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Describe the best session you have had with a student. What made it successful?
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Remember the day you walked out of a tutoring session feeling on top of the world? What made that session so great? Did the student have a big breakthrough? Did you finally connect with a student you had been struggling with? Begin by sharing a high-level overview of the best session. Describe the age of the student and what they were being tutored for. Next, share why that day was so special for you, and explain why you think it was such a success!
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What environment do you prefer for tutoring?
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Do you like a quiet atmosphere for tutoring? Or, do you prefer the hustle and bustle of a lot of people around? Simply share your preferred environment for tutoring being sure to express that you are a-okay with other types of environments too! You simply would choose this environment in a perfect world.
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Tell me about your past experiences tutoring individuals.
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Tell the interviewer where you have worked as a tutor, the age of your students, subjects taught, and how long you worked in each role. Be sure to mention something that you really liked about each tutoring role you have been involved with. It will help the interviewer see your passion for tutoring!
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How do you handle stressful situations?
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The interviewer is really looking for past experiences that you have been in that have been stressful. They want to get to know your background better. Highlight these examples, tell them how you remained calm and held your composure. Tell the interviewer what you learned from those experiences. A good example, when you have been in stressful situations, you have found its best to remain calm so you can think through any challenges that you are facing. Try to think of these examples before the interview because this is a very common interview question and may likely be asked.
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What techniques would you use to be sure that a student understands?
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There are many techniques that you might use, and the interviewer simply wants to hear that you have a plan. Common responses might include:

- Having students 'teach' each other after a lesson. If they can teach it, they know it!
- Comprehension testing
- Homework assignments
- Observing during games or contests to see which students seem to have caught on and which ones have not

Simply share your favorite techniques, and explain why you like them!
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