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How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I would always listen to the customers issue and take my time to sort out the problem.
I would listen to their complaints and try to rectify it immediately, if I could not I would refer them to a manager.
Customers should always be your main priority so I stop what I am doing or get someone else to take over from me and ask the customer what the problem is. I would be polite and ask what the problem is, When aware of the problem I would try to fix it, offer an alternative and sincerely apologise. A customer should never leave unhappy so I would always try to help them.
I would find a free member of staff that is able to help them with their problem.
Fine im used of it as most of my jobs have involved customer service.
First i would ask them what was up and try and calm down the situation then try and help with the enquiry.
I would try and calm the customer down from being angry and try the customer with his or hers promble in the best way i can.
I will listen to customer , be calm.
Angry customer comes first. It would do no one any good to wave off a buzzing fly and try to work. More can get done if you take care of one before the other.
I would find out what the problem was and find a answer to it, or find a person who could help them.