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What does micromanagement mean to you?

Example #1
"To me, micromanaging is giving unnecessary supervision to team members, telling them how to do their job or controlling the smallest of their moves. I have been micro-managed by bosses in the past, and it's truly demotivating. I like to give my team the benefit of the doubt and let them work their magic in peace, giving them the space required to do their job."
Example #2
"To me, micromanagement is when a manager unnecessarily tell their employees what to do. I believe that if someone needs to be micromanaged to perform, they should not be in the role the first place. It's important to give employees space to move and trust them to do their job with care."
Example #3
"I define micromanagement as the practice of towering over your employees' every move. I believe this to be a waste of time. If I cannot trust my team members to do a great job, why are they on my team? Instead, I like to give clear guidance from the start and have an open-door policy for all questions an employee may have."
Example #4
"In marketing, there is rarely time to watch over each team members' progress every minute of the day. I do not micromanage. Instead, I show trust to those on my team. I give many opportunities for growth and learning, and check in regularly to ensure understanding along each project stage."
Example #5
"When I was a junior retail sales representative, I experienced a floor manager who watched my every move and micromanaged me. It was unnerving and did not help my performance. I will never do that to a staff member. Instead, I coach and mentor and make myself openly available for help and learning opportunities."
Example #6
"Many sales organizations are known for micromanaging numbers and KPIs. I keep a close eye on my team members' performance. I look at their sales daily and check how close they are to target. I like to keep this close eye so that I can pivot them to succeed if their results are sliding for the month. In my mind, this is not micromanaging because it is an effective action versus a controlling act."
Example #7
"Teachers are often known for pushing their students to work harder, and for squeezing the best grades that they can out of their students. I do not consider this micromanaging - more, I think of this as continual encouragement. When I know that a student has more in them than they are giving, I will push and encourage them to do better."
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