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Give me an example of how you delivered excellent customer service at your last position.

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The interviewer wants to know that your definition of excellent customer service exceeds minimal expectations. You could talk about a time when you calmed an upset customer or went above the expectations of your role to make a customer want to return.

Perhaps you had a customer dispute and were able to smooth over the issue using your great instinct and friendly disposition. Be sure to close with how happy the customer was when they left. Include any feedback that you received from your supervisor or co-workers afterward.

Here are some ways that you can deliver exceptional customer service:

- Exercise endless patience with challenging customers.
- Use positive verbiage at all times. For instance, instead of saying 'I don't know,' say 'I am happy to find out for you.'
- Actively listen to your customers' needs and be able to repeat them back.
- Have the ability to explain product pricing, so the customer knows what to expect on their bill or invoice.
- Display exceptional product knowledge.
- Ask the customer if you have met their expectations before they leave.
- Smile and maintain positive body language.
- Support your coworkers and encourage a positive workplace culture.

Admin answer example
"In my last position, I had a great deal of challenging customers who would call in nearly every day. Although my patience was often tested, I always remained level-headed, helpful, and positive. Becoming outwardly frustrated would have only made the customer feel bad or even upset them, which is something I would never want."
Barista answer example
"Every customer related job position you are interviewing for, will like have at least one question focused on when you have delivered excellent customer service. You should come prepared to talk about a few examples, at least three, of times when you have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer. Here's an answer example: "I was working at a restaurant and one of my customers had a food allergy, a broken wrist, and rowdy kids. I made sure the kitchen was cautious with her food order, and I made sure the kids were entertained. I did my best to make the experience as easy for her as possible. She was pleased with her experience and told my manager too."
Basic answer example
"In my last role, as a server, I went above the customer service expectations by introducing myself to each table when I sat them. Having that small personal touch made all the difference. Once the customers knew my name, and I knew theirs, they felt more confident in my capabilities. Over time, I would have customers coming in and requesting a table in my section. It felt nice to make that connection, and the increase in tips was a nice bonus too! After a few weeks, the restaurant manager made this a general practice across all serving staff."
Host or Hostess answer example
"A customer called to make a reservation for a large group. They were visually impaired and there were two small children in the group. I wanted to take extra special care to provide for their needs, so I informed the server and made notes in the reservation. When the group came in, I was warm and friendly. I made sure they were taken care of."
Manager answer example
"I ensured the delivery of excellent customer service by training my team to be positive minded and encouraging to everyone around them. Customers can tell when someone wants to help them versus being forced to because it's their job. I created a friendly and welcoming environment which my customers greatly appreciated."
Marketing answer example
"Before I close up any client accounts, I will phone my client and ask them if there is anything more I can do to help, and if I exceeded their expectations. On a phone call, I can hear if they are truly excited about the service or seem emotionally flat about their experience. If they do not sound truly elated, I ask for feedback on what I could have done differently. I want to improve at all times and am very good with implementing feedback, which my clients like."
Retail answer example
"I showed great customer service by having a great amount of product knowledge. I made sure that I was the product expert so that I could be a wealth of knowledge to my clients. I would never want to say "I don't know" to a customer. I will always find an answer if I don't already have one."
Technical Support Specialist answer example
"I was working at a large company and one of the employees called our hotline, complaining about a problem with a computer application. Said employee was from the finance department and was having difficulty relaying the specifics of the problem. Since we were getting nowhere, I opted to visit his station instead to expedite the resolution of the problem. He thanked me profusely and since then, we've become buddies."
Ticket Agent answer example
"I provided excellent customer service when working as a/an (X position title) for (X company). In this role, I was responsible for (X duties) and one day, (X example providing evidence of your excellent customer service skills)."
Veterinary Technician answer example
"I was working at a restaurant and one of my customers had a food allergy, a broken wrist and rowdy kids. I made sure the kitchen was cautious with her food order and I made sure the kids were entertained. I did my best to make the experience as easy for her as possible. She was pleased with her experience and told my manager too."

