Top 60 Interview Questions for 2023

Top 60 Interview Questions for 2023
Rachelle Enns on December 30th, 2022

It’s 2023, and the job market is changing at rocket speed, making it essential for job seekers to remain up-to-date on the latest interview questions and job interview trends.

In addition to facing job interview jitters, we are also encountering uncertainties like mass layoffs, talks of a recession, and the global endemic. These factors have contributed to significant changes in recruitment practices and how companies interview candidates today.

After reading this article, you’ll better understand the job interview and hiring landscape of 2023. This understanding will help you confidently prepare and ensure a stellar interview performance, helping you land a job offer sooner.

When writing this guide, we considered the thousands of interview questions, answer examples, and interview advice available on We also thought about the most common questions our users report being asked in their job interviews and looked at top-quality research published on interview trends.

The practice interview questions we’ve curated below, and the advice you will find, are based on statistics and findings that focus on current and upcoming changes (and predictions) in 2023’s recruitment trends.

Let’s begin by addressing 11 trends job seekers will encounter in 2023, and the top interview questions that correlate with these trends:

Interview Trend #1:

Interview Questions About Distributed Teams & Remote Work

It’s 2023, and the job market is changing at rocket speed, making it essential for job seekers to remain up-to-date on the latest interview questions and job interview trends. Today, more than ever, companies are focused on building productive hybrid and remote working cultures that support globally distributed teams. For that reason, interviewers in 2023 will be asking more targeted questions about your ability to work independently and how you keep your day on track in a remote-first environment. They will also ask for details on how you approach building virtual relationships with your leaders and co-workers.

Popular interview questions about remote work and distributed teams:


Do you have experience working in a hybrid/remote environment?


How do you structure a typical workday?


How do you build relationships with co-workers in a distributed workforce environment?


Do you find it challenging to work with a distributed team?


How do you balance your professional and personal life in a work-from-home environment?

In 2023, the world will continue to witness a massive increase in remote work opportunities. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for job seekers to be prepared to answer the unique interview questions associated with remote work.

When interviewing for a remote-first opportunity, it’s essential to understand that the interview process will differ from a traditional on-site job interview. To help you prepare, MockQuestions has an article dedicated to work-from-home job interviews: What You Need to Know About Work-From-Home Job Interviews

Interview Trend #2:

Job Interviews Leveraging One-Way Video Interview Platforms

Virtual recruitment is becoming increasingly popular in 2023. According to research published by Zippia, about 60% of recruiters use video technology in the interview process. Many of these recruiters leverage one-way video interview platforms like HireVue.

One-way video interview platforms are trending because, in addition to saving companies and candidates a lot of time, they also help to eliminate human bias from the hiring process. How? Because platforms like HireVue support the use of structured, competency-based interviews.

Popular one-way video interview questions to prepare for:


Tell us about yourself.


What are your long-term career plans?


Why did you leave your previous role?


Talk about your strengths and weaknesses.


Why do you want to work here?


Why should we hire you?

Game-based assessments are also gaining popularity in 2023.

One-way video interview platforms also assess cognitive ability and psychological traits, often using game-based questions. Many Hire-Vue assessments include 2-3 gaming-style questions.

In a game-based assessment, interviewees must complete a series of short online games. Similar to video-based interviews, these games are asynchronous. This means interviewees can complete their game-based assessment anytime, anywhere, using an internet-connected desktop or mobile device.

Curious to learn more about HireVue and other popular one-way video interview platforms? Check out our HireVue interview prep set that includes 30 interview questions and answer examples you might encounter in a video interview: 30 HireVue Interview Questions (+ Answers)

Interview Trend #3:

Interview Questions Assessing Communication Style & Personality

Communication challenges can arise with any team, especially those working in remote or hybrid environments. Since effective teamwork relies on proper communication and personality alignment, companies will continue to emphasize the importance of alignment in communication style and other interpersonal skills when interviewing in 2023.

Popular interview questions about communication and personality:


How do you coordinate tasks with your co-workers to ensure efficiency?


Tell us about a time you added creative flair to your work.


If I called your boss today, what would they say about you?


How do you like to be recognized for a job well done?


When you encounter conflict at work, how do you respond?


How do you react when you fall behind schedule or miss a deadline?

Behavioral questions are most commonly used to assess personality traits. Interviewers often ask these questions to check for the best team and cultural fit. How you answer questions about your communication style and personality will help the interviewer better determine your retention potential.

