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How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that customers are your priority. Tell the interviewer that you would graciously stop what you were doing and start by genuinely listening to the customer. Next, share that you would apologize to the customer and take whatever corrective action was necessary. Be sure to mention that most challenging customers do not take much time, and they just want to know that their opinion is being heard. If you have any training in customer dispute resolution, this is a great time to bring this up as well.

How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
Answer example

"I have received some training in customer dispute resolution and am more than comfortable dealing with angry customers. I know that most people who are upset, need to be heard. I would stop what I was doing and actively listen while showing that I understood the hardship or predicament. I would repeat back what they said to me, and then ask them how I can help."

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How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
I will listen to customer, be calm.
Angry customer comes first. It would do no one any good to wave off a buzzing fly and try to work. More can get done if you take care of one before the other.
I would find out what the problem was and find a answer to it, or find a person who could help them.
I would tend to the customer to facilitate their concerns in an effort to resolve the issue.
I would talk to them to see what was wrong then I would try and help them.
Stop what I was doing and take the time to listen to their complaint, understand the problem and do my best to fix the problem.
I will listen him until he finishes and agree with him.
I would stop doing the task and tend to the customer because I have learned that customers want to be heard and if you just sort of push them to the side things will not turn out great.
The customer comes first. Try to resolve the problem myself and seek assistance if needed.
I would try to help the customer myself and if I wasn't able to do so I would then call the manager.
The customer would be the number one priority at the moment. I would try to calm the customer down by seeing what the problem was, and by resolving the issue with the customers best interest in mind.
I would stop the task and follow through to the customer to ensure they get what they want and hopefully be able to calm them down.
I will stop what I am doing and make sure and tend to customer needs.
I would try to calm down the customer myself before hand and get a clear understanding of why the customer was unhappy and then refer the problem on to a manager.
Put the task aside listen to the customer as their is a reason why the customer is angry and resolve the issue, easier to bring an angry customer back for another visit than a disgrunteld customer who does not say they are unhappy.
Be as polite as possible and resolve the situation.
I would stop what I am doing and help that customer in the best friendly manner.
By keeping calm, listening to the customer and offering to solve his or her query.
Give them my whole attention and assertain what the real problem is.
I would listen to them. All of us just want to be listened to.
I would simply ask stop my tasks for a second to make sure they are giving full customer service and help them with their problem and then get back to my tasks once they are happy.
Take the time to listen to them, deal with their complaint and only be satisfied when they left the store satisfied with the end result.
Ask them to calm down, and stop what im doing and resolve the problemb.
Ask the customer how I can help them. Customers are top priority.
I will stop what I am doing to that it would not be as if I am rude and not paying attention t the customers worries.
I leave my tasks and I will listen what customer wants to say /customer is always first/. Next I will apologise, fix the problem, thank the customer for bringing an issue to my attention and invite for the next visit.
Be patient and apologies if there is any mistake that has happened. Then attend them, on what is needed till they checkout.
I would stop what I was doing and give the customer my full attention, I would calm him down and then ask how I could him.
Tell the I will be with you in a minute or go find the manager.
I would stop completeing my task for a moment and listen to the customers' problem.
I would listen to the customer and then explain if I needed to step away to finish a task if it is that important. If the task is not that important I would fully focuse on the customer and address their concerns.
Say thanked you for your patience how may I help you sorry for the inconvenience.
I would stop what I was doing and would listen to the customer. I would then see if I could resolve the problem the customer is having. After I have resolved the problem I would continue with my task.
Listen to what they are saying, see if I can help with their issue, if not then see if my manager can help them. Customers always come first.
Where possible I would take he customer to one side and listen to the problem. I would then quickly try to put this right so I could return to task.
I would apologized to angry customers then I will listened to continue to help my customer.
I would try to talk to him and find out what made him so angry and solve the problem.
Try and calm them down by providing exact and accurate answers/information to their questions and or directing them else where for further help.
Stop what I'm doing and assist the customer to best of my ability.
I have done this at walgreens before. I would put the task aside for a minute, try to understand why he is angry, explain the situation to him as best I can, and if they are still angry I would call a manager over to help.
First I listen to customers problem and try my best to solve it and than I complete my task.
Deal with the customer first the tasks can be completed later.
For me is important to stay calm and is important be polite all the time. If I cannot control the situation I call the supervisor.
I would ask what the problem was while remaining calm. I would try to sort out the problem as satisfactory as possible.
Be calm, polite, professional and try to resolve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Customer service is most important, I would assist the customer first because if we dont have customers coming back the business would suffer.
