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What are your greatest weaknesses?
To successfully answer this question, you will need to be strategic! First, think of an area where you can improve. For example, maybe you could do a better job of taking initiative to solve problems before they become an issue. Your self-awareness is already a strength! Your insight that you need to grow in this area shows the interviewer that you know you have room for improvement and that you have a desire to grow. Now, think about how you can explain what you're doing to improve. Paying closer attention to detail and noticing body language are two ways you can be more perceptive. Solving problems before they start takes a lot of observation and awareness. Talk about how you are working to improve!

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your greatest weaknesses?
I care too much. I expect a lot from myself at times, but the best part is that I try to do my very best.
My greatest weakness would be that I tend to be very critical of my own work. Like, I can easily waste time checking and rechecking my work over and over. Now I am aware of what to look for in being such a stickler, so I am always making a conscious effort to trust myself and my quality focus more and not be so incredibly critical of my work. I know that there is a limit to proofreading.
Pussy, sorry but its true.
My greatest weakness is that I can get.
I tend to talk too fast sometimes however I have myself aware of this and have even taken a public speaking class to become even more aware and conscious of it.
I can be overly gregarious or too friendly to strangers.
My greatest weakness is not always asking for help when I need it because I like to be independent with my responsibilites and work which makes me not want to cause anybody else's job to become more difficult.
I would greet them, let they have a sit and give them a glass of water and then listen to them and give them support and advice.
Well my greatest weakness is afraid of spiders.
My greatest weakness in relation to this job would be lack of experience. Also since I am very outgoing I sometimes appear to not be focused although I am.
I can be a bit of a perfectionist and have very high expectations of myself so sometimes I beat myself up if I think I can do better.
My biggest weakness is that I am very critical of my own work. I have always prided myself on making sure my work is excellent and error free. While this is a good skill to have in the workplace, sometimes it can go to extremes. It is easy for me to waste time checking and rechecking my work. I'm aware of what to look for in being such a perfectionist, so i'm trying my best to make an effort to trust myself and the quality of my work and not be so critical of myself. There is a limit to proofreading.
What do you know about our company.
Focusing on one task at a time.
I have to be nice to almost everybody.
My greatest weakness would be I'm too critical on my own work. Everything has to turn out the way I pictured it to be.
My greatest weakness would be that I am to much of a perfectionist at times.
My greatest weakness is public speaking.
Public speaking is the one skill I struggle the most with.
I don't really feel I have a weakness. But my attention to detail can some times have me going back to check on something more than twice.
Sometimes it is difficult for me to cope with anxiety.
Paying too much attention to detail at times.
My greatest weakness is understanding how other people operate. Their taste, opinions, and judgments. Everyone is from different backgrounds, it takes some time to adjust to their likes.
My afraind losing my job for not doing good my job.
I can't be bored I love being fast paced and always moving.
I take criticism to heart sometimes.
I am a people pleaser and at times too nice to people and that in the past has caused me to get used.
I have little to no experience working in a professional atmosphere and I could use a little guidance to help me become the best candidate for this job.
I am a shy person but I never let it get in the way of anything. I thought some things would be difficult like this but I have gotten through it.
If I had a weakness, It would be that I am more of a team player than a leader. I tend to not have leadership ability.
I am a perfectionist with everything I do, so sometimes I get flustered when things aren't organized or aren't up to the expected standards.
I continue to work on my communicational skills to be a more effective presenter.
Not getting extra help when I need a little hand, because I like to do things my self.
I would say my need to stay busy.
Spreading myself too thin. Inexperience in this line of work.
I beleve evryone in short time.
My greatest weakness is sometimes I'll perform tasks at a slower pace because I"ll pay a lot of attention to details.
Seeing others being disrespectful, others not respecting authority.
Self critic; being critical of own work; and being a people pleaser, wanting to get along with everyone in the workplace.
I make sure that the place is fully stocked and clean for a great display.
I can be a perfectionist at times.
Always need to be doing something.
Hard to hold conversations at times.
I tend to smile and giggle more than most people. Not at inopportune moments but just more than most.
My greatest weakness is that I have limited food service experience. I have lots of experience in service and food but not food service.
I have little work experience, however I am eager to work, and I possess good communication skills, pacience, and qualities that I feel are beneficial to your restaraunt.
Being people a people pleaser.
I am always very good with people and try to help them later, they bother me.
Trying to remain calm if someone was yelling in my face or calling me names.
Someone yelling in my face and calling me names.
My greatest weakness is being too organized and sometimes too chatty. I think this job will help me balance those weakness out.
Working in the retail field I live little to no knowledge of understanding how a store that is retail operates.
I think my greatest weakness would be that I am my own wrost critic, and that I have very high goals for myself. I always believe even if its something is considered 'perfect' I always see room for improvment and ways to better myself.
My greatest weakness would be how I am my wrost critic and I always believe that there is always a way of improving something even if it was perfect, I always think there is room for improvment.
I think my greatest weakness would be that I am very hard on myself, I am a perfectionist, and I always believe there is room for improvment and I have always lived by that standard. I am my own worst critic and no matter how perfect somehing is I will still always be able to see a flaw within it.
