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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service.

This question has been answered 14 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

The interviewer is looking for a specific answer that showcases your ability to deliver excellent customer service. You need to go beyond 'service with a smile' when answering this question. Make your reply memorable! This question offers you an excellent opportunity to be a stand-out candidate.

Admin answer example
"I used to work the front desk in a hotel where we were given a budget specifically to use for making a customers' experience better. I recall one couple in specific who left their phone and laptop chargers in the room after they checked out. I same-day couriered the items to them with a friendly note. It felt great to deliver that added touch."
Animal Shelter Worker answer example
"I love to impress my employer. I currently work at a pet store and will often stay late to help out a customer who arrives just as the doors are closing. I get to know our regular customers, and even remember the names of their pets! It keeps customers coming back when they feel like they are part of a community."
Baker answer example
"I had a customer come to me with 1 days' notice that she needed a wedding cake. Her original baker did not provide her with the cake that she wanted and she was very panicked about it. We worked overtime and went far beyond the call of duty to ensure that her cake was perfect, and ready for her big day."
Bank Compliance Officer answer example
"I am particularly proud of the time I (X project you are the most proud of). I went above and beyond because the client's satisfaction mattered to me and my employer, and (X other reasons why you went above and beyond). The client was so satisfied by the high level of commitment and quality of my work that he hired our company for all of his upcoming projects."
Basic answer example
"I often look for opportunities to go over and above when it comes to customer service. One memorable time was when a senior woman was struggling to get her groceries into her car. I was on break but saw her through the window. I ran out and greeted her, asking if I could assist. She was so thankful that she ended up calling my manager that day to compliment my kindness."
Home Health Aide answer example
"I had a patient last year who had an accidental fall when she was home alone. She ended up being hospitalized for a few weeks because of a broken hip. I took time after work to visit her a couple of times per week. She really appreciated the gesture, as did her family."
Landscape Architect answer example
"I am particularly proud of the time I (X project you are the most proud of). I went above and beyond because the client's satisfaction mattered to me and my employer, and (X other reasons why you went above and beyond). The client was so satisfied by the high level of commitment and quality of my work that he hired our company for all of his upcoming projects."
Landscaping answer example
"When I worked at a cafe, I made sure that I had a great attitude at all times. I was friendly with every customer. I had a customer come in feeling very stressed and rushed. I moved as quickly as I could to fill his order and asked questions to make sure I was giving him exactly what he wanted. He was so impressed with my attitude that he smiled and relaxed when I gave him his sandwich. I told him I could tell he was stressed and if there was anything else I could do to please let me know. He asked for a coffee, and I responded right away. He gave me a big tip and continued to come back and see me every week!" When a customer seems stressed, they don't always realize it. They might need to relax and unwind and have no idea that they are coming across as grumpy or demanding. This is where it's your job to go above and beyond! Learning to anticipate needs before a customer makes a request is a skill! This will definitely come in handy while you are working as a landscaper. Customers can be stressed, demanding and have no self-awareness about how they are coming across. It's up to you to pay attention! Your attitude and your consistent work ethic will go a long way. Give an example from any of your previous work experience that shows off some of the skills and qualities that will make you an excellent landscaper!"
Library Assistant answer example
"Interviewers love hiring people who go above and beyond the call of duty! Think about a time when you went above and beyond in your job or in your studies. Share what project you were working on, what your basic requirements were, and how you went above-and-beyond. Be sure to mention why you desired to go above-and-beyond for this project to help the interviewer see your drive to be successful in your work."
Manager answer example
"Everyone likes options, and after receiving consistent feedback from my customers that they felt limited when they had to choose our service packages, I decided to take the concern up with our corporate head office. Before doing so, I polled my clients to find out exactly what they wanted to see from our service menu. I made a compelling presentation to my senior leadership, and our company ended up agreeing to add these service options. We will be rolling out the first round of changes next month. It is important to listen to your customers and deliver what they ask."
