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Merrill Lynch provides fundamental insights and analysis for clients in the equity, fixed income, currency, and commodities markets. Which areas of research are most important to you?

"I have read many articles by Merrill Lynch on all of these topics. I would say they are equally important; however, I find research on commodities markets to be the most intriguing. I like to learn about the hard commodities we offer in our region and how to leverage them to benefit my clients."

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30 Merrill Lynch Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Merrill Lynch provides fundamental insights and analysis for clients in the equity, fixed income, currency, and commodities markets. Which areas of research are most important to you?

  • 2. How does Merrill Lynch keep its clients informed on critical finance-related topics?

  • 3. What can you do for Merrill Lynch that other candidates cannot?

  • 4. Talk to me about one piece of financial news you are currently following.

  • 5. Where do you see the economy going this year?

  • 6. What are the three most important traits for a high-end wealth management professional to possess?

  • 7. If you advised a client to hedge against risk in their portfolio, but they wanted to take an alternate action that could hurt their long-term goals, what would you do?

  • 8. What is your professional mission statement?

  • 9. If you helped someone make their first investment, what are the first steps you would take?

  • 10. Merrill Lynch wants to ensure that you are a strategic fit. Tell me more about your investing strategy.

  • 11. Tell me about your professional designations, and how you aim to further your education in the next three years.

  • 12. Name for me one significant deal or accomplishment by Merrill Lynch in the last 12 months.

  • 13. What differentiates Merrill Lynch from other high-end wealth management firms?

  • 14. Tell me about a stock you follow. Why should I buy them?

  • 15. Merrill Lynch wealth managers work independently. What makes you an entrepreneurial minded professional?

  • 16. Please define CAPM for me.

  • 17. Give me an example of someone in the finance industry with a lot of integrity.

  • 18. What is your favorite resource for wealth-management and finance related news?

  • 19. How does your post-secondary education relate to a career in wealth management?

  • 20. Do you consider yourself analytically minded, or more creatively driven?

  • 21. If hired at Merrill Lynch how will you show our clients that you are a trusted resource?

  • 22. What factors most significantly impact the wealth management industry, today?

  • 23. Think about a demanding boss, client, or co-worker. How did you learn to interact with this individual?

  • 24. At Merrill Lynch you will be presented with new information every day. Talk to me about your preferred learning style.

  • 25. Tell me about your biggest failure and how you recovered.

  • 26. The wealth management industry is highly competitive. When it comes to your performance, would you say you 'love to win,' or you 'hate to lose?'

  • 27. Have you ever bent or broken any policies to make a client happy?

  • 28. How would you sell an investment product you did not believe in?

  • 29. Are you applying for jobs with any Merrill Lynch direct competitors?

  • 30. What questions do you have for me on this job, and working for Merrill Lynch?