Giving the importance to details things.
I take pride in my work a lot, and sometimes that means that I don't ask for help as much as I should.
I am too exacting to myself. All I do should be perfect.
My in experience in hospitality at this time.
Public speaking and sharing effort in a group project.
Public speaking and sharing effort in a group project.
My greatest weakness is that while I'm a quick learner, it can take up to two weeks for me to feel fully comfortable and at home with the rest of the team. Sometimes I focus too much on my job and not enough on interacting with my coworkers, but thankfully through my recent jobs I've broken out of this and have formed many friendships from work.
Whenever I have given task I make sure I will complete it I a very short period of time.
Whenever I have given task I make sure I will complete it I a very short period of time.
Everyone has their weakness and mine would be that I'm a perfectionist. I tend to review my work hundreds of times before I hand it in to make sure that it is in the best condition it could possibly be in.
Sometimes I can take things personally; a manager being frustrated or a costumer complaining.
My biggest weakness is that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I have learned through past experiences that nothing can be perfect, so this is a weakness I have definitely improved on.
Miss opportunities because of nerves.
When someone shouts at me.
My greatest weakness is being an overachiever and working too hard because sometimes I can find myself wrapped up in my work and school, without leaving any time for myself.
My greatest weakness is most likely my hesistation when it comes to asking for help. I'm a strong believer in team work and I know everyone has their role in the team and I dont usually like to ask for help unless it is absolutely necessary.
My lack of experience, in this field of work. But I believe I have many attributes to bring to this company.
I am often times nice to the point where many people try to take advantage of me.
My greatest weakness is that I often tend to be very critical of my work and something I need to work on with that is to try to have more confidence in the work that I do because I know how much effort I put into it in the first place.
My weakness is always checking my working twice, because at times it takes up more time when I can be working on other things.
Some people would consider the fact that I have never worked in this field before as a weakness. However, being highly trainable and open minded, I have the opportunity to perform as your company wants and contribute to achieve goals.
I've been in the heat of the restaurant. I won't say I have any weaknesses. Any area I lack strength in is just a quick way for me to see the flaw in the problem and finding a way to reflect better if there's ever another similar issue.
The fact that im a begginer and applying new things to the way that I work learning how to be a better hostess due to this place which has more customers than my previous job.
I can get frustrated if I don't understand something, and sometimes I take criticism to personally.
My greatest weaknesses is being quiet with others, but I am working on being socially interactive with others.
I get frsutrated when I cant figure something out.
I am extremely ambitious, I like to work hard to attain my goals and this can often leave me with little time to relax.
I struggle asking for help. I am extremely dedicated and often help out others, but I try to do everything myself. I have recognized this and actively try to delegate responsibilities when they become too much.
I tend to get frustrated when other people do not carry their weight, and I sometimes expect too much of others.
My greatest weakness is that I'm a quiet person.
I have been known to be a poor delegator. I hold myself to very high standards, and hold the people I work with to the same standards, so when they don't put in the same amount of time or effort into a task that I would I often feel as though I should just do the task myself. That being said, as a supervisor at my current job, I have grown more accustom to delegating certain tasks. A large part of this has been showing people what I expect from them in terms of these tasks, for instance when we have down time or a slow shift. That way when we're busier I can ask them to help with certain tasks and know that they'll do it as it should be done.
I am kind of a perfectionist so when I make a mistake I tend to let it bother me and eat at me.
I believe that I dont really have many weaknesses although I do believe that I have some points of improvement.
Probably that I am a little shy.
Sometimes I over think things, but I have learned to deal with it.
Being more outgoing when talking with customers.
I apologize a lot and like to please everyone.
My greatness weakness is I can be hesitant when I comes to asking questions because I'm a type of person to try to do things myself and learn in the process then to directly ask a question without trying to figure out something myself.
I am very independent I will try to do all my tasks on my own before asking for help.
I can get stressed easily.
I am a people pleaser and want to make people happy. I have a hard time saying no if someone asks me to do more than my job requires.
I am super organized, so when something get out of control I panic a little bit, but then I take a deep breath and try to start over.
I am too much of a people pleaser and I care too much about what people think of me.
I can be too much of a people pleaser. I care too much about what other people think and it sometimes effects me.
My greatest weaknesses would be not having an experience for this job.
My greatest weakness is that I am very critical of my work and I don’t like feeling that I could have done more to help someone. However, I trust myself knowing that I have do everything I could to make someone’s visit enjoyable and this allows me to learn how I can better serve people.
I easily get connected with people.
I can be indecisive and I am not as outgoing as I would like to be.
Taking on task before planning them out and knowing about them.
I tend to not rely on others for help especially if I don't know them that well. However, I do understand that everyone on the team would be willing to help and are capable people.
My great weakness is caring too much about what everyone thinks.
I can occasionally get sidetracked.
My greatest weakness may be working too much and not having enough time for myself.
