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Tell me about a time when you took charge of a meeting. Was the outcome a positive one?
The interviewer would like to know that you have the confidence to successfully lead a meeting. Think about a time when you have led a meeting - big or small. This could be a phone meeting, a lunch and learn, or a large client presentation. Begin by telling the interviewer the reason for the meeting, who was involved, and what approach you took to prepare for the meeting. Finally, be sure to mention why you felt the meeting was a success! What did you do in that meeting to create an effective and positive outcome?
Answer examples
"My employer asked me to lead a lunch and learn meeting to train 15 employees on our new client management software. I was already a subject matter expert on the software so it wasn't difficult for me to plan the lesson. The challenge was making the content entertaining enough to keep the employees engaged. I created a strong PowerPoint presentation that included pop quiz questions throughout. The presentation was a success and my employer asked me to lead a follow up meeting a few weeks later."
"Just last week my boss had a personal emergency and could not make it in time for our monthly staff meeting. Everyone was already gathered and so he called to ask me to take control of the meeting. I feel that I did a great job relaying the information and my boss was thankful for the way that I was able to step in."
"I host short team meetings every day and co-host slightly larger meetings every month and quarter. Most meetings have a positive outcome, but there are always times when I am reporting that we missed a goal or have mandatory overtime. Those meetings are not quite as happy and upbeat."
Sales answer example
"In my last role, I identified the need for ongoing learning and training, so I founded weekly lunch and learns with a different department of focus each session. I worked across departments to feature various guest lecturers and industry experts from our board to better educate the sales team so we would all be more effective in our pitches. In a less glamorous capacity, I hosted daily small group meetings in two roles with my direct reports to focus on day to day and weekly metrics that will make or break your sales numbers and the organization as a whole if taken for granted."
Marketing answer example
"When freelancing, I was on a call collaborating with their marketing staff of one and freelance graphic designer, and it seemed as though everyone was going to defer to the next person, since there wasn't really a leader. Their marketing girl should have been it, but she was never a person to take control of a meeting. So, rather than go around in circles some more, I stepped up to take charge of the meeting. I am certain that the meeting was a success as the outcome was clear directives for all members of the team, and that particular project had the highest ROI to date."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you took charge of a meeting. Was the outcome a positive one?
In the homes I have met with the family and the staff nurse on duty discussing client care and what the family expects. Correction were made and family pleased.
Regional meet and it was effective as we gave out prizes, rewards and other incentives and many more surprises.
One time that comes to mind, is one where there was some significant tension in a program meeting. The tension caused the leader of this group to walk out in frustration. I stepped up and gained control of the situation, allowed key issues to be vented, and from there we discussed possible solutions and got the meeting back on track and turned it into a productive meeting. I then re-iterated the progress we had made to the leader who walked out and from there everything seemed to be back on track.
Recently, I noticed that with increased assessments were creating stress for certain staff members. I called all of the parties together and we came to a common understanding.
Outcome was good and encouraging. Charge has to be taken when my fellow mate met with accident,
Everyone understanding that we all benefit working as a team. Works until the next meeting usually.
I will do may best to get the ambitious worker and may give him some training if hw need.
Held meeting regarding a theme party.. It was excellent.
One of my co workers who was a long time employee of the University had a hard time with change. Most meetings consisted of her not agreeing with changes being made. Because I was involved in many of those decisions, and she felt that she had seniority over me, she would undermine my decisions. When I finally made the decision to logically explain each choice, she gained a new respect for me taking charge and allowed me to make changes that were necessary.
Lcms meeting - suggested something new instead of going around in circles.
The staff listened and understand my requirements.
I had meeting with the employees on things I didn't like and after that everything was smooth not perfect.
I immediately dismissed the meeting; all attendees applauded.
We arrange manager meeting first and then employees meeting and tell them right and wrongs and do and don't and 85% effective what we expect from them.
I try to have monthly meetings to discuss current trends, objectives and completed goals. Discuss high cost meds to identify/avoid before admission. Discuss topics or necessary changes within department operations.
In addition to the previous meeting, a few weeks ago, in an IEP meeting, I had to facilitate the meeting to finalize goals and clarify the proposed plan. Good the parents were in agreement with the team and a meaningful goal was developed.
It was in the morning and it was wonderful because the staff enjoyed it.
I have taken over meetings when someone does not have appropriate knowledge of a subject matter.
Again, leading several subcommittees, I have led these committee meetings with respect for others time by keeping the group focused on the topic at hand. I begin and end the meetings promptly while allowing adequate time for discussion.
As, I stated earlier, I volunteered to preside during a district meeting in my volunteer organization. The meeting was run smoothly and all the goals and objectives were accomplished.
Had to do a one to one as one of the team thought they were the boss let them know I was the boss and if they needed any thing sifted he should come to me and let me deal with it.
I have facilitated meetings quite frequently. When those opportunities arise, I begin with an agenda of specific items to be discussed and timelines for each. I have also reached out to the group involved in the meeting to see if there are any concerns they may feel important to include. This helps meetings to result in efficiency and effectiveness to accomplish the objective for the meeting.
I have never took charge of a meeting other than being a middle school cheerleading coach.
A sales meeting just getting everyone amped up showing them what they make and what they could make and how I benefit of a positive attitude changed everything.
A few months ago. The results were excellent.