Dental Hygienist Mock Interview

Travis King, general dentist and educator, shares 25 dental hygienist interview questions based on his hiring experience.

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Which do you recommend to patients, water flossing or string flossing?

"For my patients that have recession or a more advanced stage of periodontitis, I recommend water flossing. Food debris can easily get stuck in the larger embrasures on these patients, and the water flosser can help to clean these areas."

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25 Dental Hygienist Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. Which do you recommend to patients, water flossing or string flossing?

  • 2. What is your current salary?

  • 3. Have you ever taken the fall for a situation when it was not your fault in order to protect a co-worker?

  • 4. Have you ever broken a confidentiality agreement?

  • 5. Would you say you are a better verbal or written communicator?

  • 6. How do you show your co-workers the importance of communication in the workplace?

  • 7. What type of manager brings out the best in you?

  • 8. How would you describe your work ethic?

  • 9. Tell me about yourself.

  • 10. How do you like to be recognized for your accomplishments?

  • 11. How many years experience do you have as a dental hygienist?

  • 12. How have your previous dental visits influenced you as a hygienist?

  • 13. How do you handle a patient who is scared or uncomfortable?

  • 14. How would you describe a good working relationship between colleagues?

  • 15. What is your experience working with children?

  • 16. How do you feel about educating patients on proper oral care?

  • 17. If you are stressed, what signs occur and what do you do about it?

  • 18. What experience do you have performing tasks outside of your role as a hygienist?

  • 19. What is a major ethical issue facing dentistry today?

  • 20. What questions do you have for me?

  • 21. Why should we hire you as our next dental hygienist?

  • 22. What do you feel are the most important qualities in a good hygienist?

  • 23. What do you like most about being a dental hygienist?

  • 24. What is the most challenging aspect of this role for you?

  • 25. How would you handle a situation where the patient was not satisfied?