CAD Drafter Interview Questions

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What design did you have the most difficult time with? What made it difficult?

CAD Drafter Interview Questions

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    What design did you have the most difficult time with? What made it difficult?

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    Do you plan on continuing your education as a drafter?

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    Do you enjoy working with other drafters, and sharing work, when needed?

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    Our drafters must know this industry very well, how have you gained experience and insight into this industry?

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    What makes you a better drafter than the next person?

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    How do you stay focused on your work throughout the day?

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    When have you had a dispute with an engineer? What was the disagreement, and how did you two resolve the issue?

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    When did you discover your specialty? Why did you choose this area of drafting?

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    Tell me about the most complicated schematic drawing you have had to create.

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    Do you enjoy collaborating with others?

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    What do you enjoy the most about being a drafter?

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    We are looking for drafters that are prepared to handle more duties. How have you advanced beyond simply doing CAD Drafts?

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    What motivates you to work hard?

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    If I saw your home office right now, what would it look like?

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    If you could change anything about your current job, what would it be?

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    Tell me about your education. What was your favorite course and why?

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    What are your short- term career goals?

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    Tell me about your biggest mistake during a draft. How did you correct it?

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    What are you passionate about, outside of this career?

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    Can you do layouts on your own?

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    Why did you go to technical school to be a drafter?

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    Would you consider yourself more creative, or technical minded?

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    What area of drafting are you most interested in - Architectural, Civil or Mechanical?