Marketing answer example
"Many of our customers do not understand social media fully, which is why they come to us. I recently launched a private YouTube channel with video tutorials and how-tos. I sent the login information to all of our clients so that they could access the information on-demand. This effort saves them a phone call and email and also ensures that the information they need is at their fingertips, no matter the time of day or night. The response has been incredibly positive."
Retail answer example
"Customer inquiries come through my desk at a rapid rate whether it be through email, voicemail, or social media. I make it my aim to never leave for the day until every inquiry has a response. This commitment may mean staying late an extra hour sometimes, but my valued customers are worth the added effort."
Veterinarian School answer example
"Example Answer:- "Whilst at my previous company we had redundancies in the middle of an already understaffed project. The 5-person team I was in was demoralised and also needed to absorb the additional work from the departed staff. I took everyone on the team out for coffee individually. These one-on-one meetings were an opportunity to vent, but also created space for employees to share pain points. I shared all the potential roadblocks in a follow-up team meeting, and we brainstormed solutions together, including adjusting the timeline slightly. Because the team felt that their frustrations were acknowledged, there was no simmering resentment holding people back. Instead, the team felt enthusiastic and unified in a common goal. "
Veterinary Technician answer example
"No one wants to show weakness in an interview. Talking about failure seems like it might hurt your chances of getting the job, right? Wrong! If you can talk about a time you failed with precision and poise, you may help your chances! Here's how: 1) Think about a time when you made a big mistake at work. What happened? Did you forget something important? Was it a careless mistake? 2) How did you handle it? Did you apologize? Did you make things right? What were your choices? Sometimes you can't fix the problem but you can definitely learn from it. 3) What did you learn? Going forward, maybe you will read an email over a few times before sending it. Showing you care enough about the quality of your work and how it affects your coworkers is a hard quality to find! Prepare an example and recite it to yourself until you feel confident talking about it in your interview. Focus on what you learned and try not to get caught up in the details of what went wrong."

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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service.
Every time when serving customers I go above and beyond.
I always go above and beyond, I cannot give a specific time.
I always go above and beyond. If your employees display poor customer service it reflects badly on the business as a whole, not just that one person.
Iam always going above and beyond because customers always come first.
A customer needed invoice from 3 years ago, I went to the basement and pulled each file invoice and made copies and emailed, mailed, and faxed each invoices.
I am always going above and beyond for customer service the needs of the customer should always be granted.
When I was working at wal mart there was a disabled man, who couldnt get help from anyone, so I asked what he needed assistance with and he had a list of things that he needed and I shopped through the store and helped find all of the items without making the customer feel like he was a burden and I helped to check his items and helped him to his vehicle.
I would like to think I always go above and beyond when it comes to customer service I have always been very helpful and try to meet the needs of every customer.
I had just sold a pre paid telephone credit to an elderly gentlemen. 15 minutes later I had finished my shift and when I went outside I could tell he was struggling with putting the credit onto his phone, I offered to help him with it and he was so appreciative of my help and thanked me very much. I was a nice end to the day which made me feel good.
Recently will start customer assisdtant job.
I used to go to the dinner and check on customer making sure they were satisfied and once in a while I would bring free meals cards and just gave them around specially the regular customer thanking them for the loyalty.
There was a young girl and her mother who came into the store and were asking about vegan options. I spent 30 minutes talking the through what we had and giving them samples of certain items.
The recent one was when the customer was needing further information regarding his package I went a head and searched the information he was required.
There was a time when a customer asked for a stock and unfortunately my Coles did not have the stock I later called another Coles and got it for them.
I had to work in conditions that were unfavorable, i. E. No heat in winter no ac in summer.
The store I currently work in is a small store and therefore we do not carry the full range of electrical products advertised on the brochure. I have purchased items in other dunnes for the customers of our store.
I always try to go above and beyond for every customer I have contact with.
Had no stock in derby depot so ensured the stock would be there tommorrow morning by going to the birmingham depot and picking stock myself and all stock ordered for the customer was already sitting on a trolley for him.
