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How do you handle stressful situations?
"I know that working in a restaurant can be fast-paced and stressful, but I am comfortable working in that type of environment. I have worked retail during the holidays and learned to stay calm, take breaks when I can, and not to take anything personally." As a host, you will need to be able to remain calm and collected during high stress situations. Give an example that shows you can deal with a busy work environment without getting frustrated or overwhelmed.
Answer examples
"I know that working in a restaurant can be fast-paced and stressful, but I am comfortable working in that type of environment. I have worked retail during the holidays and learned to stay calm, take breaks when I can, and not to take anything personally."

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you handle stressful situations?
I'm not a person who has a difficult time with stress. When I'm under pressure, I focus, and get the job done.
Stay clam, and deal with the situation.
Stay calm, take deep breaths, clear my head and focus on handling the situation.
I try to stay calm and access the situation with the most positive attitude possible.
Very well. I try to stay focused and get the job done.
I take a deep breath calm down and try to breakdown the situation and figure out step by step what I need to do.
By taking a deep breath and continue to stay positive.
I learn and grow from stressful situations, I work faster when I am in a stressful setting.
To handle stressful situations, I always try to stay focused on the task at hand. And if the situation become too overwhelming then I count to 5, gather my thoughts and continue to work it out.
With calmness I try to solve the situation.
I try to breath deeply and consider all my options.
I handle them with peacefulness and try to calm down anybody if I can.
I try to stay positive and look for the good in every situation, so when something stressful is occurring I like to break it down and figure out how to make the most of it or improve the situation.
I try to control myself and dont let the stress control me.
I try to not let things bother me when at work.
Stay calm and never panic or overreact because it only makes things worse. Try to find the best solution to the situations.
Very calmly and analytically.
Take a moment to collect myself and get back into things.
I am a very upbeat person but I don't break under pressure so I approach stressful situations in a organized manner, figure out what needs to be done, and continue from there .
Better than most. I find that I tend to do well under pressure. I try to see the better end of it without it bothering me in an unprofessional manner.
Better than most. I find that I tend to do well under pressure. I try to see the better end of it without it bothering me in an unprofessional manner.
Staying calm. And focus to get my job done right.
I am a easy going person even when everythings chaotic around me im still calm but I speed up my actions.
I handle well under stress, I have noticed that when things get a little stressful at my current job, I immedialty take action. Some people shut down under stress but I get like a shot of energy and handle the appropriate situations.
I would take a step back to look at the situation from multiple perspectives and figure out a solution promptly and efficiently.
I am able to remain calm and collected in stressful situations. For example, If I have a long line of customers, I am able to serve all of them patiently and as quickly as possible. No matter what situation, I can adapt quickly and adjust to make improvements.
I have to tell myself to remain calm and try to look at the situation from a different perspective. If I have too many tasks to accomplish, I prioritize them, and finish a task one at a time.
Form a personal perspective I manage stress by visiting the gym every evening.
Remain calm, and take a breath, and work out the situation.
I generally just take a few deep breaths.
I stay calm, and push through the entire situation and find a solution.
I can efficiently handle stressful situations with my patient and my energy.
I handle stressful situations by remaining calm, assessing the problem, and then formulating solutions.
I take a deep breath, evaluate the situation, and think of the consequences of each solution before choosing the right one.
Take a deep breath; figure out what can be handle first and just do it.
I remain calm and collected.
I calm down and then find a solution .
I do what is required of me at that moment to better deal with it and after the stress has dissipated I take a deep breath and calm myself down.
I remain calm and collected, I will remain polite even when faced with a rude customer, and will do my best to accomodate them, If I cant I will ask my supervidors for their assistance.
Solve the problem solve the stress.
I always went to the depth and set a goal and handel it calmly.
I try to stay as calm as I can, and maintain a professional demeanor.
