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What values do you set for yourself as a Coach of a team?
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Question 2 of 40
What was your most successful team you have been a part of? Why was it successful?
User-Submitted Answers
The Green bay Packers it won the super bowl.
Question 3 of 40
What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?
Question 4 of 40
If a player openly badmouths your coaching decisions, how will you handle the situation?
Question 5 of 40
How do you know as a coach if you are doing an effective job – what are your measures?
Question 6 of 40
Why do you want to coach here?
Question 7 of 40
What coaching skills would you like to develop?
Question 8 of 40
What are your greatest weaknesses?
Question 9 of 40
What are your greatest strengths?
Question 10 of 40
How would others describe you?
Question 11 of 40
Do people respect you?
Question 12 of 40
How are your leadership skills?
Question 13 of 40
Reflecting on your current coaching ability what is going to make you a better coach?
Question 14 of 40
How do you know when you have delivered a coaching session that is of high quality?
Question 15 of 40
Have you experienced coaching a team who have struggled to perform and have negative issues off the court? How have you resolved the problem?
Question 16 of 40
Is there any further specific training you see yourself requiring to meet the needs of this position?
Question 17 of 40
Your team has had an extraordinary run of successes. Explain how you maintain this form.
Question 18 of 40
The team finished in the top four last year what would be your approach to improving the team’s ranking this year?
Question 19 of 40
What do you enjoy the most/least about working as part of a team?
Question 20 of 40
Your previous coaching record does not show many successes. Why do you think we should appoint you?
Question 21 of 40
If we asked one of your players to describe you and your qualities as a coach what sort of things would they say about you?
Question 22 of 40
How long have you been coaching for?
Question 23 of 40
What are your career goals as a coach?
Question 24 of 40
What other sports have you coached?
Question 25 of 40
What was the most challenging team you have had to coach?
Question 26 of 40
How important is winning to you compared to making sure your students are successful in the classroom?
Question 27 of 40
What team would you like to be coaching in fifteen years?
Question 28 of 40
Why did you choose to become a coach?
Question 29 of 40
What is the most difficult part of being a coach?
Question 30 of 40
When you think about your typical day as a coach, what kinds of tasks would you be doing?
Question 31 of 40
What are the qualities of an effective coaching conversation?
Question 32 of 40
How will you handle an irate parent questioning a player's playing time?
Question 33 of 40
As a coach, how would you develop trust with teachers?
Question 34 of 40
Describe a difficult situation in which you were ultimately successful.
Question 35 of 40
Why do you want to be a coach?
Question 36 of 40
Are you a patient person?
Question 37 of 40
How do you handle criticism from fans?
Question 38 of 40
What are your thoughts on replacing a popular coach?
Question 39 of 40
What is your off-season conditioning program like?
Question 40 of 40
How will you generate community interest for the program?

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