This is my time at Tesco, I work as customer assistant, when a customer was looking for a particular product, I took them to the product but it was out of stock, I went to the warehouse checked but no joy, so I went back to the customer and suggested and alternative which not only they ware happy but increase of sale as well.
Driving to Edinburgh from Dover to deliver a product.
Being patient with clients and listening to them at their time of need and worry.
Helping an individual with an illness by staying with them keeping them calm until help arrived.
As I used to work at Wendy's, we get many customers a day and during winter or rainy days, I would noticed that the floor would be all wet from customer's shoes, and as I do not want any customer to fall due to wet floor, I would bring out a dry mop and clean up the floor to ensure customer's safety.
From the moment I say good morning to the moment I'm putting the customers purchases in their car I am trying to go above and beyond. By the time they leave, I usually know all about them and their life and they will remember me.
When a guest needed assistance looking for local accommodation, I've researched within the community.
To drive in my car a customer to a certain address.
I would like to think that I always go the extra mile for customers. As a sales assistant I am representing the company, and by meeting customer expectations I make the company and myself proud.
I delivered a big package to a house, and left it on the porch, got in my truck went to leave and seen the customer waving at me to help bring the package in the house, so I got out of my truck and went and put the package in the older ladey house.
I left what I was doing to go assist the customer to look for an item.
I baked a four leaf clover cake for an Irish customers birthday.
At the auto part store we would often install the parts the customer purchased. In the custom framing I often go above the orders instructions to increase the quality of the frame Job ordered.
I can honestly say that is where I excell I always try to personally see a query through to the end. In my last role if customers got into arrears their accounts got passed to collections which was in indian and sometimes there coukd be a language barrier. Alot of customers would get transferred though and end up back in the line complaining to us. I always ensured I rang through myself got the relevent information and relayed this to. The customer.
At walgreens our shipments mostly come in totes full of random items. On the day of delivery a customer asked for a product that wasnt on the shelf. I went in the back and looked through a stack of 5 or 6 totes of random items to find it for them.
A customer became distressed and hot, they needed water so I went out my way to get them a drink as quickly as possible.
Tax issue, multi year. Stayed late to ensure sorted, liaised with other departments instead of asking the customer to get in touch.
Working in a dessert shop, I found it important to memorise the menu. We went through a period when our book menus were not ready so had to use the take away menus. These did not have a description of the dessert, so I would confidently describe every ingredient that was in each and every waffle, crepe and mock tail.
When an angry customer wanted a refund. Not only did I give her a refund but I also offered a free meal on the next visit and a complimentary gift card.
When a partially sited lady needed an outfit for a wedding. I picked various outfits out for her, when she had decided which outfit she wanted she needed the jacket in a different size and also some accessorise ,So I looked online and ordered the jacket and looked through all the accessories to match her outfit for her.
When I was join the hungry jacks I was worst about the customer service,
Worked an 18 hr shift once to make sure task was complete in time.
A lady and her autistic son came to pets at home to buy a rabbit. I explained that they do no generally live a long time and that if she wanted an animal that was best suited to her son I recommended a chinchilla. One because they live a lot longer, and two, because they are much less likely to bite and scratch. I took them around the store and showed them all the things they would need to buy but recommended they go home and research the animals before they bought one. They came back in the following week and asked for me personally and spent one thousand pounds. I gave them my telephone number and told them to phone me anytime for anything. I still speak to them now, that was 10 years ago.
GTE credit union. I got our management team involved when they hired a new CEO who was unhappy.
A customer wanted a product that we had stopped stocking in our store so I went onto the system and changed the stock level on it, and after a few days we got the product delivered to store. The customer was very happy about this as this was the customers nearest store and he was a regular customer.
Treating and serving customer in a very good way by smiling is one of the companies asset to aim the goal.
I helped a customer after I was off the clock find an item. When I showed him where we had it and realized we didn't have it; I let him call his wife on my cell phone.
