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Describe your leadership skills.

Example #1
"I have an open, enthusiastic style of leadership. To me, a leader wants to nurture others to their fullest potential, and it is something I have enjoyed doing most of my life. I love to be an example for others to follow and help guide people to bettering themselves and improving their career trajectory. I've found that my teammates aren't afraid to bring me their questions or most significant challenges since they know we will collaborate to figure it out and learn from the situation together."
Example #2
"Today, as a Director of Account Administration, I live by open-door leadership because I remember how hard things could be when I was first starting my career. I give our junior account administrators space and freedom to complete their work, but my door is always open for guidance and advice. I genuinely want to see other people grow and succeed."

Example #3
"My leadership skills can be described as creative, open, and encouraging. I always do what I can to foster an environment that is conducive to the learning and growth of my employees. I find that by leading this way, I retain staff much longer, and productivity increases."
Example #4
"I am a 'lead by example' type of leader. I always strive to do the right thing and hope that others will follow. Since I've not yet been in an official leadership position, I feel this approach is the best way to demonstrate my hardworking nature. I hope others will be inspired to follow suit."
Example #5
"I think of myself as a coach. I am there to help my retail sales reps flourish. They all have their strengths and weaknesses that I help them to identify. Then we make a joint plan to bring them to the best version of themselves. Every employee learns differently, so I try to understand their needs, what motivates them, and how they like to learn."
Example #6
"In previous employer reviews, I have had my leadership style described as attentive, open, and confident. I will always listen to my team and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their performance. An example of this would be with my current sales team. When one of my team members is not hitting their quota, that is when I will step in and begin coaching. I want to believe they are capable of their job unless they show me otherwise. This type of leadership has worked well with my team, and we are the top sales team in our region."
Example #7
"I'm always looking to draw out the leadership skills that exist in my students. I have been part of a student/teacher mentorship program since my first year as an educator. I am one of the most active curriculum developers in my school district, as well."
Example #8
"In my current position, I am one of the lead techs for training new employees in our department. As part of my training with new techs, I walk them through the training on policies and procedures in the department as well as the day to day duties we provide. I lead and train using great communication skills and leading by example."
Example #9
"With my style of leadership, I include the whole team in decision making and provide tools to get the job done. I know that tailoring my leadership to each individual is important as people prefer to be led in different manners."
Example #10
"I learned a lot about leadership from my education, employment, and volunteer experiences. I have shown a natural leadership ability most of my adult life, and I also approach others with respect while being aware of the importance of clear communication. While attending college, I joined the student council and took on the task of volunteer tutoring. After my graduation, I joined the local police department as an auxiliary officer. This experience taught me a lot about leadership in the community and the value attached to serving and protecting others. As a team leader, I've supervised teams as large as twelve, and as a manager, I've been held responsible for up to 120 security personnel. Regardless of the team size, I always lead by example. I demonstrate the kind of work ethic that I expect my team members to possess. For instance, I always show up 15 minutes early to anything since I believe it's always better for me to wait for someone than to have someone wait on me. I'm also very thorough, consistent, and set clear expectations. While I take responsibility for my team, I also make sure that they understand the need to take responsibility for themselves as well. In my opinion, these are the acts of a strong leader."
Example #11
"During my Fellowship, I had a really amazing leader. She was thoughtful, attentive, and thorough. I believe these qualities are what made her team want to listen, and learn, from her. I always told myself that when I am in a leadership function, I would try to emulate those qualities as well."
Example #12
"I feel that I am good at motivating a team. Last year, I motivated my sales team every day, and we ended up being the top sales team in the company for the year!"
Example #13
"I have over ten years of experience working in leadership, first, as a Youth Program Manager and then as the leader of an at-risk youth drop-in center. My leadership experiences have prepared me to guide at-risk youth by training me to react and respond in a variety of circumstances with wisdom and professionalism. I am well-equipped to handle emergencies and can quickly assess what is required of me in challenging situations. As a leader, I have further learned the importance of treating people with respect and keeping an open mind. I have also learned to be more compassionate, understand when to be compassionate, and then differentiate when I need to be more authoritative. My vast leadership experiences have improved my reaction time in difficult situations and made me more efficient. Overall, I have learned that a good leader in any social work sector will stay calm, focused, on task, and can understand the importance of boundaries."
Example #14
"I would give the customary two weeks' notice to my current employer, out of courtesy to them. Of course, I am eager for this role and would love to make this change as soon as possible."
Example #15
"I have taken many workshops and courses to improve my leadership skills over the years. My leadership qualities are best summed as dedicated, attentive, and motivating. I like to recognize the nurses on my team by celebrating small wins. That motivates them to continue achieving."
Example #16
"I have taken many workshops and courses to improve my leadership skills over the years. My leadership qualities are best summed as dedicated, attentive, and motivating. I like to recognize my students' small wins because that motivates them to continue achieving."
Example #17
"I think it is really important to educate employees, especially those new to healthcare, about patient privacy and the laws that protect our patient information. I believe that knowing all of the facts and gathering all available information is essential before pursuing some kind of reprimand against an employee. I would get a statement from the patient stating what part of his information was compromised and then investigate the accusation by talking to the employee and seeing what documentation he/she can present that will show what information was provided, what the purpose of sharing was, and to whom the information was revealed. After gathering all of the facts, I could then make a judgment as to whether or not the accusation is verifiable and whether or not a reprimand is necessary."
Example #18
"My greatest strength as a leader is my natural ability to encourage others to see a project through to the end no matter how challenging. I am very resilient and will never give up. One example of my leadership skills was when I was the captain of my basketball team in university. I encouraged the team even when we were exhausted, or knew that we were likely going to lose the game. These skills will help me as an Assistant Manager as I uplift my team and encourage them to deliver their best every day."
Example #19
"I naturally take on a leader and mentor-ship type of role with my co-workers. In one instance, I had a new coworker who was having some troubles fitting in. I took her out for lunch and talked to her a bit about the workplace culture and semantics surrounding the various departments. I really wanted her to stay and enjoy her employment with us so I took the responsibility of ensuring she was settling in well. I believe there are always opportunities for leadership - you just have to keep your eyes open!"
Example #20
"I currently lead a team of three, who themselves have around twelve direct reports. We recently worked on a project to assess the organizational structure of a small manufacturer experiencing alarming employee turnover rates. Because I trusted my team and their leadership abilities, I offered a more flexible leadership approach for this project. I took stock of each person's key strengths and identified what their core motivations were for success. I lead effectively by showing others respect regardless of their position or title, creating an open environment in which everyone knew that ideas were welcome. I set achievable but high expectations for myself and the teams that I work on, and so far, my leadership approach has been highly impactful and met with enthusiasm."
Example #21
"I have taken many workshops and courses to improve my leadership skills over the years. My leadership qualities are best summed as dedicated, attentive, and motivating. I like to recognize my employees' small wins because that motivates them to continue achieving."
Example #22
"I have not had the opportunity to serve in a leadership role. I'm confident that my knowledge and 5 years of experience have prepared me to step up and take the lead."
Example #23
"I am a natural leader and I really do enjoy being a leader. I have taken on multiple projects in my current role. Most recently, I was leading a team of 12 junior accountants. The feedback on the project was strong and I felt that the accountants working under me in this project received my guidance openly."
Example #24
Example #25
"I find that my best leadership skills are that I am understanding yet demanding. I try to push my team to do the best work they can, and understanding when things do not go perfectly right, but I also push them to do better next time and get them excited to succeed."
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