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As a leader, how will you measure the success of your team members?

Example #1
"My favorite way to measure the success of my team members is to view individual and group productivity reports, and compare the data month after month. Then, I share the results in their monthly performance reviews. When an employee knows that I notice even a small uptick in their productivity, they are more likely to perform at their peak ability."
Example #2
"I plan to measure the success of my team members by how engaged they are. I will look at how often they are early for work, how many times they stay late to meet a deadline, or how often they go above and beyond their regular 9-5 to help a client."
Example #3
"My favorite way to measure success is by noting how many times an employee has helped a coworker. This kindness metric is one that I address in my team's performance reviews as well."
Example #4
"I measure the success of my team members by how quickly and efficiently a project is completed. After we deliver a project, we all meet in the boardroom and discuss our success, and what we could have done better. I like to equip my team with the information they need to grow professionally."
Example #5
"Successes are important to measure. I like to measure proactive activities and praise my team every time I see them taking action without being asked. This initiative could mean going above and beyond for a customer, cleaning areas of the store that receive less attention, or finding new efficiencies to benefit the company."
Example #6
"My favorite way to measure the success of my team members is through fun competitions that show graph comparisons of each person's performance through a variety of KPI's. This approach is an excellent way to make each person aware of their overall performance while keeping things as encouraging as possible."
Example #7
"As a teacher, it's important that my students, and their guardians, are aware of their progress. I start the year by creating an individual learning plan with each student. Every month we review the plan together, and the student is responsible for rating their performance from 1-5. This approach keeps students accountable for their achievements and successes."
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