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To be successful here at Kingsley Napley, we want to ensure that you are motivated each and every day on the job with our clients. What drew you to working with patent and trademark law?

At the heart of this question, your interviewer will be looking to hear what your personal motivation was to pursue a legal career working with patents, trademarks, copyrights and/or trade dress. Whether your drive stemmed from a background and passion in science or the firm belief in artists/inventors/creators owning their own work, be sure to speak passionately about your pursuit of work in this field and leave your interviewer convinced that you are ready to come to work everyday at Kingsley Napley to best represent their clients.

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28 Kingsley Napley Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. To be successful here at Kingsley Napley, we want to ensure that you are motivated each and every day on the job with our clients. What drew you to working with patent and trademark law?

  • 2. Talk about a time your ethics were challenged on the job. How do you react to those situations in the legal profession?

  • 3. What are some of the key components that you would advise clients here at Kingsley Napley to include in their employee handbook?

  • 4. Talk about the most difficult work situation you have found yourself in and explain how you used sound judgement to find a great outcome?

  • 5. What do you feel is the most important skill that you possess that makes you effective in the litigation/arbitration process?

  • 6. Employment law often involves deep human emotion when bonds are supposedly broken between employee and employer. How do you separate your personal feelings and emotions when involved with a case?

  • 7. What do you feel are the key qualities that a great attorney should have?

  • 8. Here at Kingsley Napley, we often have to work with very difficult clients. What would be your steps toward effectively working with a difficult client?

  • 9. What drew you to an interest in pursuing a career in real estate law? What excites you each day to be successful in this area?

  • 10. One common legal aspect that we work closely on with clients here at Kingsley Napley is zoning for large scale construction and/or purchases. What experience do you have in working with local zoning laws?

  • 11. What was your motivation for pursuing a career in the field of law/legal services?

  • 12. When we look for diligent and effective people to join our real estate law team here at Kingsley Napley, the ability to effectively research legal options and write contracts are vital to our success as a firm. Talk about your ability to excel in these a

  • 13. What experience do you have in working with large scale construction companies on state and federal regulations? Would this be an area that would interest you?

  • 14. Do you have any particular areas of wage and hour laws that particularly interest you?

  • 15. What in particular about our firm here at Kingsley Napley interests you both personally and professionally?

  • 16. Strong time management is important at Kingsley Napley. How do you manage your time, even on the busiest days?

  • 17. Do you have any experience in working with tenancy and leasing laws?

  • 18. Where do you feel you could use some improvement in the litigation/arbitration process at this point in your career?

  • 19. With our diverse range of clients here at Kingsley Napley, are there any specific areas of intellectual property law that interest you the most?

  • 20. Talk about a time that you had to think on your feet on the job. What was the situation and what was your thought process for acting quickly?

  • 21. Talk about a recent time on the job you were working under pressure or stress. How did you cope with that situation and ensure everything was handled smoothly?

  • 22. What are your interests and hobbies outside of work?

  • 23. How do you prevent burnout and remain highly motivated?

  • 24. At Kingsley Napley, employee satisfaction is very important. To ensure that you would be happy here, what brings you satisfaction in your day to day work?

  • 25. To better help serve our diverse client base here at Kingsley Napley, do you have an area of sub-specialization that you would prefer to focus on if hired?

  • 26. What would make you a great trial advocate if you were to join the team here at Kingsley Napley?

  • 27. Here at Kingsley Napley, carefully analyzing the cases of our clients is of utmost importance. What analytical skills would you bring to the team here?

  • 28. What do you consider to be the most difficult case or project you have worked on during your career?