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Coach Interview

30 Questions and Answers by Professional Interviewers

Question 1 of 30
As a coach, what values do you have for your team?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to get to know how you are as a leader- what is important to you. As a coach you are the leader of that team and depending what you value will reflect on the team. Do you care about timing? If you arrive five minutes late everyday, your players are going to the same thing and it shows you don't value time.

Don't list off a ton of values that are important to you while answering this question. Pick two or three values that you believe are important to you as a coach and explain why. You don't need to talk about everything that is important to you.

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Question 2 of 30
What was your most successful team you have been a part of? Why was it successful?
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How to Answer
This question isn't meant to scare you if you don't have many winning records. You can use a team that you came in first and talk about how you lead the team to victory, but it is not the only way to approach this question.

Success comes in many different forms, you can talk about a player that struggled at the beginning of the season to be part of the team and by the end he/she ended up being an important leader. You should think of a team that you were proud of by the end of the season (we are proud of all our teams, but one that really stuck out). When you are passionate about the team you pick, you'll be able to bring more engagement to your answer.

Question 3 of 30
What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to know what keeps you going, what part of coaching keeps you coming back season after season. You don't need a huge elaborate answer for this question, you just have to find what drives you.

It could be the thrill of the game when you have one minute left and your team is down by one or the look on your player's face when they get a touch down. Most of you already know what keeps you going; take time to thing about it prior to your interview, because the interviewer will want to know what will keep you going with their team.

Question 4 of 30
If we asked one of your players to describe you and your qualities as a coach what sort of things would they say about you?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants you to put yourself one of your player's shoes, if you haven't done this before you should considering doing it. It helps coaching understand how their message is coming across. For this question think about a few qualities you want to have as a coach and then think if you believe your players would see you that way, if yes explain why to the interviewer- if not it would be best to pick another quality.

There is no right answer for this question as long as you back up your answer with why you believe your players would describe you with those qualities.

Question 5 of 30
How long have you been coaching for?
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How to Answer
The interviewer wants to know how many years of experience you have. For young coaches this can be an intimidating question; no matter how many years you have show the interviewer your passion for the sport.

This question is meant to scare young coaches away, this question can spark a conversation about this new journey you are on or for older coaches a conversation about what you've learned over the years.

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