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Tell me about your education.

Example #1
"I graduated from USD with my Bachelor of Science, major in Computer Science in 2007. I received a variety of scholarships due to strong grades, and I was on the Dean's list for three of four years. My best grades were in courses surrounding Algorithms, and I did very well with learning complex concepts. My education helped build a strong foundation and professional discipline, allowing me to continue to develop in-demand skills while working for the fastest-growing tech companies in the world."
Example #2
"My post-secondary education was in Communications and Journalism. The courses in this program helped me to develop stronger business relationships through professional correspondence. I also learned persuasive writing skills, which have proven to be incredibly helpful when editing client proposals."
Example #3
"I received my Master's in Computer Engineering and Computer Science in 2009. Before that, my undergraduate degree was in Computer Science. These valuable educational experiences helped set me up to build my career in an in-demand and competitive industry. One area where I particularly flourished was in Computer Science Project Management, making me well-suited for leadership roles where I oversee developers and engineers."
Example #4
"I earned my Business Degree with a major in Economics from UofW, where I also took part in their international exchange program. This exchange took me to Singapore for 12 weeks, which was an incredible experience. I even learned how to speak a little bit of Malay and Mandarin Chinese. So, while I focused my education on macroeconomics and the global trading system, I also gained valuable soft skills in culture and communication. Additional soft skills that I gained, which will certainly help me in this new role, are time management, cross-collaboration, and how to be intrinsically motivated."
Example #5
"I have my Associate's Degree in Fashion Merchandising and a Bachelor's Degree in Media and Communications. I received a scholarship for my excellent grades, and I was involved in a variety of student body groups. My fashion merchandising knowledge helps me in my current job, as I plan a store's displays, assist with curating collections, and develop social media campaigns. My training in media and communications helps me to build better connections online and in person. Whether working alongside a customer, our seasonal buyers or going to a local fashion event, I can fit in easily and contribute to critical goals by utilizing the knowledge that I gained from my formal post-secondary education."
Example #6
"I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Spanish from UBC. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA, which I am very proud to have earned. I worked full time while going to school, so I learned a lot about time management and discovered that I work best under some degree of pressure. The skills that I learned during university have helped me grow my career quickly. I have above-average communication skills, and, since graduating, I have continued to refine many competencies. This continued education includes learning the art of negotiation and building my confidence in public speaking. I look forward to bringing my knowledge and professional skills to your company and complimenting your incredible team."
Example #7
"In 2011, I completed my Bachelor of Education Degree with a minor in Kinesiology. I graduated from UofS with honors and made the Dean's list for three years. During University, I played competitive soccer and volleyball and was the captain of the volleyball team in my final year. Currently, I am entertaining the idea of furthering my education to include a Master of Education, which I can complete online through Yorkville University. As a teacher, I value continuous learning and want to ensure that I set an exceptional example to the high school students that I teach."
Example #8
"I am formally trained in acting through New York Film Academy where I majored in Musical Theater. Since graduating from NYFA, I have worked in small productions around the city while also taking additional coursework in film."
Example #9
"I have my high school diploma and one year of volunteer experience in our local optical shop. I've learned everything on the job from the lead optician."
Example #10
"I earned my Occupational Therapist Assistant Diploma in 2012 and graduated top of my class. While attending school, I completed my practicum with XYZ Sports Therapy."
Example #11
"I have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Florida and a Sound Engineering Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania. Based upon these courses of study, I know that these qualifications will undoubtedly help me be highly successful on the job."
Example #12
"As you can see, I obtained my bachelor's degree in nursing back in 1991. Since then, I have attended many continuing education courses that have helped me grow significantly as a nurse. Last year, knowing that I wanted to eventually become a nurse in a substance abuse treatment facility, I attended a conference on the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country right now. In the conference, I learned so much about spotting the signs of addiction, how it is effectively treated and how families are impacted negatively."
Example #13
"The highlight of my undergraduate experience was attending a lecture presented by Larry Ellison. As the founder of Oracle and one of the IT industry's most notable individuals, it was fascinating to hear him speak and gain some insight into his views concerning databases, IT infrastructures, and the computer industry. I especially enjoyed hearing about his vision for the future of the industry and what type of products and technologies we can anticipate going forward."
Example #14
"I have my diploma as a Medical Laboratory Assistant. If required, I would be very willing to expand on that training. Is there a specific designation that you are looking for in your next employee?"
Example #15
"I graduated at the top of my class in high school. From then I attended the University of Miami and earned my Bachelor's Degree. While in school, I shadowed a genetic counselor to gain experience specifically interacting with patients. I also was part of a local Red Cross and volunteered at blood drives. After my Bachelors, I decided to work as an intern filing paperwork and running lab tests with a genetic counselor. The more I learned and studied Genetic principles, the more I wanted to have a career in this field- mainly to help patients by identifying disorders."
Example #16
"In 2006, I graduated from College ABC with my diploma in CNC Operations. This education gave me the foundation in safety procedures, equipment setup, and machine operation necessary to succeed as a machine operator. While in school, I took courses in lathe and mill operations as well as mechanical blueprint reading. I also touched on CNC programming, a topic that I found challenging yet fascinating. Today, in my current position, I use these foundations to ensure safe work practices and full efficiency on the job. My CNC programming course taught me geometry and trigonometry concepts that I use every day on the job. I am an avid learner and would like to continue my education over the next few years, focusing on topics that will ensure my continued success with your organization. These topics might include advanced CAD and additional training in Mastercam."
Example #17
"I completed my Bachelors degree in 2006 with a focus on e-commerce and law. My best course was in corporate law and legislation. I graduated with honors. Since then I have received additional accreditations through the FNMA."
Example #18
"I have a Masters' Degree in Engineering with a focus on Application Engineering. During the course of my degree I found that my best grades were in mathematical modeling. I graduated top of my class and received many scholarships throughout my college career."
Example #19
Example #20
"I have a degree in Criminal Justice from ABC University with a major in Corrections. Although I completed this education many years ago, it is the foundation for my success as a seasoned Investigator. Some of my coursework included Correctional Administration and Documentation, Criminal Law, Juvenile Justice, and Theories of Crime Causation. Since graduating, I have taken additional coursework in Interrogations, Cybercrime, and Digital Evidence Collection."
Example #21
"I am a big believer in post-secondary education. It adds a lot of value to those newer to the workplace. My post-secondary education was in Machining. The courses in this program helped me to develop stronger abilities when it comes to blueprint reading and working on CNC machines. I also learned a lot of calculus and algebra which has proven to be incredibly helpful in my current role."
Example #22
"I attended my post-secondary education at XYZ vocational college. During that time, I receive 2 different scholarships as an award for my positive grades. My best grades were in the courses related to hydraulics and mill maintenance."
Example #23
"I have a Masters' degree in Finance. I am also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I completed my Masters' degree from Stanford University in 2006. My CFA designation was awarded to me in 2010. During my studies, my favorite course was International Business. I found it incredibly eye opening to learn about financial matters in other regions. Statistics is the area that I struggled the most. I hired a tutor for that course and completed it with strong grades."
Example #24
"In addition to my Bachelors and Masters degree in Social work I've devoted many hours volunteering with our local Woman's shelter and local school. I've been lucky enough for the last 4 years to work with an amazing staff of professionals and be able to bring my experience into the homes of families that need my intervention and counseling."
Example #25
"I completed my degree at Western University and graduated with Honors. My focus was on politics and socioeconomic climate. Being on the Deans list for 3 of the 4 years was a proud accomplishment of mine."
Example #26
"I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Waterloo. I graduated top in my class and made the Dean's list. I also completed my CPA this past year."
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