I would take time away from my tasks to give the customer the attention they deserve. I would then identify what I can do to help the customer and put things right.
Talk to them and try to calm them down, listening to someones grumbles usually helps.
Customer comes first so stop the tasks and deal with the customer till its sorted.
I would stop the task to deal with the customer. By staying calm and professional I would speak to the customer and place myself in Thierry shoes to see where they are coming from and by listening to them come up with a resolution to the issue.
Ask the customer to please bear with me while I complete the task in hand then I will be able to offer my full attention to try and resolve the issue.
I will keep my task aside for a while as at that point in time the customer needs my complete attention and I dont want the customer to feel Iam too busy to listen to them.
I would say to the customer it want be long to catch you, then I finish my task, then apologise to the customer and ask the reason for his/her anger and try to solve his problem and if it would not be in my hand I will ask my supervisor to help him.
Take them aside and try to sort problem quickly if not possible arrange a more suitable time for them to come and resolve the issue.
I would ask them to plesc stop shouting at me and could they wait untill I go get my suspervisor.
I would apologise to the customer for what ever had upset them, and try to rectify the problem straight away. While I was dealing with the situation I would ask another member of staff to take over the other tasks until I had finished with the customer.
Tasks must wait the customer's concern is my top priority.
Depending on the task, I would stop what I am doing and deal with that customer.
Listen to the customer, sympathise with them, apologise and find a solution to help the customer.
I would listen to them while working.
I would stop to listen to them so they wouldn't feel ignored.
I would give the customer my full attention and try to come up with the best possible solution in a timely manner.
Stop and listen and help solve the issue. Stay calm.
It is important to ensure that the customer feels that they are bei given adequate attention. I would cease the tasks to speak with the customer, empathise with their situation where appropriate and offer solutions to the issue within Aldi guidelines.
If the task needed to be completed immediately, I would ask the angry customer to kindly wait a moment and I would be with him or her as soon as possible. If the task could wait, I would first ask the customer what the problem was and do everything possible to assist the customer in an effort to resolve the problem.
I would stop what I am doing, assist the customer and figure out the situation. Always put your customer first if you expect them to come back!
Try to find out the problem and then make a solution.
I would remain calm but if it was to start to get out of hand I would come to find the manager to inform them what was happening.
Stop the task and give the customer my full attention.
I would ask for the the reason to why they are made and depending on what they are angry about try to give him some options and if none of the goes well with him I will try to get the hold of someone who can.
I would help the customer in any way that I can. If the customer continues to be angry I would call a manager. I would explain the situation to the manager and stay with the customer until the problem had been resolved.
Always treat the customer with dignity and respect and remain calm .
I would take care the customer and try to solve the problem politely, then continue my tasks.
I would listen to the customer, find out what issue they have, emphathise with them and resolve the situation in a calm and effective manor. I would reassure the customer that I am there to help.
Put task on hold and give customer my undivided attention.
I would ask them nicely if they could be patient for just one moment and explain the situation I was in, and that I would get to them as soon as I could.
I would first ask the customer what happened and then create a solution.
I figure out what the problem was so that the customer will not be angry.
Help to ensure the customers issue was resolved and they left the shop happy.
I would stop what I am doing then listne to the customer first and help them then go back yto my jobs.
Futst I tray to calm daun the customer and after this I tray to resolv the problem.
Firstly, I completely focus him, listen his problem and after kindly tell him what he needs to do, what he has right. If I am not focus him for 5 mins, it should be longer to solve the problem.
See if I can resolve the situation before the customer gets more aggressive if I can't help then I will get someone who is higher up from me.
Try to find out what the problem is and follow it up with a member of staff in that area.
I am a hard working, honest and time conscious person. I believe I'd be a great asset to your company.
I would try to find out why the customer is angry, apologise to customer and try to solve the issue as soon as possible.
I deal with angry customers on a regular basis you have to remain calm and listen to what the customer is saying.
If possible I would ask a co worker to carry on with my task whilst I listened to the customer to find out why they were angry. I would then do as much as I could to make the customer happy again.
I will try to calm down him and I try to solve the problem.
I would listen to them and calm them and solve their problem wherever possible and make a priority to try and turn this anger into a positive outcome.
I would listen to the customer and try to calm them down and coming up with a solution to there problem.
If another staff member was close by I would task them to take over my work briefly while I go and have a chat the the customer and listen to what their issue is and see if it can be resolved calming.
Always make time for the customers no matter what the other task. Discuss there issue and find a away to reslove it in the quickest and most mannerly way.