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Give me an example of how you delivered excellent customer service at your last position.
A time when I delivered great customer service was when a customer had a great amount of clothing in her hand and I offered to take the load off of her and put it behind the counter neatly and continue to do so as she kept on shopping as well as let her know the promotion and help her pick out sizes.
When I have had customers come to the store to complain about a food product, I would be the fist one to step up and diffuse the situation. I am exceptionally good as turning a negative experience into a positive one for my guests.
Stay Calm and listen attentively to the customers; solving their complains if they come up. Ensuring their food hot, fresh and fast; ensuring the restaurant is clean and the customers dine in comfortable and relax.
At my previous job, there was a family that came in to celebrate a birthday and when they had finished their meals and left, I found that they had left their to-go boxes and an envelope with $500. I made sure my co-worker took care of my other tables while I ran across the parking lot to deliver their items before they departed.
A lot of times customers would struggle to find items, and while I would be stocking shelves. I would stop and tend to their needs, because the customer is always first.
A guest in a wheelchair with two other adults came in to dine and I showed them to their table which was a little crowded and the guest mentioned to their friend about the customer at a table next to theirs who had a bad cough. Without the guest asking for a different table, I turned and told them "I hope you understand that we are experiencing a high volume for a Monday night, may I suggest eating in the cafe tonight? You would be the only guests in there as of right now so I can guarantee a quiet dining experience and plenty of space". The guest looked surprised and without even asking his friends thanked me for not making him sit at the table. He explained to me on the way to the cafe that he would usually not even get great service like this even if he asked for a different table because other restaurants tell him this is the only table they have left, or there would be a wait for a different table, etc. I saw the guest was not satisfied and before they had to go through the trouble of asking to be moved and explain why, I offered them a better seat because they came to dine in and have a great experience, and not have to squeeze at a table with a wheelchair next to a guest that had a bad cough. He was very happy with the cafe and told me on his way out that he had the best service thanks to me, and the bartender who made them feel like they were the only guests in the house.
A customer seemed to be handicapped so I assisted the customer by bringing their food to the table for them and making them as comfortable as possible.
I always smiled greeted the customers and made sure they we're one hundred percent happy before leaving.
One day, the store was really busy and I was backup cashier constantly. At one point, I stayed there a while until my lunch time and I got so many people through that I got recognized and given a special free lunch from my supervisor.
I listen attentively to what the customers order, I made their ices and milkshakes quickly and efficiently. I ranged out the customers and told them to have a lovely day. I even gave them a small discount because they ordered so many ices.
I always put the customers first. At one event I worked as someone who carried around dishes with small appetizers on them through out the entire night. Though toward the middle my arm muscles were burning and I was very tired from walking around so much I consistenly kept a smile on my face and made sure the guests had the best service experience they could get.
Always when a customer comes and orders you always y s say please and thank you and youbaskvthem how they are doing always have a smile on your face and you always tell them good morning.
Always great the ustomer with a smile and get them want they would like in a quick mannor but not so they feel rushed.
Please describe an example of when you had to motivate a member of your team.
A customer called and complained about wrong product being delivered. I apologized to the customer and investigated while I kept the customer on hold. I found that the fault was form my company. I arranged for replacement, which was sent to the customer through priority courier service. I allowed the customer to complete their task withing time.
I just gave my best effort in my community service and I can tell it payed off because all the customers complemented on the great job I did.
I would go out of my way and everything physically possible to assist customers and fulfill their needs.
One time a disabled man came into our work and he was struggling with opening the front door and I went to go help open the door for him and proceeded to check him in and seat him in our waiting area.
We had alot of older members that had a hard time using a computer. If they were "out of work" they had to come in monthly and get on a list that was on the computer. I would sit in the lobby with them and walk them through every step. After a few months some would come in and make it through the process on their own.
I had a customer with a dairy allergy who wanted sorbet so I made sure that I had a fresh scoop that was not cross contaminated.
Helping an elderly person walk their food to their car holding the door open for them to get in their car and placing their food in the vehicle.
What is customer service?
Well we do that everyday. Specifically, one of our favorite customers is disabled. we help him get in our store by carrying his belongs from his car to his table.
Any questions or confusion was clarified.
By ensuring that product arrived on time for my customer.
Once there was a handicapped lady who was trying to get out of her car to get an order. I went outside took her order and took the food to her car for her.
I have never been employed before but for fundraising events and working at the school store you have to work quickly and efficiently.
I have helped many people choose the animal that is perfect for them while volunteering at the Humane Society.
I never had any job experience before so I wouldn't know.
