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Admissions Counselor

30 Interview Questions & Answers

Under what circumstance would you suggest a student change majors?

Example #1
"Changing majors can be serious business, especially if the student is at risk of losing out financially due to the decision. I would suggest a student change majors once they have found themselves completely disengaged and uninterested in the program. I would also only suggest a change once the student is apparent on the alternate major they would like to take."
Example #2
"The situation would have to be very severe before I would recommend changing majors. That isn't a small decision. It can be costly and time-consuming. I would only recommend changing majors if the student was highly unhappy and on the verge of dropping out altogether."
Example #3
"As an experienced admissions counselor, I do not feel that it is my place to discourage heavily if a student is truly unhappy with their originally chosen major. It is their life and their future career path. I will provide them with a lot of well-researched information, supporting either decision. A pro and cons list so to speak. My primary focus would be to support the decision that they make in the end."
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