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How have you used your communication skills to resolve conflict at work?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have good communication skills, I know when things are right and when they are wrong and I know how the customer feels within the environment and therefore I either fix a problem or satisfy the customers.
My communication skills is one of my best assets. As I said, being an actress has made me a very speaker and communicater.
I have great communication skills. I feel comfortable talking to people whether it is in front of a large crowd or just one on one.
They are great. There's always something new to learn. Asking questions is key if you are uncertain of the answer.
I have had many vollenteer experiences with talking and working with people that has helped build my communication skills.
I have great communication skills. I feel that it is very necessary for there to be communication between a team because it allows everything to work smoother.
I am easy-going but respectful, I am able to interact with all kind of people.
I feel that my communicational skills are pretty good, I think that communication is vital in all scenarios because its so easy for things to get lost in translation.
I was improve my communication skills during the years, because in my prevouis jobs I worked with a people and im also very good in comunication with other employers.
I have been in situations where communication is key during my passed jobs- whether it be talking to a client on the phone or ordering equipment for a shoot. Being clear and especially honest is the key to the best communication.