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Describe your leadership skills.
If the position you are interviewing for requires leadership skills, you need to come prepared with examples of when you have been an effective leader. If this is an entry-level role without a leadership component, the interviewer simply wants to see that you can take initiative when there is opportunity. What type of keywords best describe your leadership style?
Answer examples
"In previous employer reviews I have had my leadership style described as attentive, open, and confident. I will always listen to my team and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their performance. An example of this would be with my current sales team. When one of my team members is not hitting their quota, that is when I will step in and begin coaching. I want to believe they are capable in their job unless they show me otherwise. This type of leadership has worked well with my team and we are the #1 sales team in our region."
"My leadership skills can be described as creative, open, and encouraging. I always do what I can to foster an environment that is conducive to the learning and growth of my employees. I find that by leading this way, I retain staff much longer and productivity goes up."
"I am an open-door kind of leader. I give my subordinates the space and freedom to complete their work, but my door is always open for guidance and advice."
Sales answer example
"I feel I have an open, enthusiastic style of leadership. To me, a leader wants to nurture others to their fullest potential, and it is something I have enjoyed since childhood. I love to be seen as an example to follow and help guide others to bettering themselves and their careers. I've found that my teammates aren't afraid to bring me their questions or mess-ups, since they aren't afraid of repercussions, but rather know we will collaborate to figure it out and learn from it together."
Retail answer example
"I really think of myself as a coach- I am there to help my team grow, and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses that I need to identify, help them identify, and make a plan to bring them to the best version of themselves. Every employee learns and grows differently, so I really try to understand their needs, what motivates them, and how they like to be taught in order to be the most effective I can be."
Teacher answer example
"As a teacher, I'm always leading or looking to inspire leadership in my students. In addition, I have been part of a mentorship program since a first year teacher: as one receiving mentorship and after my third year, as a mentor myself. In addition, I am one of the curriculum developers in my current position."
Marketing answer example
"I feel as though I'm a lead by example type leader. I always strive to do the right thing and hope others will follow. Since I've not yet been in a marketing management position, I feel this is the best way to demonstrate my humility but hardworking nature and hope others will be inspired to follow suit."

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User-Submitted Answers

Describe your leadership skills.
What is not in the care plan.
Inclusive, democratic. When all colleagues are capable and autonomous.
My leadership skills are good I was a supervisor and a group leader and a job trainer, the only time I would not want the lead if its a job I didn’t know, but if I’ve been doing the job for a good length of time I would have no problem being lead.
I am having no problems when I got job as I enjoy very much in the skill of leadership therefore where I was not get job therefore I will not be a leader.
My leader ship qualities were helping others it teaches me very wel about in the future as I am working the organisation if not which and what can makes me a nothing instead of society change\
My leadership skills are quite weak however I enjoy being a leader in situations I am familiar with and I would rather not be a leader in situations I haven't seen before.
If someone is hot, I like to lead, if not I will let someone else go first.
Good mentors developed no of national auditors now leading in various org.
When a company asks me to take up responsibility in fulfilling the needs.
I like leadership and I have some leader ship qualities.
I'm usually a follower. I volunteer at church.
When I can be in charge, music group, lunch line.
I usually enjoy being a leader on most projects whenever there is no direction provided. the situations where I prefer not leading is when there are no levied requirements or no clear goals that have been established.
I enjoy helping others learn. I like new projects. I wouldn't like to lead a downsizing.
My ability to communicate fairly with people make me a good leader. Being able to share my knowledge to help others improve also make me a good leader.I would not care to lead any individuals who were not willing to pull their own weight. I have little tolerance on individuals who just want to collect a check.
I often bring out my leadership skills when something has to be done right.
I've led a prospective group through a tour at the Children's Clinics. I enjoy being a leader when I am confident in what I am delegating and know my role well.
I would lead no matter what is the situation. I am flexible and can motivate my emplouees in tough times.
I like to be a leader in most of the thing people dont need a leader when all the things are going on smoothly they need a leader when the situation is about to go bad.
I would love to do that in all situations.
I enjoy leading teams that are participative and contribute to the success of the team rather than situations where ideas originate from myself only as the leader. I seek to discover the gifts of different team players and to allow them thrive in those areas while addressing weak areas that are critical to the success of their work.
Good leader who helps keep people focused. I enjoy being a leader when we have similar interests and a common goal and dislike leading groups with radically different people.