Statistician Interview Questions Go Back
1. Explain to me the 80/20 rule.
2. What was the largest data set that you processed? How did you process it?
3. Would you say you are creative? When have you shown creativity?
4. What studies have you worked on in the past?
5. Why do you feel statistics are important?
6. Do you have experience working with SQL?
7. How do you like to present your data findings to your coworkers?
8. How would you explain a p-value to a novice?
9. Why is mean square error a bad measure of model performance?
10. How would you rate your education? What things would you like to improve upon?
11. Why did you enter a career in statistics?
12. What do you know about our company?
13. What is your dream data set, if you could have access to anything?
14. What is model fitting?
15. Tell me about a data project you have done that was successful. What made it successful?
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