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Tell me about a time when you took charge of a meeting. Was the outcome a positive one?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Held meeting regarding a theme party.. It was excellent.
I have facilitated meetings quite frequently. When those opportunities arise, I begin with an agenda of specific items to be discussed and timelines for each. I have also reached out to the group involved in the meeting to see if there are any concerns they may feel important to include. This helps meetings to result in efficiency and effectiveness to accomplish the objective for the meeting.
Outcome was good and encouraging. Charge has to be taken when my fellow mate met with accident,
Again, leading several subcommittees, I have led these committee meetings with respect for others time by keeping the group focused on the topic at hand. I begin and end the meetings promptly while allowing adequate time for discussion.
A sales meeting just getting everyone amped up showing them what they make and what they could make and how I benefit of a positive attitude changed everything.
Lcms meeting - suggested something new instead of going around in circles.
As, I stated earlier, I volunteered to preside during a district meeting in my volunteer organization. The meeting was run smoothly and all the goals and objectives were accomplished.
One of my co workers who was a long time employee of the University had a hard time with change. Most meetings consisted of her not agreeing with changes being made. Because I was involved in many of those decisions, and she felt that she had seniority over me, she would undermine my decisions. When I finally made the decision to logically explain each choice, she gained a new respect for me taking charge and allowed me to make changes that were necessary.
We arrange manager meeting first and then employees meeting and tell them right and wrongs and do and don't and 85% effective what we expect from them.
The staff listened and understand my requirements.