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Have you ever had to give an employee a poor performance review? How did you feel about that responsibility?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I had to give an employee a poor performance when they did not follow the procedures and it cost the department.
One employee had will issue in performing so had to give him about is poor performance review, made him understand to improve on it. He understood the information and improved his performance.
I had a student worker who was late to work almost every day. She had a lot of health issues and family problems, but her work ethic suffered and became worse over time. I had to have a difficult discussion with her about being late regardless of situations at home. I am an empathetic person and felt bad, but knew that our university was being affected by her lack of effort.
I generally will give a poor performance review if the employee has demonstrated that they deserve this. For instance, as a nurse manager, I would review the overall performance, then I would look to see if they had any coaching sessions and determine from there if they either made improvements or it needed to be addressed in the performance review.
When they're constantly late with a bad attitude.
When they don't follow company policies and steal stuff.
Turn the negative issue into positive way of telling so that it doesn't discourage them.
An employee entered the store for her shift under the influence. It was the first time in my management career to have to do a write up. It involved myself, an interrogation with the employee, and the district manager.
When they had multiple call in or no show to a shift. When the repeatedly had medication errors. When they have violated policy and procedure.
With all the help, employee is still under achieving than I will give it.