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Admissions Counselor

30 Interview Questions & Answers

How often do you monitor the progress of the students on your academic roster?

Example #1
"I understand that most educational facilities recommend that a student connects with their academic advisor at least three times per semester. That's great for the students who are excelling; however, I prefer to have a better pulse on the students who are struggling a bit. This year I started using engagement software with the students on my roster. This software, called 15Five, elevates the engagement of my students by asking questions and starting the right conversations on a bi-weekly basis. The student logs on, they rate how they feel from 1 to 5 and then answer a brief question that I have pre-loaded into the form. If a student is feeling a 2 out of 5, this is an indicator that I need to check in more frequently."
Example #2
"I believe in very regular progress monitoring with all students. It's important to me that they know I care about their progress and achievements."
Example #3
"All the time! Maybe they get tired of me always checking in on them, but so far, my active involvement in their lives has shown positive results."
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