. They are only interested in a brief history, highlighting the relevant work you have done.

If you don't think you've done any work that is relevant to bartending, take some time to review your work history. Think about those transferable skills that you acquired from a job in customer service, for instance.

Tell me about your previous bartending experience.
Answer example

"I have three years' experience bartending at the competing pub, across the street from your establishment. I started as a bar assistant, then a backup bartender and now I am a senior bartender."

Entry Level

"I have not worked as a bartender in the past; however, I have worked as a bar assistant for the past nine months. My duties as a bar assistant include ensuring the bar is fully stocked, running for ice, replenishing the garnishes, and general clean up. I am ready for this next step in my bar career."


"I have worked as a bartender for the past four years. Two years I spent in a local Irish pub, and two at a nightclub. It's been an incredibly lucrative career path for me, and I look forward to continuing this path at your establishment."

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Tell me about your previous bartending experience.
About 2 years employed at Starbucks as a barista, which has given me lots of experience with a fast paced and crowded environment. High levels of product knowledge and services are required, as well as a changing menu. 1 1/2 years As a bar tender I learned how to make and serve high quality beverages, keep my work space and customer seating clean, kept all certifications current and fallowed all pertinent laws and regulations. 1 year as a Keno runner, learning how to work in and around a restaurant, instructing customers on how to play Keno, and developing cash handling skills.
Catering. Grocery. Work scholar.
Restaurants/bars/fashion companies.
I have experience volunteering at my school with various projects and I've worked for evanov radio group for a 1 year and half and I did different kinds of promo for them. I've also worked at ice cream patio for the past five years.
Bartending/ food industry/ hotel and hospitality commission sales receptionist.
I have worked in the service industry for 8 years. I started out as a hostess and buesser, then when I turned 18 I started serving and bartending.
Hairdressing and bartedning.
Bartender, Night Club Runner.
I simultaneously worked fine dining and a craft beer Pub for a little under a year.
Sports bar bartender, and neighborhood bartender.
Cashier at big 5, constuction at moonlight. Party city, petsmart, supervisor at clean and easy,
Server, bartender/shift manager, marketing and sales intern and sales and banquet coordinator.
I have worked in 2 restaurants.
It was fun and definitely a good place to start and build my skills. But I'm ready to move forward.
My background is in sales and marketing.
I bartended and cooked at the same bar for 6 years.
Electrical apprenticeship, Line Cook.
Banana Republic Sales associate, Good Health Burger server and waiter.
Bartending waitress cashier.
20 years of experience, serving hosting.
I have worked in restaurants for 11 years. There is something about restaurants that you can't get anywhere else. I did work at a digital marketing agency for a short period of time, but I like to stay active at work and communicate with people throughout the day. Bartending is something that has always been a passion of mine. I have been bartending for 3 years and I still have a lot to learn, but education never ends in life!
Early childhood educator, waitress, teller, nanny, payroll specialist, hospital diet aide.
Realtor, teacher, administrator.
I have work at two other bars and also as a fraud analyst.
I work for a couple very prestigious restaurants in the DMV area as well as for a catering services that provide full bar tending services.
I have been bartending since around 2006 during my college years. I also used to wait tables. I have been a teacher for the past 8 years.
I currently work at Old Dundee as a bartender. I also have worked at Legend Comics for seven years in sales. I have worked at Local as a bartender for a year. I have had a few other serving and bartending jobs and worked in the debit card dept at PayPal.
Night club, gentleman club, and sports bar and lounge.
Bartender at the tropicana hotel for seventeen years.
Bartending and cooking, homehealth care.
It's amazing every one is like family we and everyone want to share knowledge to improve each other.
I have had about a year of working in the service industry as well as about 10-11 in the customer service/ administrative department.
Bartending, teaching, brand ambassador.
Long term employment at neighborhood bar.
Bar manager, floor manager, server, bartender, chef, KP
General Manager, bar manager, bar tender.
I have 20 years bar experience 30 years customer service.
Bar nightclubs pr working abroad.
Bar mgr, bartendar, sever, asst. Foh mgr.
I have babsat, I have been a soccer ref, I currently work at Busch's as a deli clerk.
I have been a barista, server, bartender, hostess, cashier-- so I know my customer service very well.
Bartender and bar manager.
Restaurant manager, kitchen manager and inventory manager.
Bartending on bourbon street in new orleans, working with children, roofing, hospitality.
Insurance broker, manager, travel agent.
Nightclub bartender, cook at a takeaway, gym assistant, childminder and a bartender.
In all honesty it wouldnít bother me, as I have ordered in a bar like that before, simply because of everything I have been requested to get by my table/friends, because thatís how I mentally mark it off. Sometimes I feel that the bar staff are glad for orders to be simplified. Also, Australia isnít well known for being a tipping nation, Iíd take it in my stride and continue to give the best customer service I possibly could.
Ask them to leave.
Try to stop them.
I have been in positions where I am constantly interacting with people of all ages. I was a salesperson and cashier. Both jobs required me to chat and make people feel relaxed.
Of course I would not want to have to wait all night on one person, time is money after all, however it is important that the customer must understand that you donít just see them as a cash cow. Offer them a few ideas, and if they still cannot decide, ask if they would like some time to think on it, and if it would be ok to serve others while they decided, of course they were welcome to come back to be served the moment they have decided.
Hostess, bartender.
Beer cart girl.
I was assistant manager in a large family restaurant. As well as the paperwork I did table service, bar tending and looking after large functions such as weddings.
After hours coordinator, bartender, manager and soldier.
I worked as an office assistant in Quincy for six years each summer. I answer phone calls, cared for proprietary materials, shredded confidential documents, did some cleaning and heavy lifting.
Bartended at weddings, private parties, banquets, pubs.
Bartender Real.
Bartender and bar manager.
As far as bartending, I am currently a bartender at Blackthorn Irish Pub. I was hired about a year ago.
I like to keep things simple in this regard, manners will get you a long way, if I see any shoving I will not be helpful to them, but it will always be first come first served. If there is a line across the bar, depending on which station I am at I would probably sweep left to right.Also if it is at all possible, take more then one drink order at a time. Ask if anyone is buying a single drink and if they are serve the 'singles' at the same time.
Inform all staff on duty, including management and security. Secure ID. Ask how they got the liquor, if they are with a parent/guardian or spouse (over 18 years of age) then depending on the house policy, a crime may not have been committed. However, if they refuse to say how they came to acquire the alcohol, you may point out to them that there is a fine of over $7000 for minors who have consumed alcohol. Ask them to leave, call the authorities.
Fast food. Retail store.
10 years held in Management position with same company. On side throughout the years held a position in bar industry because enjoy the atmosphere, the people and their stories.
I am is bar back.
I work as a waiter for 1 year then 2 years in bartender i'm able to ability to serve mix drinks.

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