Interview Trend #4:

Interview Questions About the Use of Modern Tech & Tools

In 2023, interviewers will continue assessing candidates' ability to use and adapt to company technology. Using technology dramatically impacts how teams complete their work correctly and on time. For this reason, tech adaptation will continue to grow in importance for hiring companies.

Popular interview questions about tech-related skills:


What types of distributed team tools have you used, and how have you used them?


What apps or services do you use to manage your workload and organize your deliverables?


Describe your daily workflow and the tools you use to help you stay on track.


What tools and technologies do you like to use to improve work collaboration and efficiency?


Do you believe synchronous or asynchronous communication is better for remote team collaboration, and why?


How do you keep your tech-related skills and knowledge current?

Expect your interviewer to ask about your exposure to collaborative tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Asana, Jira, and more. When preparing for your interview, jot down a list of all the technology and tools you are familiar with and feel comfortable using.

Interview Trend #5:

Interview Questions About Well-Being & Mental Health

Workplace absenteeism is rising, and employee surveys show that stress, depression, and anxiety are the leading causes. Companies increasingly acknowledge that mental health is a top concern that needs attention. This initiative often starts at the beginning of the talent acquisition process.

Popular interview questions about mental health and well-being:


Talk about a time when you were under a lot of stress. What caused the pressure, and how did you manage it?


How do you maintain healthy boundaries between your personal and professional responsibilities?


What strategies do you draw on to maintain your health and well-being while facing pressures in the workplace?


Talk about a time when you felt overwhelmed by your workload. What did you do to manage the situation?


What advice would you give to a co-worker feeling overwhelmed with their workload?

In 2023, talent acquisition professionals are increasingly emphasizing the importance of attention to mental health and employee wellness. Companies are bolstering these efforts by introducing employee wellness programs and initiatives such as flexible scheduling to accommodate wellness classes and appointments. Other companies are providing employee group benefits that include therapy and counseling.

More than ever, companies are actively working to educate leaders and team members on supporting a health-first team environment. For these reasons, job seekers can expect to encounter more open conversations around mental health and wellness during the interview process.

Interview Trend #6:

Interview Questions That Search for Values Alignment

Values alignment is a significant consideration in hiring, and in 2023, this trend will continue to rise. Values-based interview questions help talent acquisition professionals identify which candidates share the company values, thus, increasing the likelihood of long-term fit and retention.

Popular interview questions about values alignment:


Talk about a time when you faced an ethical dilemma at work. What was your concern, and what did you do?


How do your values align with our company’s values?


Have you ever disagreed with a company policy? If so, how did you handle the situation?


A customer request comes to your inbox just minutes before you are to end your workday. What do you do?


Which of our company’s values most resonates with you and why?


When it comes to your career, what are you most passionate about?


What is your philosophy towards work?

Keep in mind that values-based interview questions address a company's mission while also fishing for alignment with the company's long-term goals.

Interview Trend #7:

Interview Questions Requiring Proof of Adaptability & Perseverance

In 2023, talent acquisition professionals will continue prioritizing interview questions about perseverance and adaptability.

It’s common belief that when an employee is adaptable, they also tend to be highly resourceful. On the same note, perseverance is a quality that shows good leadership potential. For that reason, interviewers want evidence that you can quickly recover from challenges while maintaining efficiency and productivity.

Popular interview questions about adaptability and perseverance:


Discuss a time when you adapted to change or an unexpected circumstance in the workplace.


How do you deal with uncertainty or change in the workplace?


Talk about a time when you failed.


Discuss a time when you acted like a self-starter.


How do you stay motivated when learning a challenging new skill?

The world of work and the business landscape is rapidly changing. In a job interview you should be ready to highlight your ability to adapt to changes and show resilience through challenging times.

Interview Trend #8:

Interview Questions That Draw Out Proven Wins & Accomplishments

In 2023, interviewers want more specific examples of your workplace successes and achievements. They will expect you to provide specific examples of your wins at work. These examples will offer interviewers a better idea of the performance they can expect from you, should you be the selected candidate.

Popular interview questions about wins and accomplishments:


What accomplishment makes you feel most proud?


Talk about the most significant contribution you made to your most recent team.


If we hired you today, what would you aim to accomplish first?


Tell us about a time you helped someone else achieve an important goal.


Discuss a time when you went above and beyond in the workplace.