I helped a customer get her keys out of her car after she had locked them in right in front of my DM.
Assisting a disabled passenger on my bus which I was advised not to do.
Did the customers shopping and transported to the car.
I was on my lunch break off the clock and eating my lunch when a gentleman needed an item from the back and I was closest to his desired product. All other employees were occupied. I ended my meal and helped the gentleman and knowing what I did helped this man it made me feel good even though I missed a significant amount of my meal. It's always worth it to see a happy customer.
A delivery slip didn't print and so a customer was left waiting for a delivery that never turned up. They called the store and were understandably not happy. I apologised and arranged with the delivery driver to deliver at a time that suited the customer. I kept them updated and checked it had been be delivered I also arranged for them to have there delivery fee refunded.
I always go above and beyond for customer service, I put my all into maintain good public standard of care.
An elderly man needed help with the large amount of food he had ordered so I grabbed another coworker and helped him to his car with all his food.
Went out in the rain and reterived an eldery customers car and helped them load their purchases.
There is this one older lady who always gets a coffee in the morning and she has a very difficult time walking so I will go bring her the coffee so that she does not have to struggle.
I try to always strive to go above and beyond for customers.
There was a time where a customer needed assistance as she could not carry her shopping over an icy car park to I assisted her and took her shopping across the icy cark park.
Elder customer comes in every week in a wheel chair will always go and move the tables and chairs for therm.
Honestly, there was never an opportunity at my first job to go above and beyond. I had interaction with customers, but no situation ever required me to go above and beyond.
A customer had difficulty getting from the store to their car because of snow on the ground. I informed my manager I was going to help the customer get to their car. The manager covered my section until I came back. The customer was pleased I helped them and came back into the store the next day to say thank you again. My manager was very pleased with me.
Everyday, in BPO we have to ensure that the clients business is never seen in a negative light. We always.
Delivered groceries for an elderly customer after work.
Giving a customer an extra biscuit with there coffee if you found out it was their birthday or there coffee was delayed we would sometimes provided it for free.
Always do whatever it takes to make customer happy staying late or making fresh food.
Many times at work I have brought customers home late at nighjt due to no taxis.
Gave advice on new products available in place of something out of stock.
An eldery lady made a complaint that photo department was shutting earlier for past few days and she missed the opportunity to develop her pictures so I offered to go to her work place on my dinner break to pick up cd so by the time she finished her work pictures would be ready to collect.
I ordered a product we did not normally carry for a customer, and after steady communication, would continue to order that product and keep it in stock.
I always go above and beyond in customer service because if one employee does not it reflects bad on the rest of employees .
Helped a woman with 6 crying kids and bags and told her to find a seat and I would take her order.
I have opened the store early and kept it open later if a customer needed that time to make a purchase I would do that in this position because its not with my power but running a store I was able to do that for the customer.
Helping others, stayed overtime, made sure that everyone job was in order.
I was working on the Deli one day when a couple came to collect 4 platters of sandwhiches for a bridal party for the grooms house and brides house before the wedding. However the platters were not ready and there was no sign of the order in the order book and the girl that took the order would not answer her phone. So when everyone else on the deli was panicking and the couple were giving out I calmly asked them was there any other items that they had to collect and could they give me 30 minutes and id have everything ready for them. They agreed and I got 2 others on the deli to help me. We did up the 4 platters of sandwhiches and 2 extra complimentary ones. They were boxed and ready for collection within the 30 minutes I helped take them to the car and once again appologised for the confusion. They returned the following week and order food for a party for 100 people.
While working at Gatwick airport I had a customer that carried a big amount of money to change in spain I found out why and offered her a prepaid card where she could load her money instead of carrying all on her.
I have delivered product to customers that have had problems with orders. I have paid out of pocket for a customer lunch when she realized she had left her wallet at work.
Sometimes some people might ask you like do you know where is Apple store, anything around here? If I know I would let them know that as far as I know it is .......... So and so.
I went on my way to handle another coworkers responsibility by getting what the customized was looking for.
