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Why do you wish to work as an Usher for our theatre?

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Tell the interviewer what motivated you to apply for this position. Answer this question by mentioning, e.g., how passionate you are about helping others.

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"I wish to work as an Usher for your theatre because (X reasons such as enjoying working with the public, particularly loving this theatre, and so on)."

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Why do you wish to work as an Usher for our theatre?
I love serving people, Ilove meeting new people and leaving them with a smile, and also during events I dont like sitting just and watch, I want to be involved to make it a perfect event.
I love theatre and film. They have both been a large part of my life.
I want to become an usher because I have atalent of associating with people and organising people.
I want to become an usher because I have atalent of associating with people and organising people.
I want to try new jobs before college.
As I have worked with the public for many years I consider them to be very good. I hfully understand the importance of treating people fairly and equally and I put this into action when communicating to others. Making sure I make myself clear and understood in a sympathetic and appropriate manner, depending on circumstances.
I feel I have a good connection with all walks of life and have great experience with the public. I have a great interest in law and feel this is a great opportunity to gain further skills in both aspects.
Cause it is entertaining and I have a friend who was an usher last year and she had so much fun and knew new people and besides I love organised events so to be part of it will be fun.
I love the theatre. I cannot think of a better job to allow me to be involved with the whole atmosphere that the theatre creates for an audience.
Because I enjoy talking to people.
I like talking to people and offering ways to help out others. I'd like to think of myself as organised too.
Because it will we a learning process for me, im willing to learn and become a leader.
Because I am interested in new opportunities and growth through learning and interaction and I believe ushering will give me the exposure to something new and exciting.
I want to become an usher because I think it's a very interesting job. You get to assist others while they are watching a great show here, and I love helping others.
I would like to become an usher because I believe ill perform really well at it.
I want to become an usher because I want to make a positive impact and make individuals' experience the best I can when they come in.
To get knowledge and experience.
Because I want to be Abe to meet and talk to new people.
It's a position which I have experience with for a long time and I enjoy the challenges of this position.
Because I appreciate good customer care service and I want to be able to offer such quality services to my customers with utmost respect and loyalty to them.
I like working in an arts environment and working with different types of people.
I want to become an usher because I want to be in a position where I can provide customer service to others.
Truthfully, I need the extra income. I also love it when things go on smoothly. I hate chaos and what better way is there to make things go smoothly and earn extra income than to become an usher.
I loved usher song he is so charming guy any reasons.
I want to become an usher because its an avenue to communicate with people I have this passion to meet and lead people.
I want to become a usher because to help people find the location of the movie and help them with any questions they have...
I would like to become an usher mainly due to how I would beworking with my fellow employees as a team to ensure a stress-free trip for customers.
Because I love welcoming guests and helping them feel at home.
To make some new friends, talk to stranger, hard working, helping each other like team works. Especially to gains some experience that I Didnt have before.
Iam very impressed by good customer care and I feel that I can server customers with respect and provide good customer care that customer deserve.
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