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What do you like about the idea of working at chipotle the most?

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you like about the idea of working at chipotle the most?
I love how chipotle is very pro-health. The chicken is made without any harmful chemicals or hormones, which is great to know as an advent eater of chipotle myself. I don't have to feel guilty about what I put in my stomach.
I loveee the food! and the crew members are so nice I never had a problem with them.
The environment and the avacado.
General vibe and attitude, the room to grow.
The environment of the Chipotle. There's upbeat music playing, everyone's is always so friendly, it's just a fun place to be.
I absolutly love the environment the works are always so nice, and the food is so good.
I love the work place environment, and the food is served fast with great quality.
The customers and beign around people.
They are gluten free.
I love the Food with Integrity aspect, where the meat and everything is healthy and served for the better of the customer. I love the food, of course, because it never fails to not taste good. And the service is always excellt and on point.
I love the positive energy that you feel when you are greeted by the employees.That combines with the amazing and healthy food choices.
The ambiance/customer service but of course the food.
The customer service it offers to the community and the burritos.
I love the energy when I walk in and the whole "food with intergrity" I love what they stand for and I would love to work in a place like that.
I love the idea of food with integrity and also the environment inside Chipotle and the way everyone works as a team.
I love the fact that they give their employees a chance to move up the ladder in other company and that makes me believe in the company.
What I love mostly about chipotle is the service and the fast pace environment.
How strong its centered around family. How the Chipotle Crew all treat each other as family and have respect for one another.
The friendly atmosphere that is found in the restaurants.
I love the energetic friendly environment it is perceived to be and the all natural quality of food invested in the company.
I love the most is there food and nhow the worker work together as a team and keep chipotle running.
I love the fresh, healthy, quietly of he food. I also love the faced paced environment.
The food, the friendly environment, and did I mention the food.
I love that all the food is natural and healthy and I can eat there without feeling guilty because I cheated on my diet.
The friendly environment on which the staff and customers thrives on.
I love the ideals it supports. Food with integrity, the restaurateur program, and the positive vibes.
The ingredients and healthy choices I can make on a tight schedule.
Friendly and outgoing with a positive vibe and their burritos!
The fast paced lines where I am still able to order exactly what I want.
Organic food. And different choices of things to eat. Not like other fast food restaurants.
I love Chipotle, mostly because of how organic the food is here, due to the "Food with Integrity" rule. I also like the customer service all of the workers give, and I enjoy eating the food here.
Its a very friendly environment with room to excel with dilidence and hard work.
I love that Chipotle serves food with integrity and cares about what their customers consume. Chipotle to me is about quality and not quantity.
I love the environment the employees put forth and the positive attitude they present to the customers.
I love that you guys give great customer service and I love your guys food.
That the ingredients are fresh and local when possible.
That the ingredients are fresh and locally produced if possible.
I love the great quality of service that you get everytime you go to Chipotle.
I love that their food is naturally grown with no antibiotics or added hormones and that it is grown with respect for the animal, land, and farmers.
I love the way the employees always seem happy and serve you with a smile. The food is delicious too.
What I love the most about Chipotle is that their is be food good, and the way the customers are being serve.
The burrito bowls and also the design of the store.
I love everything about Chipotle! I come here with my friends all the time. The food is great. I have such a respect for the Food with Integrity philosophy you all uphold, and I have yet to ever have a bad experience at any Chipotle.
I love the atmosphere. I love the excellent customer service people get and the amazing food.
I love Chipotle because I think they proved a very welcoming restaurant experience and are personal with their customers, while still moving at a fast food pace.
I love its great customer service, their staff, and their food!
All organic food and that you really care about the animals.
I love how the employees are so kind and friendly. Also love how the food is fresh and healthy. Food with integrity.
I love the high energy from the workers and the food.
I love the effort & dedication steve ells puts into chipotle. How everything is organic or natural. The food is beyond great.
The environment again its always clean everything seems to be in place and the employees seem to be on top of everything.
The passion and thought that is put into making the food goo d and the right way, and that all the food is fresh.
The burritos and atmosphere of the emploese.
Everybody here has a positive attitude, and people here are very friendly, chipotle is like a team and he workers here help out each other and everyday they become better workers and thats what I love about chipolte.
The fast paced enviroment the people and the food. I am always in motion always around people and the esquisite smell of food its exciting.
Everything made freshly and its high standards .
The burritos in conjunction with great customer service.
The fresh ingredients, the care that goes into how the ingredients are produced and farmed, the environment and of course the taste.
I love the organic ingredients the most.
Its dedication to only using pasture-raised, happy, and healthy livestock.
That the food is fresh and the the workers are trated with respect at every level.
I love the food the most at chipotle.
What I love the most is the values and goals of the company. Chipotle believes in great service and integrity, and works to make fast food clean and healthy. These things are important to me because I love helping people. I care about everyone.
I like the work space, I saw how people are so comfortable with each other and so nice, it really why it seems like a good option and why I love it.
Honest food quality, no gmos, free roam meats, team environment, fast paced and exciting.
I love the slogan food with integrity, it shows that you guys care about how you present your food and that there is no mistreatment of animals in the process.
I love their food selections and quick service.
What I love the most about chipotle probably be like everyone else who eats at chipotle which is the food but I don't even thinks it's just the food that makes you love chipotle but when you go to a chipotle and the employees always seem so happy and I would want to contribute to that feeling that I get when I go to a chipotle restaurant.
Everything! It is a wonderful restaurant, and one of my favorites to eat at.
Their fast paced environment, I love it when restaurants are busy.
Just the fast paced system they have and knowing that their food is made natural with nothing added makes everything better.
Aside from loving the food, I love the way the employees work together so well. It reminds me of the type of environment that I want to work in because it looks very friendly and would love to meet the people that work here.
I love how all of the food is freshly made and organic. Usually, fast food restaurants use unhealthy ingredients in order to achieve that tasty perfection that customers want but Chipotle doesn't have to taint their ingredients for that.
The busy environment along with the food.
The natural produce that is use in the food and all the pride and passion that is put into it.
The food they make and how friendly the workers are.
That your ingredients are so healthy and the positive environment.
The atmosphere it is a nice and calm place may be a little loud but it is alwasy nice to be there also being treated like a friemd by the staff.
Team leadership of the employees working together as a group and customer greet friendly.
I love the dedication that is put into every meal.
I love the hospitality and customer service.
I love that the company's motto is to have food with integrity and I find it refreshing because Chipotle isn't like other fast food restaurants who put out anything for customers and call it food. Chipotle has quality food that is naturally grown and raised and customers can tell just by tasting it.
What I love most about chipotle is the "food with integrity". It just shows how much chipotle wants to offer to their customers with healthy options and natural foods.
I love the food, it's very good and always makes me feel happy when I eat it.