A lady was looking for specific items that she couldn't find. I looked into the database and found what she was lookinng for.
I helped demonstrate products if they needed to be. I also helped people place orders if they wanted a custom afgan. But I mainly demonstrated products, Also if it was a birthday present or an early christmas gift, I would take it to the back and wrap it for them.
A customer couldn't find what they were hoping to find so I worked with her to make a custom order just how she wanted it to be.
I made it a habit to remember regulars and create a wonderful experience each time for them, always going above and beyond.
I never actually delivered excellent customer service at my last position because this is my first job.
Always made sure I provided efficient service while also making sure that the costumer was satisfied and comfortable enough to want to come back.
I got a great review as a driver because someone gave me more of a tip than they told me they intended, and I returned the change back.
Black Friday. Just Black Friday. It was smooth operation all because I was there.
I made an effort to go above and beyond to provide excellent care for the children in my care.
I kept eye contact and assured the customer was satisfied.
I first said Hi are you doing with a smile and then I asked how may I help you.
As this being my first job I will deliver excellent customer service by making sure every customer is satisfied.
I delivered EXCELLENT customer service by being observant and staying one step ahead without having to be asked.
I was assigned an elderly woman and I went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure her needs were facilitated. Her family was rather pleased and commended my effort.
Making them feel comfortable and doing their order on time and correctly.
In my last position excellent costumer service was a matter of kindness and speed. You wanted everyone to not feel rushed, be calm and accepted but also move them through. A big part of this for me was giving information and making it fit to everyone who needed it. So the old woman who had ear troubles, I would lean in closer. This attention to individuals made sure everything ran smoothly.
No prior work experience.
I gave them what they needed in order to make them happy.
I don't really have any experience with customer service because I was a self employed house keeper for my last job. But I did work with people so to make them happy with the work I was doing, I paid attention to everything they wanted and gave it my best effort.
Always keep a smile and great conversations.
As this would be my first job, in order to deliver excellent customer service I would ensure that the customers needs a fully satisfied and would assist to the best of my ability.
I did not have a previous job but if I did, I would have said I was always very friendly and served everyone with a smile.
This will be my first job but if it wasn't it would be my positive attitude.
I smiled and makes sure every customer was satisfied.
When we were very busy I kept my times below a 100, which is really good, and that means that we were getting them through the drive-thru very fast.
I have never had a last position.
I was always on time for my job and stayed overtime to help visitors or wait for students to return equipment.
Make sure you hear them give thier order correctly to get it right. People like thier coffee one way so its important to get it right.
Working as a hostess I would have to work in a high stress environment. My job was to seat costumers, I had to greet them and give a good first impression every time.
An example of me delivering excellent customer service at my last position is, I would always greet the customer with a smile, ask them "How are you?" then say "How can I help you?"
I believe in giving exceptional customer service to every customer I encounter, ensure that I have a genuine smile on my face, make small talk and be genuinely interested in what the customer has to say. I always ensure I repeat the order back to the customer to guarantee they receive exactly what they have asked for.
A customer was talking about coffee and stated that they found it a bit to strong so I recommended them a different type of bean which was more smooth and creamy and less bitter. They really enjoyed that type of bean and have come back ever since.
I had a regular come in one morning and she was almost in tears because of some trouble in her personal life. It wasn't my place to ask what was going so wrong but I made her feel better by giving her an ear and I personally bought her cup of coffee. This little gesture really improved her mood, and she came in the next day with a smile on her face instead of a frown.
Big party in the restaurant and we only serve full fat milk, the girl was allergic so I ran to the shop to buy soya milk.
I have always tried to do my best for customer. I can give you one example when a customer called to our hotel to make reservation for a bowling, because everywhere else was full. He really want to play that evening. But there was no space. I recommend him to come early and play and then use our welness to relax after the game and finally have dinner in our restaurant as we had everything fresh and home made dishes. The customer agreed and booked wellness and table also.
Last two summer ago, I interned at a resort called Royal Kahana Resort and I went above and beyond when a customer room key didnt work for the first time and made a new key and follow them to their room to make sure their room key work perfectly fine and another time I went above and beyond at work and I didnt start until 10 minutes it was pouring rain and we had customers lining up and the end of the line was up to the other store and without hastitation and questioning I went in and logged on to helped them.
In the hotel we looked for ways to "surprise and delight" in every interaction. One of my favorite examples that stands out to me was when a valued member came to the hotel with his family the one day our pool was closed. So we pulled our resources and got the hotel limo to shuttle the kids over to a near by hotels pool and while they were gone we set up a projector in their suite with candy and sparkling grape juice. It was so much fun for everyone involved!
