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Web Developer

20 Interview Questions & Answers

Name several reasons why a website is not performing well or is slow to respond to user prompts?

Example #1
"Poor performance of a web site may be due to several reasons, all of which can be addressed once they are diagnosed. For instance, one reason may be render-blocking by JavaScript, which is delaying page loads. This is caused by a browser waiting to fully load any JavaScript files before they display them. The problem can be solved by using asynchronous loading, removing external JavaScript files, or deferring the JavaScript loading until the rest of the page has become visible. Other issues that may impact the performance or speed of a web site include excessive overhead in your database, the site's CSS not being optimized, and OPcache not being enabled. Once any of these causes have been identified as the problem, solutions can be implemented similar to the example I've already provided."
Example #2
"There are many issues that could impact the speed and performance of a web site. The challenge is identifying which ones you're encountering and then developing solutions to resolve them. For instance, poor performance may be due to large media files, which increase the loading times, poorly written scripts which are conflicting with the other elements of the site, or the site's code being too bulky. If the code is too bulky, you can minimize it by removing elements that aren't required. This can be accomplished by using a plugin, inlining CSS, or optimizing JavaScript files."
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