Shopped with a customer providing tips on cooking and helping them find everything they need.
Customer looking for item went in to the back store went threw shelfs to see if any left, then went to check when next lot would be in.
A little old man brought his entire extended family in with him to JC once. they needed black clothing and a long sleeved dress - even though it was summer. It was for a funeral and the dress he would bury his wife in. I called different stores for at least an hour trying to find a dress in her size. I was able to find it and get it overnighted to our store for free. To make such a hard time easier for a family was a great experience.
When I worked at a call center. I helped an on older lady with hearing difficulties through a loan application, instead of telling her to call back with someone to speak on her behalf. Which II could have done. The lady was very grateful, and left happy with my service.
Delivering plants to a lady that had no means to get her purchase home.
I never worked really with customer service, but I have fund raised, and one time I was requested to make a delivery, for someone so I waited for the girl, and delivered for the man and made her really happy.
I drove to a different store to get an item for a customer that could not go get it.
In my job as a telesales person, I often have to submit too a level of customer service over the phone by keeping your cool, and taking care of a customers issues or requirements.
In Arvato, we were only with the customers 3 minutes but to help and sort problem would be on for 5, 6 minutes.
Several times I have had solicitors call wanting copies of files for court I have found file copied it and taken the papers over to court or faxed them immediately to solicitor.
Whilst working at goals I worked various job position sometimes a few at the same time.
A customer had a complaint about a faulty product and they were quite set, l quickly attended to their refund and they left store happy.
I drove 3 hours to do a customers hair on a sunday morning for her wedding.
When I was a travel agent I had a client who came into the office on a Friday afternoon he was quite agitated and upset that his first family holiday had been cancelled and needed help sorting this out. Initially I asked him details of when and where the family could go to try and source an alternative and it did prove a difficult task due to school holidays and only a week before they were due to go. I asked advised the customer I would get to work straight away and advised him to go home and come back in the morning to discuss all options I had found, when he arrived the following morning he came with his wife and children who were all very upset. I then spend the whole of the Saturday finding the family not only a alternative holiday but a better holiday and after all the hard work they went home a very happy family. It was very difficult at first but the feeling of achievement once I knew they had a better holiday booked was wonderful.
I always try to go that extra mile when helping customers, in my previous employment a customer required some flowers dispatching on overnight delivery they had ordered them only 1 hour before the cut off time for delivery. I had to make sure the items were packed appropriately and quickly in order to meet the postal deadline so that she would receive them in time.
Packing hampers on Christmas eve and then delivering those that had not been picked up.
A disabled customer entered the store and needed assistance with her shopping so I found one of my team members to finish my order and I went around the store with the customer helping them complete their shoppimg.
When a gentleman wanted to proposed to his girlfriend in the club I roped off a private booth and decorated it with balloons and flowers the gentleman was delighted and the answer was yes.
The elderly woman I mentioned she was one of my major experience because of the issues she faced at that particular time.
I always try to go above and beyond in all the things I do. I have had customer service experiences while working with my brother's DI team. I had to read all the directions, help them understand the challenge and assist them in any which way necessary without giving them the answers. This was a challenge for me especially because I had to manage time with school and extracurricular activities and DI.
Taking the time to open the door for an elderly person, wapping their sub seperately because they were sharing, helping them to a booth to sit at, smiling is a must.
A customer did not want certain thing that came in the meal and I did the order myself just to satisfy her.
I have fed the homeless with my church, and my family and I made the dinner to be served. I felt that it was necessary that I provide the best service possible to the homeless, and tried to the best of my ability to make sure that everyone was satisfied with their meal and atmosphere.
At the food cupboard there are often people with children. This woman had 4 kids with her. A baby and 2 under the age of ten and an slightly older teen. One of the under ten year olds fell and I told the mother to keep shopping and patched the girl up and then reunited them as her mother went through the line. That experience made me feel really happy.
Greet them and give them my contact info help them find what they're looking for by walking with them.

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