I think any time you go above and beyond the call of duty could be defined as exceptional customer service, which is something I strive to do for all my customers. Whether that be at mcdonald’s where I’d guarantee that my customer is getting the freshest french fries or asking if they want any extra condiments beforehand to make sure they don’t leave unsatisfied. Or at Le Chateau, where the customer completely depended on my help so I would spend hours sometimes with a customer to make sure she got everything she needed and left my store feeling good about herself and inspired.
I brewed a lovely cupchino and put some art on it.
I can help them in their needs. I also used to do whatever they asked me to do.
I went out my way to help the customer with caring the order to the table or etc.
A lady had ordered a latte and she wanted a chicken wrap but we didn't have any in the cooler so I said I can make one fresh for you if you give me a few min and she agreed.
At the Mill Cafe where I worked preparing salads and appetizers as well as plating the mains, a couple of customers at a larger table had requested the 'vegan menu' from their server, and as we did not have one, the server approached me for help. I consulted with the sous chef and was able to provide the customers with a handful of options based on a special we had run earlier in the week, and some modifications we could make to our menu items. I went above and beyond to provide them with options that would not have normally been provided.
The whole thing with Russ McGillivray and the healthy griz hugs.
There was customer who is very particular about the coffee temperatures and mixing of flavours and I satisfied her serving a perfect customised coffee, therafter she was a regular customer to our store.
Depend on the order.
I had an older woman come into Zumiez asking if one of the sales associates could help her shop for her grandson for Christmas. I helped her find the perfect gifts for her grandson and met all of those needs and more under her budget.
An old lady was craving for cream cheese, honey with pistacchios and it wasn't offered in the buffet in fact, it is only used by chefs working in the hotel used for pastries and baking but the old lady was craving for that food that she really really wants, so what I did was to ask the chef in charge in the pastry area to give just a scoop of it and it's done. The very best feeling was seeing that old lady thanked me and smiled.
A while a go, I've said that I've work in a fastfood chain. By giving the need and wants of the customers in a fastest time.
Selling the product through encouragement through the knowledge of the product being sold and served.
When I made people's coffees in 2008 I would always ask them to try it before they left so I can make sure they like it and if they wanted me to add something or fix it. Nothing is worse then walking about with a bad cup of coffee.
Little things, really. But theres this one woman (weird story) and I pretty became her personal shopper even if it wasn't one of my duties but it felt nice because she said she'd come back for me to help her again.
When in Yates's I had to serve a hen party of 12 breakfast on a sunday morning when I was the only waitress, although it was stressful due to the large workload, I managed to stay calm and deliver all the food and make all the drinks too standard, a and still made time to have a laugh and joke with the customers and make sure that they had everything they wanted.
Depend on the order.
I used to give my best to our costumer to provide an exceptional costumer service all the time.
At my last job, our dinner shifts would get very busy. But throughout all the chaos, I always kept a good attitude and worked to my best potential.
I once read a book that a customer mentioned to me a few times so we could have something to chat about every time they came in I have also taken calls, made calls to clients and liased back to my boss out of business hours, as sometimes clients would respond to me instead of my boss.
During my time at the cafe I had experiences where I had to help elderly people to their seats (they ground was paved and uneven in places), and then proceed to read the menu and special boards and explain the meals in detail, so that the customer was guaranteed to order exactly what they were after.
Whenever I can make a customer happier is exceptional service.
A lady had ordered a drink and a had already prepared it and then she realized she did not have the full amount for it. She told me she did not have the correct amount and I accepted what she had and made up for the rest out of my pocket.
I once served a customer who came back with the whole family.
I have regular customers that prefer me making there coffee I always provide customer service.
I tried my best to always give an exceptional customer service, even if I am busy, I do my best to always be friendly and provide quick service so customers will be satisfied.
I was pretty proud with teaching the person I was working with how to use twitter effectively. They got quite a few people on board with it after that.
I think that was when I worked in the theatre, in events always came important persons, so my work was to do everything that they will be feel comfortable.
A customer comes in upset for whatever reason, this time it's his oranges that went rotten before he could eat them. I will do anything to turn that frown upside down I give the produce manager the scoop. So he Is able to switch them out at no charge. Remember the customer is always right even if they aren't .
I used to give my best to our costumer to provide an exceptional costumer service all the time.
When I volunteered at Cornwall Church, I was asked to serve pizza and drinks at one of the services. During that time, I tried my best to be gracious to every customer. When they'd ask what we had, I'd go all out and not only tell them what we had but what my favorite was and stuff like that. When they'd ask me where things were, I'd not only tell them but I would show them.
I always give excellent customer service I think this helps the company get more returning customers.
All the time..I gave my 100 percent quality service to every costumers.
I've never had experience.
Being understaffed, I took on a lot of responsibilities. Even though I was stressed, I was still able to quickly provide orders with a smile and joke with the customer.

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