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Tell us about yourself.

"Well, I have always been interested in energy. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an inventor, and my heroes were Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla. So although I am not entirely new to working in the energy sector, I am very much interested in working with a company that is moving the needle to a more green and sustainable future. Working for a company whose values are aligned with mine, where we could make a real impact together, is my goal. Change comes from within, right?"

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25 BP Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Accomplishment

    1. Tell us about yourself.

  • Accomplishment

    2. Talk to us about your proudest achievement. Why was this achievement important?

  • Adaptability

    3. Please describe a time you had to change your course of action while working on an assignment. Describe the situation, your actions, and the result.

  • Behavioral

    4. What is your greatest weakness?

  • Behavioral

    5. What are your greatest strengths, and how will they be a fit for our company?

  • Career Goals

    6. Why did you choose to apply to work for our company over one of our competitors?

  • Career Goals

    7. Why are you looking for a new position?

  • Career Goals

    8. Talk to us about your career goals.

  • Career Goals

    9. What is your ideal working environment?

  • Communication

    10. Tell us about a time you disagreed with a coworker. Describe the situation, your approach, and the outcome.

  • Compatibility

    11. Why should we hire you?

  • Conflict

    12. Describe a time you faced a conflict at work. Describe how you addressed it and the outcome of your actions.

  • Diligence

    13. How would you react if you knew a team member was being dishonest? What actions would you take?

  • Diligence

    14. What sources of information do you turn to stay up to date in your field?

  • Discovery

    15. How would your managers describe you?

  • Diversity

    16. Please provide a brief overview of your understanding of diversity and inclusion, and explain why you believe they are important in the workplace.

  • EQ

    17. Talk about a time you received critical feedback from a leader or peer. Describe the situation, how you felt about it, and your response.

  • Experience

    18. Tell us about a time you failed. Describe what happened, your approach, and the outcome.

  • Leadership

    19. Describe your leadership style.

  • Performance Based

    20. Describe your work ethic.

  • Performance Based

    21. Talk about a time you showed initiative at work. Describe the situation, your actions, and the outcome.

  • Performance Based

    22. Talk about a time you succeeded despite being under intense pressure. Describe the situation, the actions you took, and the result.

  • Problem Solving

    23. Describe a time you lacked the necessary information to address a problem, and used logic and common sense to solve it. Describe the situation, the steps you took, and the outcome.

  • Stress

    24. When facing a difficult situation, how do you react? Describe your approach and the course of action you would take.

  • Teamwork

    25. Talk about a time you successfully contributed to a team goal. Describe the situation, the steps you took, and the outcome.