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The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about some aspect of the organization. What do you like most about this company? Have you heard great things about it? Do they offer great benefits? Does the job have a unique aspect that appeals to you? Simply share what you like most about the company, and share that this is a big part of why you want to work for this organization! "I like that it is a family run practice. Your mission is focused on creating a balanced and healthy work environment that will allow me to have a flexible schedule and work in a fun, positive environment."
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"I like that it is a family run practice. Your mission is focused on creating a balanced and healthy work environment that will allow me to have a flexible schedule and work in a fun, positive environment."

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User-Submitted Answers

If dentistry didn't exist I would still want to do somethng in the medical field affiliated with cosmetology. Ive always had a passion for working with my hands and if dentistry didnt exist I would probably be a cosmetic plastic surgeon.
Make sure I take care of my teth.
Work in the health field still. Probably in community health- promoting healthy lifestyles and educating the public.
I would work in agriculture.
If dentistry did not exist, I would still pursue a career somewhere in the medical field. I was born to make people smile and take care of them, and if I was not able to care for their teeth, I would care for them in other ways by either being a nurse or maybe a radiologist.
I would study something in the medical field like nursing.
I would still work somewhere in the medical field because I like helping other and I love science.
Is dentistry didn't exist, there would be a lot of people with not very appealing teeth. It would certainly be an issue because teeth are important in a persons well being. And knowing all the processed and sugary foods that we consume on a daily bases, our teeth would not be in the best shape. Maybe toothpaste wouldn't even exist if dentistry wasn't there to diagnose cavities etc.
I would make sure I found another way of caring for people and ensuring they were in good health.
I would still try to stay in the health sciences field, but if dentistry didnt exist, I would probably be a nurse so I could still help patient while being hands-on and get to interact with patients on a day to day basis.
I would be a nurse, the reason for that is because I still would be helping others.
I would create the field.
I would be one of those who would invent dentistry.
I would probably be an architect, as I've always had a love for envisioning and creating beautifully efficient spaces.
If dentistry did not exist I would do something in the medical field to help people.
If dentistry didn't exist I would do something in the medical field because I want to help people.
Run an animal shelter or book store.
If dentistry did not exist I would most likely do something in the medical field.
An other job related to patient care, education, and health because I love helping patients and be useful in relation of overall health.
I would be a beauty therapist or a vet.
Something that allowed me to work closely with people. Maybe I would be a nurse or a physical therapists.
I would become a nurse because I like to help care for people.
A profession where I still made people smile. Teacher or children's nurse.
I would probably work in some kind of education setting with children.
I would work in an education setting working with children.
I would be an artist, I love to draw and paint.
I would do other career in the medical field like, Radiologist, Nursing, or clinical laboratory science.
I will choose a career within the medical field, either as a nurse or a radiologist. This will still give me the opportunity to care for people.
I would be an interior decorator.
I would probably follow another passion of mine and become a history teacher.
I would try to pursue being a buyer for a boutique.
I would have been an opthalmologist.
I would choose another medical field where I can work hands on helping people.
Something in the medical profession. I wanted to definitely be a healthcare provider, dental was just where my heart took me.
Physical therapy, I love the human body and I would love to help people have better health and feel better.
I would probably be a teacher.
I would work with people in someway. Possibly a obstetrician or neonatal nurse, I really like babies.
If dentistry did not exist, I would have taken the business route... Possibly in marketing or administration.
Nursing. Caregiver. Or Physical therapist.