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Tell me about your education.

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How to Answer

The interviewer wants to know how your education has prepared you for this job. A few highlights you can focus on are some of the relevant topics you learned about while attending your courses. Discuss how they will help you in this new role.

Some ideas for you:

- If you have experience working on group projects, share how you improved your listening and communication skills when working on a challenging project.

- If you learned a new type of software or equipment type you will need to know about in this new job, talk about what you know and how you will apply this knowledge.

While attending post-secondary studies, you likely learned some core skills that would be transferable to any position. Think about what you learned in your highest levels of education and how that knowledge applies (or will apply) to your work. Some of these skills could include:

- Time Management
- Creative Thinking
- Proposal Writing
- Public Speaking
- Presentation Building
- Independent Learning
- Academic Research
- Self-Motivation

Tell me about your education.
Answer example

"I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in 2007 from University XYZ. I received a variety of scholarships due to strong grades. I was on the Dean's list and graduated top of my class. This experience taught me pure dedication and how to manage deadlines."


"I am a big believer in post-secondary education. It adds a lot of value to those newer to the workplace. My post-secondary education was in Communication and Journalism. The courses in this program helped me to develop stronger business relationships through professional correspondence. I also learned persuasive writing skills which have proven to be incredibly helpful when editing client proposals."


"I received my Master's in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Before that, my undergraduate degree was also in Computer Science. This education helped further form my analytical mind. My analytical way of thinking is well suited to a management role where I oversee technicians and engineers."


"I earned my degree in economics from the liberal arts college at my state university. So while my degree exposed me to the business side of the world, the rest of my education was in humanities. I feel as though I've leveraged both sides of my education in my career. I certainly learned things outside of the classroom including time management, how to work cooperatively in a group, and how to be intrinsically motivated. I truly think I use these skills on a daily basis, so I'm especially grateful for my education."


"I have my associates degree in fashion merchandising and my bachelors in communications. I received a scholarship for my excellent grades and worked full time throughout college. Fashion merchandising helps daily in my job, as does my training in communications. Also, I learned time management, avoiding exhaustion during peak times."


"I have a B.A. in English and Spanish. I graduated with a 4.0 from ABC College. I worked full time while going to school, so I learned a lot of time management skills and that I work best under some degree of pressure. I know that these skills I learned during college have helped me thus far in my career and I have continued to refine these competencies. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow from new experiences and bring my education and life skills to your company. I think I will be a strong asset to an already seemingly incredible team."


"I have my Bachelor's in Spanish education K-12 as well as a reading endorsement. I graduated from Elmhurst College with honors. I am also looking to head back for my masters in teaching leadership. I value continuous learning and want to ensure that my graduate degree applies to my day to day job."


"I am formally trained in acting through New York Film Academy where I majored in Musical Theater. Since graduating from NYFA, I have worked in small productions around the city while also taking additional coursework in film."


"I have my high school diploma and one year of volunteer experience in our local optical shop. I've learned everything on the job from the lead optician."

Occupational Therapist Assistant

"I earned my Occupational Therapist Assistant Diploma in 2012 and graduated top of my class. While attending school, I completed my practicum with XYZ Sports Therapy."

Sound Engineering Technicians

"I have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Florida and a Sound Engineering Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania. Based upon these courses of study, I know that these qualifications will undoubtedly help me be highly successful on the job."

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