Unsure how to talk about your workplace accomplishments without sounding braggadocious? MockQuestions has a list of accomplishment-based interview questions with answer examples to help you prepare. Find our accomplishments-based interview prep set here: 15 Accomplishment Interview Questions (+ Answers)

Interview Trend #9:

Interview Questions That are Tough & Direct

Interviewers have always asked direct and to-the-point interview questions so they can assess how you react under pressure. How you respond to tough interview questions helps your interviewer assess your critical thinking skills and how you process under pressure.

The trend of asking tough, direct questions has been around for a while. However, we've included this list because it's evident that these questions will be around for a long time.

Popular interview questions that are direct and to the point:


Why are you leaving your current job?


What is your expected salary?


What makes you a unique candidate for this position?


Why should we hire you?


Why do you want to work for our company?

The stress and pressure of answering tough, direct interview questions are made easier by using our tips and tricks to overcome interview nerves. Read this article 6 Helpful Tricks to Calm Nerves in a Job Interview and use these approaches to change your mindset, grow your confidence, and deliver your best interview performance!

Interview Trend #10:

Interview Questions Assessing Cross-Functional Skills & Abilities

In 2023, employers will continue to face a significant talent shortage. In a research report, Future of Work: The Global Talent Crunch, published by Korn Ferry, the company reported that “by 2030, demand for skilled workers will outstrip supply, resulting in a global talent shortage of more than 85.2 million people.”

Popular interview questions about cross-functional skills:


Talk about a time when you applied cross-functional skills to succeed on the job.


Tell us about a new skill you recently learned and why you chose to learn this skill.


What skills do you most hope to learn in this new position?


We provide a learning and development fund for all employees. If hired, what type of courses or programs would you like us to fund?


Do you believe it’s better for teams to be interdisciplinary? Why or why not?

A global talent shortage means companies will start looking for cross-functional skills in each candidate they interview. They will look for in-demand people who are employable, ready to learn, and eager to upskill.

Interview Trend #11:

Interview Questions About Embracing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Companies will continue to emphasize their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs in 2023. At the same time, talent acquisition professionals will work even harder to ensure that future hires are ready and eager to embrace company-led diversity initiatives.

Popular interview questions about DE&I:


What does inclusion mean to you?


What do you know about our company’s DE&I efforts, and what do they mean to you?


If hired, how will you support our DE&I plan?


How would you approach an equity problem in the workplace?


How has your experience prepared you to succeed in our diverse work environment?

Are you ready to learn more about DE&I and its importance in the interview process? MockQuestions has a guide discussing essential interview questions on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We address the importance of preparing well-thought-out responses that are meaningful and genuine. We also provide ten questions to ask the hiring company to ensure they are actively involved in creating and maintaining a supportive work environment that offers equal opportunity. Check it out here: 10 Questions on Diversity and How to Answer Them

The Ultimate Job Search Trend:

Interview Preparedness

Now that you know more about the significant changes and trends happening in today’s complex job market and the top interview questions you could be asked in 2023, you better understand how to prepare for your upcoming job interviews.

The next important step in your interview preparation is understanding what hiring companies expect from your interview performance.

In 2023, interviewers will continue to become more skilled in assessing talent. So, you must apply essential foundational concepts and habits required for exceptional interview performance.

Here are our top 7 job interview preparation tips for 2023:

Interview Prep Tip #1:

Do Ample Research

Hiring authorities want to know how much pre-interview research you have done on the company and the role.

Even if you are invited to interview at the last minute, you must spend time preparing for the conversation. Begin by researching the company's values and mission. Read the team bios on the company website if they are available. You can also use search tools to discover recent mentions in the news, product releases, and other exciting information showcasing your research.

Next, check out one of the social platforms where the company is most active. For instance, if the company tweets a few times a week, check out its Twitter activity and observe the company’s tone and the topics they choose to post about or engage with on the platform.

Last, look for your interviewer on LinkedIn and read through their profile. Having context about their career path can help you feel more at ease since you can better connect with them.

For more tips on preparing for your job interviews in 2023 (even if they are last minute!), check out this guide: Preparing For a Last-Minute Interview? 4 Steps to Maximize Your Time.

Interview Prep Tip #2:

Be Ready to Answer Common Interview Questions

Regardless of new trends in interviewing, it’s very likely that you will still encounter many of the ‘usual suspects’ when it comes to job interview questions in 2023. For this reason, ensure you are prepared to confidently answer the most common interview questions.

