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Example #1
"I have been through much of your hiring process, and I must say that your company has the fastest callback time, and are the most responsive overall. The only point I could mention is that the job portal was a bit tough to navigate on my mobile phone. This factor aside, I am thrilled with the candidate experience your company has created."
Example #2
"I did notice that your company profiles on social media could be stronger. Company profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram can be helpful resources for candidates. I set these social profiles up for my previous employer and would be happy to do the same for you, should I be the successful candidate."
Example #3
"I have heard excellent things about your organization, including how you performed your exit interviews during the company's 2008 layoffs. You mentioned in our previous interview that the company could be more efficient in the hiring process. This task is one that I can certainly tackle once I am on board, as I have a lot of experience in talent selection and various tools such as"
Example #4
"I find your agency to be highly creative but perhaps a touch underrated compared to other local agencies. I want to yell from the rooftops how great your agency's work is! I believe your value proposition could be pushed further by leveraging social media channels more strategically. This approach is something I can certainly help to deliver."
Example #5
"I truly appreciate the effort you put into your onboarding process, and how quickly you have moved with my candidacy so far. I am happy with nearly everything I have seen. One suggestion I have is to ensure that the storefront is always immaculate. I did notice today that the storefront looked a touch unkept. Should I be hired, I can help with that! I am a very tidy and organized retail associate."
Example #6
"I have been a customer and now a candidate, giving me a well-rounded view of your organization. If I could make a recommendation, I would suggest strengthening your social media presence. 100% of the next generation of customers are online. I can help you with engaging those audiences through a stronger sales-based social strategy."
Example #7
"I have not spent enough time in your school district to make an educated recommendation; however, as an experienced educator, I can guess that your pain points may come from public education budget cuts. Is this correct?"
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