By seperating all of the issues into small sections, instead of foucsing on them one piece at a time instead of over whelimg myself. For example lets say I have a unit test for math, a quiz for social and a lab for bio. I would frist study for my math test, then social and then bio. Instead of focusing on the stressful situation I would try to look at small aspects of it and fix it from there.
Whenever I am put into a stressful situation, I try not to look at it like a big stressful situation but instead I would piece it out, and try to break it up so I am able to tackel the situation. For example. If I was asked to eat a whole large pizza, it would be so diffcult to look at it all at once, but once spliting it up into smaller sections it becomes easier and easier to finish.
Stay calm, finding the reason and solution.
I handle stressful situations very well, I'm very comfortable in fast paced environments and in new or stressful situations, I pride myself for having strong problem solving skills. I would first assess the situation and try to meet the needs of every customer, and I would communicate with my co workers to insure we're all on the same page.
I usually take a deep breath and remind myself that patience is key.
I handle them with ease, as I don't allow them to stress me out. I try my best to alleviate the stress, and just work at it step by step. If it was a stressful, busy night, I would just maintain a fast pace, stay calm and focused.
Stay calm and think carefully.
Very well. I am very quick on my feet and tend to think clearly when put under pressure.
I do my best to remain calm and seek help from those who might benefit my situation.
I remain calm and quickly produce an appropriate outcome.
I don't get stressed that often, but when I do I just take a few deep breaths to try an calm myself.
I remain calm and pay attention to it.
I will remain calm analyze the situation and take appropriate action.
I generally handle stressful situations well. I keep calm and do my best to get through the situation as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
I just try to remain calm and think about the situation rationally.
I handle stressful situations very well because I've had to deal with them before and I know how to manage the situation as best as possible.
I would help the costumer in any way possible, and if I couldn't help them anyway I would see if the manager was available.
I take a deep breath and let myself know that its going to be okay and I try to think of ways to either fix what im stressing about or if its something I cant change I try and put my energy into another project.
I stay calm and assess the situation.
I do my best to stay calm in most all stressful situations and find a solution to the issue causing the stress.
I remain calm and take things one step at a time.
Analyze the problem, observing all possible answers and executing the problem according to the situation at hand.
By keeping calm and trying not to affect the people around me or me always having a positive attitude without showing that im stressed.
How I handle stressful situations is staying calm AND think positive.
I take a second to calm down anjd get back to work.
I believe the most important key in a stressful situation is to be calm breathe when someone is stressed you can't resolve an issue so it is most import.
When things get stressful I tend to just plow through them. I do my best work under extreme pressure and tight deadlines. When things become too much for me to handle, I take a deep breath and move on. It's very rare for me to truly give up. Often when I'm stressed I know that I have no time to be stressed and move on. The only other thing that I can do is ask for help when needed.
The best thing to do in stressful situations is to stay calm and make sure the customers do not see you frazzled. If the situation is too stressful and I cannot handle it on my own, I would ask my superior for help or advice on how to handle the situation better.
How I would deal with a stressful situations is to take deep breaths and talk calmly to others.
I make a plan. It doesn't have to necessarily be a very detailed plan, but whenever I find myself in stressful situations I always make a plan for action. Generally this involves generating a goal for what I want to accomplish, and figuring out how I'm going to get there.
I stay calm, think the situation through and think on how I can make this a better situation for everyone.
Very well. I'm a quick thinker, and great at solving problems.
React calmly, try to find a solution, ask for help.
I assess the situation situation thoughtfully before taking action.
I remain calm and try to complete the task to the best f my ability.
Stay calm and be polite always.
The most important thing to do is stay calm and be patient. Never let the customers see you stress or it will make them feel uncomfortable.
I would take a deep breath and make sure I don't say anything that I will regret.
I handle stressful situations by taking three deep breaths and handling each person and their individual needs one at a time.
I never get panic I will handel it calmly with a good team work.
I look for logical solutions.
I try to remain calm and do the best I can. If it is very out of hand, I would then try to ask somebody for help.
I try to remove myself for a second to think and make sure I am making rational decisions and remaining calm. I also remember to not be afraid to ask for help beause they are resources during stressful situations.
