Top 25 Surveyor Interview Questions
1. How do you rate your decision making and problem solving abilities?
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List of Surveyor Interview Questions
  1. How do you rate your decision making and problem solving abilities?
  2. What are the primary responsibilities of a surveyor?
  3. Why did you choose a career as a Surveyor?
  4. Tell me about your apprenticeship? What are a few things you learned that really stand out?
  5. How would you rate your organization skills?
  6. Why do you want to be a surveyor?
  7. Do you enjoy the outdoors?
  8. What area of surveying, do you find to be most challenging?
  9. How did you begin getting involved in a career in surveying?
  10. Tell me about a time when you made a mistake surveying, what happened and how did you correct it?
  11. How do you feel about the paperwork side of surveying?
  12. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  13. How do you manage difficult co-workers?
  14. What is the most challenging part of surveying for you?
  15. How do you plan and prioritise your work?
  16. Give an example when your ethics were tested at work.
  17. Give an example of a situation when you demonstrated the willingness to lead and that helped your company.
  18. What is the difference between topographic surveys and horizontal control surveys?
  19. Do you have prior experience as a Surveyor?
  20. Why are you the best candidate for us?
  21. What do you know about our company?
  22. What sorts of things have you done to become better qualified for surveying?
  23. If there were one area you've always wanted to improve upon, what would that be?
  24. If someone moved a pin, how would you go about correcting the pin location to it's real spot?
  25. How do you handle high-stress situations at work?
Surveyor Information
December 23rd, 2014

Surveyors make precise measurements to determine property boundaries. They provide data relevant to the shape and contour of the Earth?s surface for engineering, mapmaking, and construction projects.
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