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How do you take criticism?
As a host you are likely to receive feedback from customers, coworkers and bosses. People can be critical, so you'll need to learn not to take comments too personally. It can be difficult to know what to say, especially if someone gives you a hard time about something out of your control. Respond to the interviewer with, "I stay calm and relaxed when I receive feedback from a customer or a manger. I take time to think about what they said and how I can do a better job in the future."
Answer examples
"I stay calm and relaxed when I receive feedback from a customer or a manger. I take time to think about what they said and how I can do a better job in the future."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you take criticism?
I take criticism very well. I use it as an opportunity to learn and grow.
I take criticism as a learner tool. A chance to improve myself.
Very well, I don't get mad about them.
Very well, I realize that criticism is meant to be beneficial and is crutial in having a new job.
I know that job as a hostess is very sensitive job, because you are in direct contact with a lot of different people every day so I learn how to take criticism as well like possitive comments.
I take criticism into consideration very strongly because I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and my work ethics .
Pretty much stop your first reaction, take it all in but dont take it to hard. Understand and listen and work on it. Request a follow up.
Very well, im not one to be angry from criticm, I learn from it and change.
I take it very well. Constructive criticism will only make customers dining experience even better.
I take constructive criticism and try to work with it to build my character.
Positive so that I can correct my self.
Very well. I always encourage others to inform me of my flaws because I can't correct them if I'm unaware of them.
Act like it doesn't affect you and move on with your day.
I take criticism very well. I know that being a hostess is a sensitive job and there's always room to grow.
I take criticism very well, I always see room for improvment within myself, and enjoy hearing feedback becuse it only betters myself for the future and it enables to to learn where I made my mistakes so I will no make them again in the future.
This is the best way to develop yourself and learn something new.
I take criticism well. In the past, I've always accepted and applied it.
Very well, because I know its for my imptovement as well.
I always try and twist the criticism into a learning experience, what I can take from the situation and how I can better myself to do better.
I take criticism very well. I try to use any criticism I get to my advantage and help me improve myself and my work.
I like it in any way. It helps everyone in some what of a way.
I take criticism as a positive thing because it allows me to know what I can do better.
Well, I am not perfect, I am going to make mistakes I take criticism as a learning experience.
Very well. Criticism isn't always a negative thing, I personally feel it depends on the individual. Speaking for myself criticism can be taken in a positive way that may help me strengthen what I may be lacking.
As an advise I don't take it bad because criticism makes me stronger so therefore I can improve so that my mistake won't happen again.
Very well - criticism is an important part of growth and I really value that feedback to help make me better at what I do.
I do take criticism to heart, with that being said if I am critized for something I will be sure to fix what I did wrong in order to not be ciriticized again.
I take criticism very well. I use it to better myself as I am continually learning.
I take it, and use it to my advantage. I try to realize it is not personal.
Very well. I understand that this position is a sensitive one and any criticism directed my way will be constructive and will force me to provide better services.
I can take it well, I understand that this is a sensitive position at work.
Very well, I believe that through criticism you learn more about yourself and can improve where youre weakest.
I take it in and dont let it get to me emotionally but I use it to improve myself.
I take criticism very well. Since I am an artist on the side, I have to learn how to take constructive criticism and apply it to my work effectively. I understand that receiving criticism is to help improve how well I do my job.
I take criticism well. But I will never be disrespectful to a customer.
Constructively. I'm okay with people cutting me down if they don't like me that is fine, but if its constructive then thats only positive. Everyones opinion on how I can better serve someone matters, because there are so many different people and scenarios that can be better attended to based on the variety of criticism. I do want to be better.
Very well, all criticism helps contribute to improvement.
Well, I try to learn about all the time. It's a good way for see your mistakes. Another points of view!
I enjoy constructive criticism. I think it can sometimes be hard to handle but it is ultimately helpful in improving at a job. I like to think of it as helping me understand how to perform my job better.
I take criticism very well. As an athlete, criticism is the only way I know how to improve.
I take criticism as a learning.
Very well. I think that it is the best way to improve your skills and will help me provide with better service.
I must admit I can get a little emotional at first but then I learn to get over it quickly and then analyze it and see where I can improve.
I take criticism as motivator to work better. I believed that it is unavoidable to receive criticism for the task, yet I believed that I would be able to take it positively and take it positively to improve myself on the mistakes in the future.
Very well, if there is something I could improve on I am very willing to listen to other ways.
I take criticism as a form of bettering myself and my actions. I do not take criticism personally because I know that I could use it as a way to better myself. Also, it kind of boosts me in working harder.
I take criticism well. As a musician, I have to take the constructive criticism given to me by my directors and private instructors to improve on my playing.