I just take moments to breathe and assess my thoughts into more positive ones, to remind myself why I am here.
Yes. I think I'm pretty good at handling stressful situations. I mean part of it just being used to working under those conditions. I mean when you're the only barista and tables will order 8 lattees at once after the third week you almost forget to be stressed.
I am very skilled at handling stressful situations and just try to push through them without letting it affect my work.
Pretty well. I usually work every weekend which is the busiest time of the week. We can go from being on a 10-minute wait to an hour long wait to throwing a party of 30 into the mix. I just stay calm and keep moving.
I make sure to not rush, if it's a angry customer I make sure to be as understanding as I possibly can.
Take a deep breath, stay calm, take things one task at a time.
Take a moment, breath and think of possible solutions and start working on them to see how I can handle the situaion.
Stay calm and do not show fear.
I take a moment to analyze the situation and then I work through to a solution one step at a time.
Any college student could be called an expert in dealing with stress. I deal with it by breath regulation and distracting myself from the stress with things that make me happy–for example, music, chatting with friends and coworkers, or just cleaning.
I try staying calm, and take a breath, then think about what im going to say/do next.
I make a schedule in my head of things that need to get done and I get things done in order of priority.
Staying calm and to think of efficient ways to handle the situations.
I make sure that I set goals so I do not overwhelm myself.
I take sometime to myself if I need to.
I handle stressful situations by staying calm and respectful to ensure that things don't get worse.
Very well. Being a full time student at UD has taught me how to handle stressful situations. I know that I will be able to get everything done and being as organized as I am, I know I can get the job done in a timely fashion.
I actually think stress and pressure is what pushes me to be a better worker. For example, when I worked at the Indian Wells Art Festival for HPE there were a lot of customers rushing me. This situation only pushed me to work harder and faster and the result was great.
First I figure out what the problem is. Then I find the best solution for it and about 3 other back up solutions. I am always trying to anticipate what could possibly happen before it happens so I don't have to get stressed out when it does happen.
Yes when I understand what I am doing.
I like to take a deep breath and try to calmly work out the problem. If I get stuck I'm not afraid to ask for help from another employee.
Stay calm and lead with the situation and get the job done.
I first step back and look at the big picture and then I would take one step at a time towards a solution.
I like to think of stress as a way for my body to adapt to a situation. Having a little bit of stress is helpful to me because it allows me to focus and get the work done.
Well I try to handle everything one at a time and just work at it piece by piece so that it becomes manageable.
Remain clam and make a plan on how to handle the situation.
As an athlete, I strive under stress.
I stay calm and postive and motivated and determine to reach my goal.
Taking deep breath and thinking positive.
I take deep breaths and keep all my strength and patience to deal with difficult situations.
I try and keep calm and think of a solution.
Maintaining myself positive, being polite to customers, and patience is key for people skills.
I always get experience from last stressful situations. Learn from the lesson all the time.
I do not let the stress get to me I make sure to be organized in my mind first then in what I do.
I keep my composure and ask for help if needed.
I take stress positively and believed that the stress that I received during my jobs would allow me to gain more experiences and skills to handle a situation more effectively and efficiently. I think stress would motivate me to work better. For example, during my college time, assignments deadlines and examination dates crushed at the same time and I managed to arrange the suitable times for my assignments as well as scoring good scores for my exam.
Remain calm always, strategize cooperate with others and execute solutions.
With a smile I don't really let people see me frazzled.
Staying calm and keeping a postive preofessional outlook.
My main thing to do in stressful situations is to remain calm and positive. I would then take things little by little, but still have a good timing with doing so. I feel that it is important to take things one by one instead of trying to do everything at once and quickly because that would just cause more stress and might cause one to not work efficiently.
I work very well under pressure. I'm a very good student, and I've taken a lot of hard classes in the past. Balancing school and my strenuous music schedule was never easy, but I've always ended up being successful in both in the past.