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Answering Customer Service Questions

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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service.

Example #1
"I often look for opportunities to go over and above when it comes to customer service. One memorable time was when a senior woman was struggling to get her groceries into her car. I was on break but saw her through the window. I ran out and greeted her, asking if I could assist. She was so thankful that she ended up calling my manager that day to compliment my kindness."
Example #2
"I used to work the front desk in a hotel where we were given a budget specifically to use for making a customers' experience better. I recall one couple in specific who left their phone and laptop chargers in the room after they checked out. I same-day couriered the items to them with a friendly note. It felt great to deliver that added touch."
Example #3
"Everyone likes options, and after receiving consistent feedback from my customers that they felt limited when they had to choose our service packages, I decided to take the concern up with our corporate head office. Before doing so, I polled my clients to find out exactly what they wanted to see from our service menu. I made a compelling presentation to my senior leadership, and our company ended up agreeing to add these service options. We will be rolling out the first round of changes next month. It is important to listen to your customers and deliver what they ask."
Example #4
"Many of our customers do not understand social media fully, which is why they come to us. I recently launched a private YouTube channel with video tutorials and how-tos. I sent the login information to all of our clients so that they could access the information on-demand. This effort saves them a phone call and email and also ensures that the information they need is at their fingertips, no matter the time of day or night. The response has been incredibly positive."
Example #5
"Customer inquiries come through my desk at a rapid rate whether it be through email, voicemail, or social media. I make it my aim to never leave for the day until every inquiry has a response. This commitment may mean staying late an extra hour sometimes, but my valued customers are worth the added effort."
Example #6
"When I worked in drillbit sales, I had a client with a drilling rig about one hour out of town from us. They were drilling incredibly challenging ground when they pushed the bit too far and destroyed the bit. My cell phone rang at 3 AM, and it was the driller, in a panic. I hopped out of bed and drove them the extra bit that they needed to keep operating smoothly. That particular account ended up being my biggest account to date, because of my willingness to go over and above."
Example #7
"I had a patient last year who had an accidental fall when she was home alone. She ended up being hospitalized for a few weeks because of a broken hip. I took time after work to visit her a couple of times per week. She really appreciated the gesture, as did her family."
Example #8
"I am particularly proud of the time I (X project you are the most proud of). I went above and beyond because the client's satisfaction mattered to me and my employer, and (X other reasons why you went above and beyond). The client was so satisfied by the high level of commitment and quality of my work that he hired our company for all of his upcoming projects."
Example #9
"When I worked at a cafe, I made sure that I had a great attitude at all times. I was friendly with every customer. I had a customer come in feeling very stressed and rushed. I moved as quickly as I could to fill his order and asked questions to make sure I was giving him exactly what he wanted. He was so impressed with my attitude that he smiled and relaxed when I gave him his sandwich. I told him I could tell he was stressed and if there was anything else I could do to please let me know. He asked for a coffee, and I responded right away. He gave me a big tip and continued to come back and see me every week!"
Example #10
"I love to impress my employer. I currently work at a pet store and will often stay late to help out a customer who arrives just as the doors are closing. I get to know our regular customers, and even remember the names of their pets! It keeps customers coming back when they feel like they are part of a community."
Example #11
"While at my previous company we had redundancies in the middle of an already understaffed project. The 5-person team I was in was demoralized and also needed to absorb the additional work from the departed staff. I took everyone on the team out for coffee individually. These one-on-one meetings were an opportunity to vent, but also created space for employees to share pain points. I shared all the potential roadblocks in a follow-up team meeting, and we brainstormed solutions together, including adjusting the timeline slightly.
Because the team felt that their frustrations were acknowledged, there was no simmering resentment holding people back. Instead, the team felt enthusiastic and unified in a common goal. "
Example #12
"I had a customer come to me with 1 days' notice that she needed a wedding cake. Her original baker did not provide her with the cake that she wanted and she was very panicked about it. We worked overtime and went far beyond the call of duty to ensure that her cake was perfect, and ready for her big day."
Example #13
"GLP is a formal regulation that was formulated in 19781 by the US Food and Drug Administration with the aim of producing a framework for how laboratories are run. It is a guide that states how work should be accomplished within a laboratory"
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