We recommend that you practice answering the following:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why are you interested in working for our company?
  3. What is your greatest strength?
  4. What is your biggest weakness?
  5. Why should we hire you?
  6. What do you know about our company?
  7. Why are you looking for a new position?
  8. Why did you leave your last employer?
  9. Take us through your education.
  10. How do you handle conflict in the workplace?
  11. Are you actively interviewing for other opportunities?

MockQuestions offers a practice set to help you curate answers to 30 common interview questions. Check it out here: 30 Common Interview Questions (+ Answers)

Interview Prep Tip #3:

Know Your Key Selling Points

To discover which of your key selling points will be most interesting to your interviewer, consider the job requirements and the primary purpose of the role you want to land.

Beyond a list of to-do’s and responsibilities, a job description will tell you a lot about the hiring company’s needs. When you comb through the job posting, read between the lines and uncover any pain points you believe the company would need you to solve if they hired you.

Once you have uncovered a few of the most important expected outcomes of the role, be ready with 3-5 story-based examples of times when you accomplished a similar win. You can use the STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Result) or the CARL framework (Context-Action-Result-Learning) to form these stories.

To learn more about the STAR format and how to leverage storytelling in a job interview, check out MockQuestions’ guide here: Master Behavioral-Based Interviews Using The Star Method.

Interview Prep Tip #4:

Get Ahead of Potential Objections

If you know there may be one or more objections to hiring you, be ready to overcome them. You can do this by listening, acknowledging the objection, and asking for further clarification on the potential roadblock.

Some common objections that interviewees face include:

If you expect to face objections in your upcoming job interview, jot down how you can defend your position. Consider the potential advantages rather than dwelling on the disadvantages. Try to focus on the positive and unpack the interviewers' concerns by asking more discovery questions before jumping into your defense.

For example, imagine your interviewer saying,

In that case, your response could be:

Other ways to frame your question could include the following:

This approach puts the responsibility on the interviewer to further explain their hesitations. Then, when you are ready to overcome the objection, you can be sure that you're addressing the core concern.

Interview Prep Tip #5:

Have Thoughtful Questions Ready for the Interviewer

In 2023, you must show up to your job interview with a few intelligent questions prepared for the interviewer. Today, interviewers are becoming savvier. They want evidence that the candidates they spend time interviewing are putting in equal effort when considering mutual fit.

At the end of most interviews, the hiring authority will ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” Here are a few questions that you could ask:

If you'd like a more extensive list of the questions you could (and should!) ask your interviewer, check out MockQuestions’ list of 35 Questions to Ask in an Interview.

Interview Prep Tip #6:

Maintain Diligence in your Practice

If time allows, host a practice interview round with a friend or family member. Give your friend a handful of interview questions to ask you, and have them play the role of the interviewer. Consider video recording your practice session if the technology is available to you. When you’ve completed your mock interview session, ask your friend to give you honest feedback. Then, implement the feedback into your next interview practice round. Continue this cycle until you feel confident.

If time does not allow you to find a practice partner, you can also practice your interview skills in front of a mirror. Talk out loud, pretending that you are speaking to your interviewer. Again, if you have access to the tools, video or audio record yourself delivering your interview responses.

Once you’ve answered your practice questions, watch or listen to the recording and make edits and improvements as needed. Ensure that you have a positive tone and strong body language.

Practicing solo (or with a friend) will help you normalize the interview scenario, making the situation feel more natural when attending an actual job interview.

Interview Prep Tip #7:

Show Gratitude for the Interviewers’ Time

It might sound old-fashioned, but even in 2023, writing a thank-you note after every job interview you attend is in great taste. This gesture is an excellent practice to maintain even if you participate in multiple interview rounds with the same company. It never goes out of style to show gratitude for an interviewer's time and attention. You can also use your post-interview thank-you notes as an opportunity to keep the conversation active between you and the hiring company.

Do you need help with what to say in your post-interview thank you note? MockQuestions has a template that you can use! Take our script and customize it to suit your unique situation: Template: Post-Interview Thank-You Note

In Conclusion

Did you know candidates who diligently practice before their interviews get more job offers? Practicing these common and trending interview questions, and adopting strong interview habits, can make a big difference in your job search, helping you to generate more positive interview outcomes in 2023.

We hope this guide helps you feel more confident and better prepared for your upcoming job interviews! When you're well-prepared to answer an interviewer's questions, you will feel more in control, resulting in a better interview performance.

For additional help with your job interview prep, visit MockQuestions and sign up today.

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