There are definitely a lot of things about myself that I would like to improve upon. Myself I don't drink very much or I haven't tried a lot of drinks so occasionally I've had to defer to another staff when a customer asks a question specific to like the differences between brews or beer and ale. And often I'm not wholly confident in myself.
I tend to talk a lot when I get nervous or anxious but it helps me connect with customers and better understand them.
My greatest weakness would be that I am a perfectionist. I will spend hours trying to get something right.
My greatest weakness is that I am shy when it comes to new people, but I am improving that.
I would say that my greatest weakness is procrastination. Sometimes I push things like school projects and going to the gym until the last second, but I'm starting to learn how to plan ahead and it has made a wonderful difference.
I am a perfectionist when it comes to given tasks. I can not leave things half completed.
One of my weakness is that I don't have a lot of experience in the restaurant industry but I am a quick learner and so I will adjust to it very quickly.
I don't have a lot of experience as a hostess, but that makes me highly trainable. I am open and ready to learn.
I am not a very loud person at times.
In some situations I overthink because I care so much about doing my best.
I become very enthusiastic sometimes.
I would have to say that my greatest weakness is that sometimes, a lot of small things can creep up on me and pile on, doing their best to bring me down. That's why it is so important to me to have a positive outlook.
My greatest weaknesses are being overly cautious and being a perfectionist.
I have trouble giving jobs to others because I always have to have things done my way or a certain way.
I lack work experience, but I adapt well and always like learning new things.
There are times that I let people take advantage of my good nature, but now I am getting better at standing up for myself.
My weaknesses that I an working on is to take risks when I have a good chance.
My typing speed but I've been working on it and have gotten it up to 45 WPM
Overworking myself is a weakness so I manage that by breaking up time to do a few things at once to not get overwhelmed.
My greatest weaknesses are not being able to remember a lot of information but I a m very organized and I write a lot of things down.
For me, I think my greatest weakness would be that when I am working in a team I tend to try and take the role as the leader and sometimes that isn't a good thing.
I tended to be a perfectionist, so I did not like sharing the job with others. But I have discovered that in order to be successful every one must have a task and we must work as a team.
I am good at asking how things should be done so I know the proper way to do it, however, I am hesitant at asking for help. I feel responsible for my own work and don't want to burden anyone else. This is something I need to work on because its better to let someone lend you a hand than to potentially try to take on too much.
OCD, I like having everything very precise, and I tend to block people out when I'm focused on a task.
My greatest Weakness is delegating.
In my personal life, my weakness is that I'm a people pleaser and sometimes that allows for people to take advantage of me and for me to get walked over. My time at college has really allowed for me to become better about that. I have an executive board position in my sorority and I'm the youngest girl in our history to ever hold one, so I've definitely felt intimidated by saying no to some of the older girl's requests and disagreeing with them. But I've learned how to stand up for myself and what I think will work best, instead of just trying to get everybody to like me.
I like to take time to think over a situation before I make a choice.
My lack of experience is probably my biggest weakness. I've never worked in a restaurant before and this would only be my second job.
I'm a very perfectionist person, sometimes I care too much.
Probably paying attention to one thing so much that other things may get neglected.
My greatest weakness is that when I see something go wrong or messed up, I always want to fix it; even if it isn't my duty.
My greatest weakness is that I am too critical of myself. In the past I have dwelled on times that I made a mistake but it is a part of myself that I am working to fix.
Procrastination, letting go of control.
I am very self critical, I am my worst critic I set my standards pretty high for my self.
My greatest weakness is my empathy for other people and my constant desire to go out of my way for them. At times, this prohibits my efficiency.
I don't think I have any wekanesses, although I believe there is always room for improvement all around.
I am a perfectionist! I like quality.
I can be a bit of a perfectionist and I'm pretty hard on myself and I don't like failure.
I am detail oriented. I want to have control of most thinks so am I sure that everything goes well.
Saying and expressing how I am feeling without thinking and evaluating it before, I have been learning to hold back and feel that it is less frequent today.
Do everything perfect. Make myself so tired .
I am working on being able to interview.
I would say taking criticism often I feel as if I'm being attacked and become defensive but its something I'm learning to deal with seeing that most times people are just trying to guide me in order for me to perform better.
I think i'm much a perfectionist, I tends to stress myself on the tasks that are given to me so that it is perfectly done without any mistakes, hence, it would take a longer time for me to finish the tasks that was given even though it had met the deadline, I might be still struggling to check again and again on the works that was given, making sure it is 100% accurately done.
I would say, The fact that I am always trying to keep people happy and satisfied.
Well no ones perfect so I wouldnt say that I do not have any weakness but as I would be nee on the job I would say just adapting to the roles would take some time but I am a fast learner so I would be well on my way with training.
I am always looking to improve my communication skills.
Being to crdical of my own work. Such as checking and rechecking things, second guessing myself.
Working too fast but I definitely double check my work.
I tend to be a perfectionist. I will often spend too much time on one task instead of moving on to the next ones. However, I am working on managing my time better.
Having a every being perfect and on time.
I care too much about certain things, so I end up putting a lot of effort into things that really don't actually matter.