Be attentive, listen to what they have to say, be polite and calm, and help them through whatever the problem they have is, or direct them/call someone who is able to help them.
Give a full attention to that customer by making sure they leaves the store happy.
I would stop task and I would listen closely and carefully I would then apologize for any inconvenience and would ask if there's anything I can do to assist them.
I would attempt to calm the customer and alert the duty manager to address the problem.
I would stop what im doing or get someone to take over lisen to the customer and try to solve the problem I would not let customer leave until problem was resolved fully.
I would stop what im doing or get someone to take over lisen to the customer and try to solve the problem I would not let customer leave until problem was resolved fully.
Even if there are tasks that need to be completed, the customer needs to be dealt with first. A calm and systematic approach needs to be taken.
I would speak to them in a clear and precise manner answering any question that they may need to ask me without getting frustrated or raising my voice and defuse the situation to the best of my ability.
Stop the task and try to get to the bottom of the customers issue.
Stay calm and try assist them as much as possible always remember the customer comes first.
Leave the task I was completing to give the customer my full attention. Firstly listen to what they have to say, sympafise with their situation, ask them some questions so get a better understanding if needed and then endeavour to come to a resolution there and then. The customer want the feeling they are just being palmed off.
I would hold off on tasks to listen to the customer and try and resolve the complaint, if I was unable to I would speak to my manager to resolve before returning to my tasks.
It would depend on the task at hand. If I was sat on a busy till. I would tell the customer I am getting someone to deal with there issue. If I was on the shop floor I would stop what I am doing, try to calm them and ask what they would like to be done to resolve the problem.
I would stop doing whatever I was doing and try to help the customer.
Attend it straight away leaving my task and ask him politely as to what can I do for him/her.
I would pause my tasks if on the floor and give them my full attention hopefully turn that frown upside down. If on the registers I would polietly ask them to take a minute while I finish serving the customer I am with.
I would have to give customer my full attention then continue to do my best.
Delegate task to another staff member if one is available so I can focus on customer. Try to resolve issue for customer and get them to go away happy. Thank staff member for filling in.
I would tell them I would be right with them once I finish what I am doing.
I would give the customer my complete attention and do everything I could to diffuse the situation. After the customer leaves happy and satisfied I will complete my tasks.
I would ask them to calm down get the customer to explain the situation if not resolved I will get my supervisor.
Stop the task two minutes and find out what was their problem and trying to solve it.
I would stop what I was doing listen and try to explain the situation then make sure tasks are completed.
Listen to him carefully and try to give him a solution to his problem.
I would listen and stop, what l was doing to give them my complete attention and try to talk to them in a calm manner to try and diffuse the situation as quickly as possible.
I would stop what I was doing so I could talk to the customer directly showing they have my complete attention so not to aggitate them any further. I would then losten to what the customer has to say followed by empathising with the customer over the subject and lastly providing a solution for this angry customer so they leave the store satisfied.
Best way to deal with angry customers is to try calm them down and resolve the situation.
Take the time to listen to the customers needs and wants and solve the issue as quickly and professionally as possible.
Always listen to customers complaint in full without interupting then find a manager to assisst further if they will not listen to any answers you have.
I would find out what the guest was upset about and fix the problem.
I would try to defuse the situation or call a manager.
I would stop what I was doing and listen to what they have to say, then I would deal with the customer in a calm way trying to calm the situation down as soon as possible.
I would talk calmly to the customer and try to solve any issues that had arrived, if the task was ongoing and needed to be completed I would ask a work colleague to take over whilst I helped the customer.
Stop doing the task and ask customer to talk me through their complaint.
Give the customer my full attention until they left the store satisfied.
I would take care of the customer I will hear him and try to understand him Ill remain calm and politely try to solve the problem if I cant then Ill get the manager.
I would find a free member of staff that is able to help them with their problem.
Fine im used of it as most of my jobs have involved customer service.
First I would ask them what was up and try and calm down the situation then try and help with the enquiry.
I would try and calm the customer down from being angry and try the customer with his or hers promble in the best way I can.
Customers should always be your main priority so I stop what I am doing or get someone else to take over from me and ask the customer what the problem is. I would be polite and ask what the problem is, When aware of the problem I would try to fix it, offer an alternative and sincerely apologise. A customer should never leave unhappy so I would always try to help them.
I would always listen to the customers issue and take my time to sort out the problem.
I would listen to their complaints and try to rectify it immediately, if I could not I would refer them to a manager.

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